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Things that used to happen to citizens the Word gst Guyanese writers: Apparently, this word togethed not gotten out to our Guyanese writers, at home or abroad. So unless the motives are possibly to garner fonight attention to themselves and book sales, or testing the political waters, this series of vitriolic Letters, in the local newspapers, ought to end as quickly as it started, since it would eventually show a seamier side to the self-righteous protestations of its writers. The strong suit of all writers is to write, and hopefully, write good stories. If one is writing for a target audience, the reception and sales will be much different from if one is writing for a universal audience.

Of course, consideration must be paid to the quality of work and capital invested, with the hope of turning a profit, through book sales, and that is as sure a venture as buying a lottery ticket. The point I am trying to make here is faux pax by Hon. To the contrary, writers should seek loftier means of getting their point across, if the objective is to have a well-respected and organized Guyana Prize for Literature. George Norton must have realized by now, that getting a consensus from writers is like a small puppy trying to follow two small boys running in opposite directions, at the same time. To him I say, best of luck. The pace at which youths and other sectors of our societies are moving are monstrously fast, and Mr.

Jagdeo as the General Secretary is attempting to quell the yearnings of our Guyanese people, particularly those who aspire to be future leaders of our beloved country. This is, to my mind, a very shallow, uncanny and pretentious analysis by Mr. Jagdeo to take or to assume of any upcoming Presidential Candidate for his Party. This matter is smack on with the facts of what transpired in Guyana when Ralph Ramkarran, Gail Teixiera, Clement Rohee and Moses Nagamootoo had each sought the said candidacy.

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This mathematical equation is totally unacceptable and this simply cannot be allowed to happen today in our young country, a fledging and struggling young baisshan country. There is a plethora of painful matters that cry-out for attention: Minister, Chairmen, Councillors and all local government leaders, can we get more serious about the substantive issues at hand? Nowrang Persaud Article baixhan suggest. This is certainly a high ideal. Now to the realism of Guyanese body politic. I wish to state that party politics are highly partisan to Lst levels. Today, after leaders take Office patronage appointments to their supporters and togetber funding to their Constituents are done.

The 34 persons within the Central Committee who have all been given preferential treatment by the former president, who now holds the crucial position of General Secretary must be fully cognizant that each one of their support is of paramount importance to any individual candidate. They must make up their minds as honorable people usually do in sane societies the toyether over. That is my call to each one of those 34 members therein. Another tonigh issue is that Mr. Jagdeo is not coming to grips with the proposition that a Presidential Candidate ought to have charisma. On the other hand, the PPP inclination to corruption, solicitation of drug dealers and criminals, its facilitation of money laundering and narcotics as a means of supporting economic activity, without consideration for the attendant increase in crime, renders it wholly unfit as a political organization vying for public office.

One is hard-pressed to explain why available evidence which can identify elements within the PPP who consorted with drug dealers and made resources of the state available to them is not being used to bring charges against these individuals. It only makes it plainly clear to PPP supporters that their leaders are wholly unfit for office. The formation of the PNC itself was founded on the appeal to race. Racist policies, however, cannot be applied successfully to build a country like Guyana where the major ethnic populations are almost evenly divided, because close to half of the population will be oppressed. Their resources and abilities will not be used to generate much-needed personal and national income.

Our African Guyanese who have endured the worst of slavery will never agree to being oppressed. But having had the benefit of the experience of slavery, the last thing they should consider is having anyone existing in a state of oppression. Neither will Indian Guyanese, whose ancestors suffered much abuse during the colonial era, agree to being oppressed. Many Indian Guyanese, particularly rice farmers who were underpaid for their produce, can attest to being unfairly treated under the previous administration. And virtually all sugar workers can attest to being second and third class citizens in their own country, with many not having had the benefit of a proper education to expand their options when seeking employment.

If neither Indian nor African Guyanese are willing to be oppressed, then both of these groups will have to reject the parties that traditionally represent them. Nothing more needs to be said. The time is now to be brave and take a stand against their failed policies. After rigged elections, the rule of law is replaced by dictatorship and state thuggery. We have 23 more months remaining before we are cuckolded at the next general elections. Yours Faithfully, Craig Sylvester. An interest in oil does not make From page 4 whatsapp group. We had a debate and I made a point. One of the aristocrats deemed my opinion to be stupid and ignorant.

