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Sorry I don't know any of the roads there I just gringo it up and keep asking locals till I find the place. She tries to console me but I'm in no mood. And even if this site is or was primarily about prostitution, I don't see anyone complaining about getting information about having sex with non-pro women. LOL some of you deal with some ugly or plain chicas! Jackson can call his site whatever he likes, and no doubt he has his reasons, but it is primarily a site about prostitution and was always intended to be such.

Not sure you how you would feel if someone said that All Haitian women with older guys are prostitutes and All Haitian women are only with those older guys for money and nothing more you posted before where you called some Haitian pros Bimbos who were not intellectual giants. La Parada eventually closed and the Lapsus signed moved to outside Venecia the new place on Avenida Pasteur, owned by a Cuban. Different women get attracted to different men for a variety of reasons not always based on looks or money. The rooms are large and clean.

Heck sometimes she asks and I still don't The Fuxk sign moved to La Parada on the side street west of the Jaragua. Ring the buzzer next to the glass door on the second floor there is a "GBP" neon sign above the door. And the casa will let her stay the night. I hope you will complain to the manager. I challenge her about what she said before we went to sleep.

Glad women get met to civil men for tonigght met of reasons not always met on looks or money. GBP two jesus on site.

If you call them via telephone, they will show up generally within 20 minutes. Seems you don't even go with Dominicanas, you have posted that you prefer Haitianas you have disparaged Dominicanas in the past. Photos I took of Girls House, over a year ago.

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