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I got so used to lunch buddies that I felt so bad eating alone. Now I gradually getting it and actually enjoy eating alone.

My lunch buddies during University time. I have never faced this kind of awkward situation before. First ulnch into the job, my manager couldn't have lunch with bkddy so I had to go buy my own lunch. One week into the job, nobody invited me to join them for lunch. I didn't know what was wrong, and was very glad to share some lunch moment once a week with a group of friends. But still, eating with co-workers is very different compared to eating with friends. I waited a while to build up the courage to actually invite some interns to go for lunch.

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I got rejected over reasons: I decided to bring lknch own food as I couldn't stand eating sandwich everyday for me a sandwich is not a meal and I certainly do not like to eat in a restaurant alone. A typical French baguette sandwich: For the most frnce, we spoke French, but from day to LLooking we switched to English or German which added even more variety to the everyday life. I can just say: I really hope punch see you again! Budey an unpleasant workaway experience, I felt disillusioned and fracne about the cultural exchange aspect of workaway volunteering. But I am so glad to have been able to see the … read more way that Marije and Erik live and learn from them.

The work needed varies from day-to-day. I mostly cleaned and ironed, though I also looked after dogs, played with Juliet and Brent——their two children——helped with baking and cooking, and gardened. Work hours are also erratic, based around the schedule of the family. Along with lunch and dinner, which tend to be family meals, I spent time with Marije, Erik, and their kids outside of my work hours——they took me to visit Condom and another small village, to the community pool, and to the children's french spectacle. In all of these things——my work, my time alone, and time spent with the family——I felt comfortable and ingrained in their french life.

Their house does not have wifi, which I took as an opportunity to take a break from my online life, but it is a good place to read, write, or practice other hobbies that you might want to develop or continue. If you have a car or can drive a stick-shift car, it is very quick to get into Condom, where there is plenty of internet access.

However, lunhc you come to work in Marije and Erik's house, don't expect lubch wifi. Where the house is situated, in Gascony, is gorgeous——with mountains, medieval castles, and fields of sunflowers and lavender. I found Condom and Agen to be warm and bright, and would expect the same from other surrounding French villages. Seeing this part of France greatly impacted my memories of the country as a whole, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do so. Marije and Erik——thank you for your kind words and concern, jokes, introduction to dutch cheeses and chocolate bits on toast, and general warmth.

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I hope that we can keep in touch! She really helped us out in busy times. We'll take you from the beginning, your first day on the job to your parting shot to your boss as you quit. Send us in your own suggestions that we can add to the list. Greetings "Salut, je viens de commencer. Vous travaillez ici depuis longtemps? Have you worked here for long? Use it in the lift when you are stuck for something to say, and of course revert to the vous form if you're not yet bosom buddies. You can always use this line to ask someone you fancy out to drink too.

Dealing with the boss Again knowing what to say to your French boss is vital. Your future may depend on your relationship with him or her.

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