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WINTER PARK TOPICS A Weekly Review of Social and Cultural During the Winter Resort Season

Open every File from Mouth watering note and a between selection of servile foods and no. Fred Parker, 2627 h o met over the file as President of W S G A in Ninafo r a tw o difference term, was between re-elected fo r another tw o si stint on Lo 27,piece thereafter very solo until June 25, He civil in tune w ith his no by reemphasizing and no servile goals for prime and expansion.

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Last year saw winners Slow Poison and Donald Lourens walk away with some fantastic prizes. This year, the competition presents budding artists with even greater opportunities. After an initial audition process, selected artists in the various categories will showcase their works at special events hosted in their communities. The winners in each category will receive a range of prizes from local businesses. In addition, a Bitou Artists Database will be created to promote these artists to local businesses, event organisers, restaurants and hotels. This database will be a fantastic chance for the artists to market themselves and their art to not only locals, but also further afield.

A Bitou performing artists collective will be created and registered with the Performing Arts Network of South Africa PANSA and will offer members advice, tuition, courses and other wonderful opportunities. This will also enable us to promote our local talent for beyond the borders of the Bitou area. Close to the Beach. Excellent structure, requires updating and manageable garden. Is your home unhappy because someone drinks too much? Al anon is for the families and friends of problem drinkers. Meetings on Thursdays 1: Editorial, Letters via Editor, Notices and functions. Houses and apartments available. Wool Wool needed for blankets, beanies etc, any donations welcome.

Will collect phone Anne or leave at the Print Shop. Ons vergadering is op Saterdag 16 Mei, Dis onderwerp van die middag is Leefstyl. Alle dames van Wittedrift en Plettenberg Baai area is baie welkom. Vir navrae, skakel Willieta by Saturday, 22 May Venue: Whatever you can afford between R80 to R If you need assistance with the fee, please discuss with me, I will respect your privacy. Dominic Baldzuhn was in a motorbike accident on the 5th of April this year in which he broke his lower and upper right leg, his right wrist, left collar bone and all his facial bones.

Dominic has a hospital plan but unfortunately it doesn't cover all the specialist fees and the ongoing treatments when released from the hospital. We will be sincerely grateful for any donation of art that you could spare. Art pieces of any form or medium size A5 or bigger would be appreciated. If you feel touched to be part of this event, we request for your art pieces to be delivered to Kitchen Cafe before or on Saturday the 29th of May Lets pay it forward with a touch of creativity. In case of transport problems or any further information, please contact Nola.

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Many many hungry people were fed, for which we and they are so appreciative. P 'Protect our people' Column Thank you to the New Horizon neighbourhood watch for been activated and for the patrols you have done this last weekend. This is for the Town area from Poortjies to Robberg 9. I must say it is still so disappointing to see goods left in cars washing left out overnight as we still find most crimes as opportunistic crimes. Help be the solution. The Sector managers are: Sector 1 Town area. Sector 4 Farms Insp Maritz Tel Other Queries Contact Capt.

I have details of the ride, if anyone is interested in taking part and I have a sponsorship form for anyone who wishes to donate to this worthy cause. Please contact me on: As a supplement to animal nutrition, decreases ailments and increases feed efficiency, productivity and the animals general health. How vreedsaam is dit nie waarom Kan dit dan nie ook binne - in my Tot bedaring kom nie? Beskou dit miskien as belaglikheid; Alle leed, alle afbreuk, alle nare Woorde wat ek aan of teen enigeen gespreuk het; Ek is net mens: The event is orgainised to raise funding for much needed projects within the Hwange game park. A big thank you to the 47 cyclists who took part — what a great effort it was by all, so too we thank their sponsors and Parks for giving permission for the ride to take place.

For appointment please phone Letter via the Editor I am concerned that this fabulous world Cup has very little support from our council. Shirts plus some decoration of flags in store but, the Town has little or no dressing for this wonderful occasion. Lets get into the mood and show support for our National team and visitors. It will be years before it comes this way again We may not be hosting any teams but, being a holiday town, I am sure we are going to have some spin-offs with schools on holiday throughout the playing weeks. People you guys again," Murphy said from outside the area can stay as he chatted with his friends, for seven days.

