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How Well Do You Know the Bride-to-Be?

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For quwstions of the guests attending the shower, write up a juicy question revealing how they know the bride or groom qufstions index cards. When showr arrives, hand them a card and explain they have 30 to 40 minutes to come up with the answer to the question on their given card. After swapping info and mingling, each person reveals their relationship yroom the to-be-weds. Celebrity Name Game The Gist: It's the celebrity version of Catch Phrase. Have Bdide write the names of about 10 to 20 celebrities on small pieces of paper and throw them into a hat or bowl. Split guests into two teams. The first player from Team A draws a name, stands up and tries to explain the celebrity to her teammates without actually saying their name.

If teammates guess correctly, the second player draws a new name and goes on as before. Each team has one minute to get through as many names as possible until all the names are out of the hat. Shake up the next round and only allow players to use one word to define the celeb. Try to stump your guests on the couple's "love story. At the beginning of the shower, the bride should share her "love story" with the group, bringing up key events where they met, how they proposed and so on. After opening presents, the host surprises guests by asking questions about the story.

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Throw in curveballs with questions like, "How many times was 'love' used in the story? Words of Wisdom The Gist: Guests "shower" the bride with marriage and love advice. Tuck a pretty blank grlom into the invitation for the shower bgidal ask every guest to share their advice for a happy marriage. Guests' advice can range from recipes, a poem or funny story, and so on. At the party, guests take turns reading their words of wisdom to the group and everyone tries to guess who gave which words of wisdom. When the cards have all been read, the host can compile them in a scrapbook as a keepsake for the bride.

Memory Lane The Gist: Everyone has to figure out what the bride and groom did with whom. Hand out index cards and have each guest write a description of their favorite memory with the bride the more adventurous, the better. The host will collect the cards.

After the host collects the cards, she'll take the bride on a trip down memory lane, speaking them all out loud. Everyone will have to guess who did what with the bride. Taste the Cake The Gist: You get to eat cake and guess the flavors. Write out the flavor of each type of cake on an index card and place it in an envelope behind the bite-size pieces. Each player is blindfolded and walks down the table with one of the hosts, who notes the player's flavor guess. The player takes sips of champagne between bites to cleanse the palate.

Of course, hosts can sip champagne at any point in the game! Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins. Etiquette The Gist: Do you have any allergies? What is your favorite flower? If you could be an animal, what would you be? If you could be any character from a movie, who would it be? Who is your ultimate Hollywood crush? What is your favorite color? What is your biggest pet peeve? What is your favorite thing about your fiance e? What is your favorite place to travel? Or where do you wish to travel? What year did you graduate high school?

What is your favorite hobby? Who is your favorite artist? Where was your first kiss? When did you first say I love you? What is one thing that you do that annoys her the most?

Groom bridal trivia questions and shower Bride

What does she find most attractive about you? Who is your celebrity crush? What is your favorite late-night snack? What is your alcoholic drink of choice? If she could get rid of one piece of clothing in the your closet what would it be? Set up a quiz to figure out how well the guests know the bride-to-be. Plan the game on either an individual level for a smaller shower, or place one or two sets of questions on the tables at a larger shower.

Get together with the other bridesmaids to come up with how well do you know the bride questions. Create a list of questions about the bride-to-be for the bridal shower game. Vary the level of difficulty for the bridal trivia game questions and make some challenging and some easy.

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