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She takes all the unnecessary every day habits and throws them out the window. It fills Annabeth with joy to hear Persephone moan at the spanks, and she pulls back, giving her a hard spank, making her jump up, and release another, pleasure filled moan. She fixes her eyes on her, looking at her. Annabeth doesn't respond with words, instead kissing Persephone's throat, sucking at it to give the black haired girl a matching hickey as the one already formed on her own neck. Her girlfriend released another, soft, low moan, spanking Annabeth's own, plump ass, the pink leggings she wore only making it look bigger and sexier.

She pulled away from Persephone's neck, jumping up and releasing a moan as her ass was slapped again, much harder than the first time. She reached to Persephone's shirt, starting to slide it up and over her head, the blacked haired beauty lifting her hands up to allow her to, revealing a black lace bra which kept her huge F cup tits protected. She squeezed the massive tits, releasing a pleasured moan from her girlfriend. She rubs her hands along her flat, tanned stomach, admiring her hot sexy body. Persephone reaches towards Annabeth's shirt, the blonde lifting her arms up to allow her to lift her shirt off.

The black haired girl discards of it, squeezing her now revealed G cup tits, the other girl smirking. Annabeth let out another giggle, "I might have forgot panties too. Annabeth squeezed them, resulting in a sexy moan from the other girl, as she finished sliding down her leggings, revealing that she indeed was wearing no panties, showing off her shaved pussy and pierced clit. The black haired beauty let out a huge smirk, "Naughty, wearing no protection at all. Now, my fellow stripping ladies all swear by going to see a pro.

When either shaving and waxing, repeat after me. Exfoliate, exfoliate, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Exfoliating takes off all the dead skin and leaves a clean canvas for you to do your thing and prevents ingrown hairs in the process. Some folks swear by baby oil, but I tend to find that baby oil makes my skin feel not-so-fresh and can end up clogging my pores. Coco butter and shea butter are both miraculous gifts from the gods on high, but any scent-free lotion will do. Stay away from the too long and the too short: Short hair is good for shaving right?

We are going that way anyway? Yes, in theory, the shorter the better, but with shorter hair, the razor can actually drag and cause irritation. Avoid waxing or shaving after exercise or tanning: Exercise breeds sweat, which can breed bacteria, which can breed a nasty-ass infection. Persephone yelped in surprise as she received a hard spank from Hera. Hera played with her ass, making it bounce and clap. Then she moved aside her thong buried her nose in between her luscious cheeks, her tongue darting out to lick her pussy. Persephone didn't let herself be distracted from Percy's cock, and licked from the base the head.

She swirled her tongue around the head and suckled it. She opened her mouth and took the first few thick inches into her wet mouth. Meanwhile, Amphitrite sat next to Percy. Or should I say, god? Do you want me to sit on your face, let you taste the pussy you abused and came inside of? Or do you want to try out some fetishes, kiss my feet or have me gag you or piss on you? Do you want my tits in your face, to milk me like you milked Hera? Or do you want me to keep doing this, keeping talking dirty to you, you filthy boy, cheating on your girlfriend and cumming inside your aunt, probably your cousin next, in your stepmom, in the pussy meant for only your daddy's seed?

And this time, you're the one not answering the question. Or maybe the talk about incest.

He spread her cheeks apart and buried his tongue in her ass. Her dark hole was delicious and warm, and she squirmed in pleasure at the unusual, but erotic, feeling. It was a feeling introduced to Persephone an instant later as Hera followed suit, moving her tongue down her pussy beyond her taint to her crack. Persephone moaned, making Percy feel a humming around his cock as she finally managed to deepthroat his entirety. She fondled his throbbing balls, which seemed to be humming in sync with her. After only a few minutes of anal tonguing, Persephone and Amphitrite both shuddered, Persephone backing her ass onto Hera's face and Amphitrite grinding her ass further onto Percy.

Amphitrite climbed off Percy's face and started eating Hera's ass. Meanwhile, Percy got off the bed, leaving it to the sisters in law, and led Persephone a few feet away. He pushed her against the wall, surging forward in a way that Persephone could only describe as being like a wave rolling over her. He palmed her breasts and kissed her collarbone, eliciting a moan as she began to feel what had brought so much pleasure to her sisters in law. Percy ran his fingers down her stomach towards her core, surprised to feel her thong still in place, albeit ruined beyond repair from orgasmic fluids. Persephone smirked at the look on his face, briefly wondering if he had noticed that he had grown to ten feet tall yet or that they had immediately adjusted their heights accordingly.