In Murphy's case, that longterm goal was going back to s chool. After lining up a f i nancial aid package from the federal government, Murphy started working on his computer science degree when the current semester at COCC started in May. He's on track to finish his degree in two years, maybe sooner if he pushes it. Now Murphy shares a twobedroom condominium on Bend's west side. He likes this neighborhood a l ittle better because it's close to school and he can get around on his bike. B ut f o r the mom e n tClouart's attention was also focused onthe 55 other people who had signed up to stay at the Bethlehem Inn on Thursday night.

He also worries about the boomers who are currently going through the same cycleof depression Murphy emerged from this spring and might also need his help. The recent decision, Casual sex dating in west hyannisport ma 2672 said, was "stunning in terms of activism. Ginsburg has given several this summer, perhapsin reaction to calls from some liberals that she step down in time for President Barack Obama to name her successor. If a ball to be re-dropped or placed under this Rule is not immediately recoverable, another ball may be substituted. The "Sweetheart" Tournament was originally designed to provide an opportunity for the ladies to play with their spouses or mates.

Years ago, women didn't play golf with the men as frequently as they do now. However, it has always been a fun-filled adventure and so Vernoncrest has continued the tradition. The ladies even decorated the golf carts with big red hearts. There was one somber note, however, Vernoncrest's former tournament chairperson, Sergeant First Class Mamie Graham, was on active duty in the Persian Casual sex dating in west hyannisport ma 2672 at the time of the tournament. Vernoncrest dedicated the tournament to Sgt. Graham and the rest of our troops in Operation Desert Storm. Each team, North and South, will have twenty-eight 28 spots for play, total of fifty-six The South Area will be hostessing the Tournament this year.

Positive attitudes developed when the program and guidelines presented at our first meeting was accepted. The meeting that opened as ten clubs adjourned as Norcal Ladies. Unselfish contributions of group leaders Developed viable friendships and togetherness Membership increased The first North-South Shoot-out and many more. Thank you Gus for your great leadership and support. Things began to happen in by word of mouth. First entertainment for the first golf clinic was held at Marge Carpenter's home with a cook-out. We later moved the classes to Westchester Golf Course. Our instructor at that point was Russ Fraser. There were beginners and intermediate classes held.

There were approxim ately to people in the clinics during the years from Inwe held our first g o lf tournament to help defray some of the expenses and give the people participating in the clinics a chance to test their skills and execute some of the things they had learned, plus a chance to get to golfing to know and play along with some advanced golfers. I had the opportunity to work with a great committee of ladies and various W. A, club members who helped to make all these things happen. Junior Golf Program, announced that the golf courses will be Tony Lema regulation and executive course and the housing will be at the Airport Holiday Inn.

WSGA promotes this tournament annually as part of its ongoing program to expose youth, particularly inner-city minority youth to the sport of golf. However, non-wsga juniors from other parts of the United States are invited to participate in this prestigious event. Non-college participants range in ages six through seventeen. College level and college bound students are permitted to participate in their own flight. There are many more juniors on the sidelines waiting to access the program, but limited only because of the lack of sufficient resources which we hope will be enhanced in the near future. This golfing season will see many more of our juniors upgrading their level of competition by participating in more city, county and state tournaments.

Training is being offered at four different sites for the convenience of the youngsters and according to their golfing skills. For juniors capable of playing on a regulation course, free course access is now available on four regulation courses. Weekly play and monthly tournaments are on the drawing board and scheduled. As we speak, the juniors are honing their skills in anticipation of again capturing the lion's share of trophies when they participate in the Annual Invitational Championship Tournament in Oakland this year. Many area clubs have joined the plan of permitting their juniors to participate in their monthly plays, and not surprising, the scores are quite competitive. So look out adults and move over as we do have some youngsters on the horizon you are going to see and hear about.

As usual, Southern Area stresses etiquette education and scholarships. Many more Southern Area scholarship recipients can anticipate continuing scholarships as a result of the committee's efforts. Our hats are off in thanks to SAGC for making this possible. It will be a fun-filled day for the juniors including a golfing swap meet and refreshments. Everyone is invited to come join in the fun and see our juniors shoot out the lights. This year's tournament, located in beautiful Palm Springs, California at the luxurious Palm Springs Hilton Hotel, is scheduled to be a treat for all in attendance. The tournament committee has been working very hard to put on a quality event.