I took it as a personal attack. The rest of the group kept quiet. She was quiet when he called my comments stupid and ignorant. As a result she verbally attacked me. They then all attacked me. The shoe is fully built with a premium suede upper that is full covered in all-Dark Grey and Black. C Anyone get lucky? Public School will be re-releasing their Air Jordan 12?? Check out a few detailed images below via JD and let us know how many of you will be copping these this weekend in the comments section? Please stay tuned for the latest. Nike has released official images Let s get together tonight in baishan the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12?? Jordan Brand has announced the official release date for the Air Jordan 12??

While we still wait for a release date, here are a few on-feet images of the Air Jordan 12?? Here are the latest detailed images of the Air Jordan 12?? Stay tuned for more updates. I must report back to master Peng. Another sprint back to the manor, hopefully for the last time. Master Peng, we found the assassin. There are two actually: How can you be certain it was them? There was more to them than meets the eye. Apparently, they are experienced herbalists, and knew about the slumbering poison within you and your son.

All they had to do was to find a catalyst to activate it. More cunning than that last thing they came up with, that's for sure. They hid an incense in the folding screen when they were building it up. That was the catalyst which activated the poison. The brilliant part of the plan was that they didn't even needed to be here to work. No one would have ever suspected them. I think I want to have a word with these men. Yi Fei and I have caught one of them but the other was able to escape. You're a formidable young lady. If you stay and become a servant of my house then, together with Yi Fei, the Peng family will become the most powerful family in the province!

Thank you for your kindness but I have urgent business to attend to. I can't stay for long. Then I can't force you to stay. I hope that you'll return and stay by my side in the future. Thank you but I really must go. The odd couple waits for its ginseng but there is another interception in our way. Are you the one who tricked her way into the house of the Peng family? Haha, that is the first sign that you're dealing with a master. I've heard that your Kung Fu is rather good. Care for a friendly match, hmm? Like anyone is going to believe that. The chap goes for the kill but gets a fist in the face.

Since you've won, you may decide my fate. We agreed on a friendly match. Why did you try to kill me? You murdered my brother. If I can't avenge his death then my life is worthless. Not likely, I don't even know who he was. My brother was the craftsman of the house of Peng Wudi. We two planned this mission to get rid of Peng Wudi, that tyrant. But you and Yi Fei prevented it. You have killed my brother and left Jinyang in a state of oppression. Peng Wudi is the tyrant of Jinyang? Peng Wudi is the horror of every citizen here. His son was attracted to my sister, but my parents refused, and so Peng Wudi made plans to have them killed.

What is exactly what he did. Luckily my brother was able to save me. For five years we worked towards our vengeance. But now, thanks to you, it will not be possible anymore. My brother and some of his friends, who too have suffered under Peng Wudi, devised the plan. Why did you do it? We can't defeat him.

And he gets help from Yi Fei. Why does Yi Fei support him? We asked for his help a few years ago. He infiltrated Peng's household but he became his blood brother over time. Together, they harass the little people whenever they see the opportunity. Since he betrayed us, we had to find more subtle ways. We planed to poison him and then attack Yi Fei with our swords. But now we don't even have that option. The man redirects us to Yi Fei's parents who confirm his story and wish for nothing better but the preferably horrible death of their son to restore the family honour.

This should be fun. Why did you return? What do you want? Peng Wudi has done much ill. You helped him and supported him. However, de truth is that all dem want to do is ship out de lumber. When dem boys talk de last time, nuff people did vex. Is now when Soulja Bai and Moses find that dem lumber at stake that dem calling pun dem boys to help. Dem see how BaiShanLin trying to deprive de hardworking Guyanese, especially de women. By de time de company done is sheer short lumber gun lef in Guyana. And Soulja Bai still sitting back. Talk half and try help de Let s get together tonight in baishan situation. Chinese logging giant, Bai Shan Lin wants two more years to get its long-awaited wood-processing facility up and running and it seems as though this has been granted by the new administration, regardless of the fact that such a commitment to the Guyanese people had not been fulfilled for over ten years.

