Dating a musician on tour

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14 things you need to know before dating a musician

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Tour is the definition mudician 'hurry up and wait. Make sure your trust is in intact. Get used to hearing random singing -- from random places, too.

Make sure you like the music. Be OK with being fodder for band gossip. Musicians get sweaty -- learn to accept it. Accept their band as another job.

On tour Dating a musician

It's part of job - don't take it personally. Give them their space after a show But don't let them make you pretend you're a stranger. Add your tip in the comments. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. If you are attending a sound check as an event, turn back now.

Do not expect to go on tour. But the thing is, there are already too many people in the van. It makes kusician people uncomfortable and it changes the group dynamic that we rely on to play shows. Think about this for a minute: If your SO is in a band that has a tour bus, roadies, catered meals, and stays in five-star hotels, then you should definitely go on tour. Do not, under any circumstances, except for certain circumstances, discourage your partner from being in their band.

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We all need mudician passion and an opportunity to indulge in it. When your special friend gets to do the positive things he or she wants to do, this benefits you because now you are involved with a happier, more receptive person, which makes for a better relationship. If that person does cheat on you on the road, then guess what?

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