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Friends are excited, family members are preparing for it as their own big event. Months turn into weeks frind that nervous excitement is about to explode. Amy Feran Do Oragsm fit. Take up a new exercise or sport. Try to get started within three weeks after you get home from the honeymoon. Make the trip about them. Plus, Aunty Peggy wants to hear all about your big day again, so you can relive it without burning the ears off your best friend again. Focus on your career. Time to get back in the saddle and focus on your long term goals. Starting the rest of your life together with your main man.

Dont Bring any electronic devices on the honeymoon. This is your special time to relax, sleep, and spend quality time with your new husband. Your phone will be hopping, but resist temptation and look at it when you get home. Obsess over planning other weddings. Plan a baby just to have some other special occasion to look forward to. This sounds extreme, but many people focus immediately on getting pregnant when they start getting bored after the wedding. Actually dwell on this. Some people secretly feel relief that life returns to a normal calm, and that they can look back with fondness on that time. Don't say this out loud. If you are looking for an Irish person here, listen out for someone whispering "Jesus, lads, it doesn't half make Knock look like Benidorm.

For starters, there will be loads of English people there after the royal visit - let's just say they like to complain. In which case, the whole Camino craze in Europe is worth a look. What started out as an ancient traditional route across Spain has become a verb. You now camino from A to B. There is no shortage of makey-uppey routes for you to camino across Europe. It's a nice, cheap way to make fresh friends and learn something new. For example, there is nothing less attractive than an Irish person who has just spent four hours walking in the sun. Here's a statistic from an Irish Sports Council report.

You could use this information in two ways. One is to train to be an osteopath because a lot of people are running straight into a knackered back. The other reaction is to join a running group.

Hopefully someone with experience can frend you that there's more to jogging than buying the second-cheapest pair of trainers and hoping for the best. Running is the perfect way to break down barriers with strangers. A dull weirdo doesn't seem so bad when you are off your box on endorphins. And running is less of a sport and more of a movement now. And it's a movement where you belong.

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This on has an outfit. A strange choice for triend of the fattest countries in Europe, but there you have it. Lycra has a special meaning on the school-run, where yummy mummies wear it to say, "I don't need to work. We can afford all this on one salary". You can use it to say "I'm in your gang" to people who run. And "I'm not like you, fatso" to people who don't. Then there's the apres-run. That's a thing now, for running groups. It's where you meet up with your new friends and, over a few pints, say how sorry you feel for couch potatoes. There is one golden rule at the apres-run. Don't mention James F Fixx. He started the running craze in the s with a series of bestselling books.

He died at the age of 52 while out jogging. Bringing up James at an apres-run is akin to standing up at Mass and shouting, "Is it just me, or does this whole thing seem a bit far-fetched?

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limrick If you want to make friends, you need to be one Lookig the faithful. Play that Ukulele Play the ukulele. It's impossible to play the ukulele without a smile on your face. Which is more than you can say for those forced to listen kn it, says you. That just goes to show what you know about musical crazes that will seem daft in a few years. Because ukulele-playing is the new hill-walking. It's not like the ukulele is hard work. By all accounts, it's easier to play than the bodhran. With the added advantage that you won't get stuck with 'bodhran ffiend.

You know, limwrick one where people can't tell if you're constipated or having an fridnd. Ukulele is the on rock 'n' roll. Ukulele groups were on the bill at more than one music festival last summer, playing uplifting versions of classic swamp rock tracks. OK, anything can seem uplifting when you are eating an overpriced pulled-pork burger fod the rain. But it's going to be hard to limericl a ftiend festival this summer without a, local ukulele group on frjend bill. One week, you're googling 'how to make friends in Roscrea'. The next week, you're making a clumsy pass at your one from Florence and the Machine. It's your version of a backstage pass.

Go on, ya dog. Workshops will be held during the week covering topics such as a Coming Out, Sexual Empowerment and social groups for people of all ages, orientations and genders. All will be welcome to the workshops regardless of their sexual orientation giving the people of Limerick City an opportunity to get to know the Limerick LGBT community more and everyone is encouraged to get involved. For the first time ever, The Mr and Ms Gay Limerick competition on Saturday July 11 will be held before the Limerick Pride festival at the Best Western Pery Hotel at 9pm, hosted by Paul Ryder with Regina George taking to the decks once the winners have been crowned to entertain us with the best party music around.

Sharon McMeel, an award winning wedding planner, said about the fair: This years Grand Marshall will be none other than Limerick legend, actor, director and playwright, Myles Breen! Now as Myles is about to take the play to New York in September, it is fitting that he leads the community in their walk through the streets of Limerick celebrating their freedom and newfound equal rights. I hope everyone comes out to help me celebrate! A full line-up for Pride week can be found at www. Tag your photos and comments about this years Pride with ExpressYourselfLimerick.

For media inquires contact Chair LimerickPride. There were jubilant celebrations in The Strand Hotel this evening Tuesday 11 October as the residents of the village claimed the top prize. Richard Lynch of ILoveLimerick. It is my favourite event of the year! Who would have thought that the competition, which began inwould have grown so much and captured the imagination of everyone, and become the success that it is. The Challenge Category final was made up of 12 groups from Limerick city and county who were decided by a combination of local judging and results from the national Tidy Towns Competition. Finalists were chosen by popular vote on Live 95FM over a five-week period.

All finalists receive prizes to help them continue their good work. Prizes were also awarded to Tidy Towns groups based on their Tidy Towns score.

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