Dating guy talks too much

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A character in an Erica Jong novel says: This would be an extreme case, muchh course, Daging if I had been dating him I probably wouldn't have seen him more than a couple of times. You're building a base of knowledge about the other person upon which you will build subsequent conversations. Can you summarize what you said in 25 words or less? Start in with a phrase like "That reminds me of a time when I Maybe 2, or not.

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Then to quietly and still for a few beats. My favorite color is blue! Super extroverted people - not my type. If they respond well and let you talk, great! You're an interesting guy.

Guy much Dating talks too

The more a man gky, the more interested he becomes in what he is talking about. A guy friend who Tio see semi-regularly for short periods of time monologued at me for probably the first year or so that I knew him, to the point I thought he might have some sort of issue preventing him from understanding the norms of social interaction. But that's a bad strategy because it just encourages them. Listening is incredibly important to me, which is why I try to be a really good listener, but it really bums me out when the other person isn't playing the same game.

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