What kind of guy do i attract quiz

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What kind of guy do you attract?

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If you met your boyfriend online, how would you feel about telling people? Maybe you're the lucky type mind attracts all sorts of men, but most of us have a certain type that keeps getting drawn to us again and again. The most exercise I'll ever get is walking from my couch to my fridge Correct!

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Our hope is our quizzes and attrach inspire you to do just that. Is he usually burly and sensitive, or is he edgy and dangerous? By getting to the heart of you, we'll be able to see what men see. Are you ready to find out, so you can be ready next time?

I love meeting new people, and can talk to almost anyone Atrract need some time alone, but am generally a sociable person I have a few close friends that I enjoy hanging out with, and I'd rather stick with them than meet new people If it involves people, I'm not showing up Correct! Life is a zoo! Tell us how high-maintenance you are and how long it takes you to prep for a date, and we'll get a picture of the type of dude who would try to sweep you off your feet. Then we'll turn it around to match your inner workings with the type of guy who would ask to buy you a drink.

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Some kind of tool or utensil Correct! What's the truth about happiness? How do you act in social situations? No shame I would tell them, but only if we're serious I would only share the story with close friends I would flat-out lie to everyone Correct! We'll be able to take your responses and formulate exactly the type of guy who gravitates toward you. Is it your confidence that draws in the successful type, or does your artsy, free spirit attract your polar opposite?

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