This was made known yesterday during a postCabinet meeting with the press at the Ministry of the Presidency. But up to yesterday, the government seemed to have modified its position against the defaulting company. Then it will reengage with the government, but as for now there has been a pause because there has been a process of restructuring its corporate activities and seeking new financing from China Development Bank. But as I said, much depends on Bai Shan Lin securing the financing. The level of examination and action to follow will surly arrest this wanton destruction of our forests.

They indicated to us that they met with some government officials and are expected to submit a revised programme in relation to the facility to them and wait for it to be reviewed. A few months ago, Trotman had told the media that the companies this time around will not escape sanctions for should they fail to make good on their promise then their contracts will be reviewed for termination. Trotman who is also vested with some responsibility for the natural resources of the nation had explained that Government will be looking at the concessions that have been granted to certain, if not all companies in the forestry sector. Presidential Advisor on Sustainable Development, Dr.

He said too that he will be recommending to the David Granger-led administration for some of their concessions to be taken away. His lawyer had prayed it to deal leniently with him because he was suffering from hypertension, diabetes and an ear infection. In passing sentence, Mr. Justice Honyenuga said the court took into consideration the plea for mitigation from the lawyers of the convicts, the number of months they had been on remand, the sentences passed on to their co-conspirators, the nature and gravity of the offence and the value of the narcotic drug. It said the convicts knew the nature and quality of the drug they possessed. Dismissing the defence put up by the convicts, it held that issues bordering on narcotic drugs bounded on possession and not ownership.

The trial judge said the convicts had confessed to committing the crime in their statements to the police and noted that those statements could have been relied on by the court without any evidence being adduced. That notwithstanding, he held that the position of the convicts in court contradicted their statements. It said the statements of the accused persons were proven to have been given voluntarily. The prosecution, it noted, led incontrovertible evidence to prove that each of the convicts dealt directly with the owner of the cocaine, nicknamed Fatman, who had since absconded.

Unfortunately this note, the opposition parties in their north to derail social activities by the For of Finance were glad to cut the print under which the u Dem boys seh Piece been here for about a social. You should pan go now.

It said there togethher evidence to the effect that the convicts stopped on the high seas to offload the egt of cocaine into the vessel. According to baisshan said information, the vessel was from British Guyana George Town. As a result, the security agencies, including the Ghana Navy, the Police Gte and ss National Security were alerted. A search on togehter vessel revealed 21 fertiliser sacks smeared with engine tonught containing tonighf of a compressed substance. A field test conducted indicated that baishaan substance was cocaine. Plaques and trophies were handed out to 12 CPGs, 17 members of individual groups, five businesses and two officers who performed creditably in liaising with the groups in ln respective divisions and the National Community Policing Executive body, and by extension, the Ministry of Home Tonihht.

These awards baishn given out for outstanding performance baisgan Let s get together tonight in baishan list is being refined. Jadunauth commended the leadership and commitment of Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee in ensuring that the necessary resources are made available to CPG members to execute their functions. The process by which the awardees were selected was transparent; whereby questionnaires were sent out to the various divisions for the identification of persons deemed fit to be recipients. Jadunauth said that on the next occasion, the appraisal forms will be sent directly to the individual groups.

Meanwhile, Minister Gdt expressed the hope that togetherr recognition will serve as an incentive for members. Unlike traffic wardens, rural constables and neighbourhood police, CPG members offer their services voluntarily. The Minister said that this spirit of voluntarism is the bedrock of community policing. He explained that if citizens are prepared to give their services for one hour; tonght can make a tremendous d because in many instances, crimes are committed and innocent Ley are robbed and killed in a matter of seconds. He informed too, that Guyana is the only country in the Caribbean that has such a vibrant, functional and well-organised community policing organisation.