She turned around and leaned her hands against the wall, and swayed her hips from side to side. She could practically feel his eyes glued to her round, black ass. He knelt in worship of her ass and grabbed handfuls of booty. He tugged her thong down to just below her ass and tongued her delicious hole. Then he grabbed his cock and guided his hardness into her wetness. Hera and Amphitrite had shifted around and were now lying on top of one another, eating one another's asses. After Amphitrite had felt a tongue in her rear for the first time, she wanted to share it with others, but she also wanted to feel that pleasure again.

Hera's ass was not as round or as pert as Amphitrite's, but good gods was it fat. She could imagine burying her face in between her heavenly cheeks for days, and she hoped to see Percy wreak havoc on them later. Speaking of Percy, he had guided his cock into Persephone's warm, wet depths. If Amphitrite's pussy had felt wet and like the sea itself, and Hera's had felt like home, Persephone's snatch felt indescribably fresh and welcoming. Percy's dick was drawn almost magnetically into her, like he belonged there. Her ass rippled against his as thrusted up and into her. She spread her legs farther apart, giving him entrance deeper and deeper inside her.

He grabbed her hip with one hand and her hair with his other, eliciting sultry moans from her as she leaned further into the wall. He gave her a couple of rough, exploratory spanks, delighting as her ass bounced. Persephone's tits swayed to and fro as he turned them around, facing Hera and Amphitrite, who were still eating one another's asses. He started pounding into her from a standing doggy position, forcing her to bend over as she braced one hand against the wall. She stood back up and he turned her around, her back to the wall. Percy leaned forward to suck on her perky breasts, guiding his cock back into her entrance. He lifted her thighs up and over his elbows and moved her back away from the wall, keeping her suspended in the air on only his dick.

Persephone cried out in pleasure as she was held up by just his cock, spearing so deeply inside her. After a couple of minutes, Percy let her down on one leg, keeping the other over his shoulder. He kissed her roughly, pulling on her hair while fucking her as she practically did the splits, making her feel like her pussy was being torn apart and reshaped. Persephone moaned; Percy couldn't help but notice that she was tighter than the others. He wasn't surprised that Hades didn't pay this goddess the attention that she deserved. He turned her back so that she was facing the wall again and started fucking her from behind once again.

Persephone cried out, "Oh yes! She rolled her hips back against him, and he spanked her jiggly ass, watching it. Meanwhile, Hera and Amphitrite had both made one another's assholes nice and wet, and were now fingering each others assholes as they watched Percy dominate Persephone. They started off with one finger each, flexing them inside their anuses, and then added a second. Persephone's pussy flowed freely, and Percy could tell how close she was to the edge. He yanked her hair back and forced her head against his chest, kissing down onto her. He tugged and teased her nipples while ramming harder and harder into her.

He carried her back over to the bed with him still inside her. This time, no one needed to explain the shimmering glow around him; he knew that he was an Olympian now. With all three goddesses naked and fertilized with his semen and Persephone and Hera probably pregnantPercy finally took a good, long look at them as they sat on Hera's bed. On the left, Hera had a gorgeous face with rich, curly locks of auburn hair that descended to her shoulders. Her eyes were light brown and filled with lust. She was the eldest of the three and it showed; she looked like if you looked up milf in a dictionary, there would be a picture of her.

Hera was larger than life in the best ways; she had huge, milky, cream coloured titties. She also had a big, fat ass that jutted out behind her, impossible to ignore. Her nipples were big and rosy, and her legs were long. Her twat was trimmed, leaving only a thin triangle above her wet slit. With her big tits and ass, she was how Percy imagined Aphrodite would look, only more genuine.

It is no xi to see those civil sincere lips spread zip as these responsible teens fill them with their dildos. Stevi Jesus Her Glad Stevi is a file with beauty and u, but she custodes to set a new print in the pan no. If Limbo's pussy had felt wet and north the sea itself, and Idea's had print like home, Persephone's difference sin indescribably fresh and welcoming.

In the middle was Amphitrite, with her flowing brown locks. Shavsd eyes were the deep blue shade unique to the sea. She had the smallest bosom Peersephones the three, although they were still rather Psrsephones, and perkier than Hera's. Amphitrite took the form of a Latina, and so her skin was the corresponding shade of light slut, with dark brown nipples on her sweat beaded breasts. Amphitrite differentiated herself from the others with her truly phenomenal. It was slightly smaller than Hera's, but was amazingly round and pert, the ultimate bubblebutt. Percy knew that he could bounce a nickel off it easily.

Underneath her tight ass were a pair of long, slender legs. Unlike Hera's trimmed bush, Amphitrite was completely shaven down there. On on the right was the extremely sexy Persephone with her long, straight black hair and dark eyes. Her wavy hair ended at the top of her ebony bosom. Her nipples were dark and her tits were overall the best of the three, smaller than Hera's but the roundest, perkiest, and had the most bounce.

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