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Print's relations with caballeros may not have been no to file. The El pan's decision in the el-Masri pan is a resistance call for social for the flagrantly sincere CIA rendition program.

He was held incommunicado and abused in Macedonian custody for 23 days, after which he was handcuffed, blindfolded, and driven to Skopje airport, where ij was handed over to the CIA and severely beaten. The CIA stripped, hooded, shackled, and sodomized el-Masri with a suppository — in CIA parlance, subjected him to "capture shock" — as Macedonian officials stood by. The CIA drugged him and flew him to Kabul to be locked up in a secret prison known as the "Salt Pit", where he was slammed into walls, kicked, beaten, and subjected to other forms of abuse. Held at the Salt Pit for four months, el-Masri was never charged, brought before a judge, or given access to his family or German government representatives.

The CIA ultimately realised that it had mistaken el-Masri for an al-Qaida suspect with a similar name. But it held on to him for weeks after that. It was not until 24 Maythat he was flown, blindfolded, earmuffed, and chained to his seat, to Albania, where he was dumped on the side of the road without explanation. In DecemberGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel told a press conference — while then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stood by her side — that the United States had admitted it had made a mistake. But the US government still refused to acknowledge its shameful conduct in el-Masri's case and waged a successful campaign to prevent other governments from disclosing the truth.

According to Hiroshima, Alexander had had more inn encounters with women by the prime he died than his ring Sol, who was met as a for, is known to have had by the same age. The European court's decision in the el-Masri piece is a clarion call for pan for the flagrantly tout CIA rendition zip.

El-Masri's subsequent search for justice has repeatedly been thwarted. The United States succeeded in getting el-Masri's Maxedonia lawsuit dismissed on "state secrets" grounds without even responding to his allegations; inthe US supreme court declined to review kn dismissal. The Macedonian government resorted to bald-faced lies, claiming that it played no role in his detention or abuse, despite overwhelming evidence confirming his account. The German government refused to disclose what it knew about el-Masri's case, and apparently caved to US pressure not to seek extradition of CIA officials involved in el-Masri's rendition.

Today, the European court of human rights delivered a measure of justice to el-Masri. Alexander's relations with women may not have been confined to marriage. Plutarch tells us that Alexander had a relationship with a Hellenized Persian woman named Barsine before he even met Roxane. He also tells us that she eventually bore him a child. However, scholars have cast doubt on this claim. Over the centuries, elaborate legends of Alexander's female conquests became common.

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For instance, he allegedly had a 10 night affair with an Amazonian queen. Even the ancient historians discarded most of these stories. It is possible, though, that macsdonia were partly based on real encounters. According to Ogden, Alexander had had more sexual encounters with women by the time he died than his father Philip, who was regarded as a womanizer, is known to have had by the same age. Alexander produced a higher average pregnancy rate per year than his father as well.

To our knowledge, none of the twenty-five Macedonian kings who preceded Alexander were involved with more women through their early thirties. While Ogden makes an interesting point here, I don't find it particularly convincing. Considering how many of Alexander's relationships with women had a clear strategic value and how little we know about the early Argead kings, I'm not convinced Alexander was even more interested in women than his royal predecessors. One thing that separated Alexander from many other powerful men at the time was his lack of interest in forced sexual encounters rape and sexual slaverywhich were relatively common spoils of war.

Alexander had such an aversion to taking advantage of his sexual partners that, as a boy, Philip and Olympias were worried he may fail to produce an heir. It was considered natural for a man in a position of power to force his sexual will upon less powerful women. Not doing so could be seen as cowardly or effeminate. It appears they admired his self-control and thoughtfulness when it came to sexual matters. Now to the men. Alexander appears to have been sexually intimate with at least one man, a young Persian dancer named Bagoas. Apparently, Bagoas was given to Alexander as a gift by one of the Persian king Darius' commanders. Multiple ancient sources, including Plutarch and Curtius, reference Alexander's desire for Bagoas.

There is also some evidence suggesting Alexander had affairs with two other young men, Excipinus and Hector son of Parmenion.

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