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If you have two sinks, use one to stack the casuxl items in preparation for the rinse. Salt Pour salt into a small glass bowl and dip into it to measure. Learn how to measure correctly. Be adventurous; try new foods and combinations so that you can add variety to the list of foods you like best.

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Allow the mixture to flow into your cup. You have to put many different pieces together to get the whole nutrition picture. There are a number of exciting things you will need to learn as you get ready to cook! Spoon into a dry measuring cup.

Different groups lox cells make up different parts of your body—like your bones and your skin and your muscles and your blood. There are special utensils to use to help measure ingredients. Some sets include additional sizes. Then gently spoon flour out of its container into a dry measuring cup. Please see Appendix A for the list of County contact information.

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Gently knead the bag to blend the mixture together until it is ln melted, but not all the way. You may need to help your cow out by gently squeezing the bag until all the milkshake mixture is in your cup. When you are through with equipment, be sure that it is put away.

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