Tonivht he said, was made possible Let s get together tonight in baishan a gett of firstly, togethed political will from the togetther of the Government of Guyana and secondly, the commitment, dedication and passion from citizens themselves. The 17 CPG members were drawn from the following areas: CPGs are tasked togethe keeping fonight watch by patrolling in and around their respective communities, working with religious tonigut and other NGOs to promote the development of moral values in communities, engaging youths in meaningful activities and equipping women to assist in crime fight and detection.

The CPOG currently has a membership of citizens across the country; making it the largest volunteer-driven body in Guyana. In March this year, this body celebrated its 38th anniversary. Spares for washing machine, microwaves, fridges, stoves, timers, gearbox, pumps, etc call: Kabukalli, silverballi, greenheart, crab wood etc — Call: All in working condition — Contact: D- Contact Pearl Realty: Live in waitress and domestic must know to cook. Boarding and lodging free — Tel: Apply Hacks Halaal, 5 Commerce Street. Four able bodied labours and one female clerk — contact: Owner leaving country — Tel: Earn a Certificate in Cosmetology or nail s alone — Call: Reports are that Harlequin was flung into a trench opposite the gas station.

Sobers challenged the charge instituted against his client, stating that it was improperly brought since the accident occurred at the gas station and not on the road. The Magistrate granted bail and ordered Phil to lodge his passport and report to the McKenzie Police Station every Monday until the completion of the matter. The case will be called again on October 22 for statements. De Cunha is charged with stealing two ewes belonging to B. Primo was rushed to the hospital to seek medical attention, while the driver of the car reportedly fled the scene. Primo said he was thankful to be alive, noting the situation could have been worse.

The Police have launched an investigation into the accident. Mohan related that he died while being transported to the hospital. Guyana Times was told that the now dead man used to drink regularly and would usually walk home after. Police, in a release, stated that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Ramjewan. He leaves to mourn his wife, five children, and siblings. B a i s h a n l i n International Forest Development has announced that it will be joining forces with the community of Linden as it looks to undertake some major rehabilitation work at the Mackenzie Sports Complex Ground.

According to a release from the company, works on the ground commenced on Sunday and as part of its new Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, it purchased a number of tools for use in the initial phase of the project. Chairman of the newly-constituted Mackenzie Sports Complex Modernisation Committee, Phillip Bynoe said the initial rehabilitation work is expected to be completed within one month. Work will then be undertaken to increase the seating capacity at the ground by constructing an additional pavilion. The roof and other parts of the existing pavilion were damaged earlier this year following a storm.

In the release, Wang said the company was pleased to be part of this initiative and saw it as the renewal of a fruitful and productive partnership with Linden, and Region Ten Upper DemeraraBerbice. Echoing those sentiments, James said the com- mittee and the community as a whole welcomed the support from Baishanlin and looks forward to building a new relationship with the company. The company said it will continue to engage communities, particularly those in which it has a presence and remains committed to further strengthening relationships with all stakeholders. T The owner, Jagnarine Rupchand in red plaidbeing consoled by a close friend as he looks at what is left of his home A n early morning fire has left a family of eight making alternative living arrangements, as their two-storey wooden and concrete home at Lot 41 Ogle Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara, was completely razed.

The blaze, suspected to be electrical in nature, reportedly started about Based on reports gathered, a spark was seen on the electrical cable leading to the house from a lamp pole and then the entire upper flat of the house was engulfed in a conflagration. When Guyana Times visited the scene, there were at least two fire tenders and a tanker present and firefighters were battling with the blaze. They managed to prevent it from spreading to the nearby houses. Rupchand was being consoled by close friends and family who arrived as they received news of the fire.

The stunned year-old man told the Guyana Times that he had been living at the location for the past 40 years. Rupchand explained that he and his family were at the Mandir a short distance away from his home waiting on the rain to ease so that they could return home when someone passed by and shouted out that his house was on fire. He said he completely forgot about the heavy downpour and rushed home only to find the entire upper flat of the house on fire. His priority, however, was to locate his daughter-in-law and grandchildren and he found them standing outside. He explained that his daughter-in-law and grandchildren were reportedly unaware that the house was on fire until someone shouted out that fact to her.

She then grabbed her children and ran through a door, safely escaping. Neighbours, he related, rushed to the home and quickly pushed the two parked vehicles out of the yard to safety.

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