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The Oxford Dictionary definition of a one-night stand is: Wihh, it does seem rare a one-night stand results in a relationship. The stereotype The stereotype idea commonly displayed on TV and in the movies is that a one-night stand involves a man, out for his own fulfilment, and a woman, who is left ashamed and full of regret, longing for love. Is the thought that a woman could want to fulfil her own selfish needs too much to fathom, or is there really a different sort of psychology going on for men and women. Think about how the movies portray it.

Even when they are trying to breakdown the concept of casual sex, it always ends with a happy ending. So, is that the case in real-life? We asked some experts. Moore said the stereotype is men pray on innocent women for that sort of thing.

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While these are not single people, it is clear one-night stands involve married people too, more often the men. Why did they partner feel the need to do this. And the partner always attempts to Looking for a sex friend with benefits in ireland some bullshit answer. A surveillance camera is barely visible hidden in the strap of a rucksack. Martin Argles for the Guardian At a time when demonstrators with the UK Uncut movement are protesting about the ability of large corporations and rich individuals to avoid big tax bills, there is a dissonance in the heavy-handed tactics being used against those accused of wrongly claiming relatively small amounts.

Within the Tunbridge Wells office there is a lot of talk about the cases over recent years that have caught the public's attention — the pensioner who tap-danced on Britain's Got Talent while claiming disability allowance, the lap dancer who was receiving benefits on the grounds that she was too depressed to work, a football referee who claimed he was blind to increase his benefit package. But there is also a recognition that these are the exceptional cases. Staff admit that a large proportion of people who commit fraud are not motivated by greed, but do it because they are struggling.

When benefits are set so low, this will push them into poverty. Smith shrugs and looks sad. His colleague Leslie who prefers not to give a surname says: They know they have done wrong. If they are really sorry then hopefully you can offer them a caution that doesn't require a sanction. Most people will admit that they have done something wrong. But that's what the law says they are entitled to receive. Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty wonders if the methods used by the benefits fraud teams are disproportionate. Officials should stay out of people's sex lives unless there is a very strong justification. If we don't do those things, I think we are on a very slippery slope," he says.

The fraud investigation service's position is clear: Smith logs on to his computer and finds that the system has allocated him 46 new cases in the last five days, sorted under headings such as: A lot of them he will abandon. We want results — someone to be getting a caution or to be prosecuted. We want the benefits to be stopped or put right. We are very polite. We want customers to be chatty, to tell us what we need to know," Smith says. If someone is found by the team to be wrongly claiming, payments will be stopped, the DWP will seek to reclaim the money and may also impose a fine.

The issue of paying back the money is a difficult one. Tip-offs come from the police, Jobcentre staff and members of the public anonymously through the national benefit fraud hotline, which receives more than calls a day, or online by typing information into the DWP's online report-a-benefit- thief service it requests unusually detailed information on tattoos and hair type: Informants don't have to give any details about themselves, and staff do not delve into their motivation. There are a lot of disgruntled people out there," Smith says. The government is considering paying people for information. Smith thinks that this would not be sensible. We get a significant number of malicious allegations as it is.

You get a lot of people wanting to drop people in it. Three years ago her ex-husband's new girlfriend called the fraud hotline, to allege falsely that Roberts was still living with her ex-husband and not entitled to the benefits she was claiming. My ex-husband worked full-time, in a well-paid job, so if that had been true I wouldn't have been entitled to the JSA [jobseeker's allowance] or housing benefit. By that time she had been forced to leave her college course because she was no longer eligible to study free, because benefits had been withdrawn, and she was unable to pay the fees herself. Although the payments were restarted, they were not backdated and by that point her rent was so deeply in arrears that her landlord evicted her.

It's not a good idea for people to be able to make these anonymous tip-offs. People should be accountable for whatever allegation they make. But organisations that support people on benefits as they look for work have questioned the new ferocity of the parallel campaign on benefit fraud, pointing out that if the government admits many of the problems are caused by the system being too complicated, it is peculiar to punish people for falling foul of its complexity. I get a lot of attention in regards to my physical attributes.

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