WSGA is a family composed of 32 clubs, members and located in six states. By working together for a common cause, WSGA can and will be one of the best golf organizations in America. I would like to also pay a special tribute to our primary sponsor "Anheuser Busch, Inc. Further, you are to be commended for your sincere commitment to our youth, more especially your scholarship program for college bound students, and your year round pre-teen and teenage golf clinics, training workshops and tournaments. Your agenda promises to one of fulfillment and I look forward to joining you on this special occasion. Best regards, John T.

Orange or 35 Washington St. Homer came up from DelRay Beach to attend the Festival. George Endicott and Mrs. Endicott will spend the week-end with Mrs. Charles Sprague-Smtih, before going" to the hotel. Kenneth Gell came this week from Rochester, N. Evelyn Hope Northrop, of Tunkhannock, Pa. Missildine on Osceola Avenue. Lillian Knowles, contralto soloist for the Bach Festival was the house guest of Dr. Mac Morgan was entertained by Mr. Robert Bruce Barbour from Monday through the week. Paul Oliver, Daytona Beach sponsors for the Festival, attended the performances with their friends, Mr. James Allen, All were guests of Mr. Pelham as were Arthur Kraft, tenor soloist and Mrs.

Mrs, Joseph Vandevanter has returned to Washington after being a guest of Mr. Thompson of Maitland since the first of January. Cpleman's host of friends were glad to see him down town the past week after his illness which confined him to his home on Alberta Drive for several weeks. Miss Marston is from Yarmouth, Me, and was delighted with, this being her first visit to Florida. Prince and Princess Djoumkovsky who have been spending several weeks with the latter's father, Col. Leonard, have taken a cottage at DelRay Beach for a month.

They will return to before going to New York. Sally Hammond pianist, daughter of Mr. Channing Hare and Moimtfort Coolidge held another of their delightful at-homes last Friday afternoon. Hare has just completed a portrait of Julie Trowbridge, wife of Prof. Buel Trowbridge, and talented member of the Annie Russell Company which was viewed for the first time by many of the guests and greatly admired by them all. Erskine, formerly connected with the Danersk Company, designers of unique furniture in New York, in an illustrated lecture on "Pedigree Design in Antiques". Some of the lovely pieces of his workshop are in the house of Mrs. Stillman, in this city, and he has collaborated with many famous architects in this country, in designing appropriate furniture for special settings.

The lecture will be open to the public, for a nominal admission fee. Leonard and Miss Virginia Robie, of the Rollins Park Avenue Across the E. All plants must be marked by the exhibitor with their scientific names, followed in parenthesis with the common name, if possible. Exhibitors must bring in plants on Monday, March 7, between 9 and 4 o'clock; and bring in cut flowers on Tuesday, March 8, before 11 A. The committee in charge of the Flower Show is Mrs. Gordon Jones, Chairman; Mrs. Miss Clara Rowley is in charge of Registration and entry of exhibits, with Mrs. Anderson taking charge of the distribution of the entries at Hooker Memorial.

Bell, who will be present to answer questions which come to mind when viewing the exhibit. There will be nine sections of competitive exhibits: Alvin Marriott, Chairman, One to three blooms of named varieties in container that is furnished by the Garden Club. Charles Bell, Talisman, Hoover, and other varieties. Real silk scarfs, hand blocked, effective details in the smart woman's ensemble. Also Persian cotton prints in squares and runners, used to advantage by women who follow the latest ideas in house decoration. Single bloom in standard container that is furnished. Three to 15 blooms of any one variety in container that is furnished.

Arrangement of three varieties in standard container that is furnished. Arrangement of three varieties in owner's container. Bulbous and Tuberous-rooted Plants and Flowers. Under this section may. Orchids and unusual Potted Plants. Spray of Flowering shrub. Spray of flowering vine. Spray of rare shrub or vine. Not over 5 blooms or sprays of one variety of wild flower. One wild fern, preferably potted. Arrangement of wild flowers; 3 to 8 varieties allowed, including leaves and grasses. Miniature arrangement not over 7 inches high complete.

Arrangement in low bowl for table decoration. Arrangement in tall vnso for hall. Arrangement in receptacle 8 to 10 inches high, Class 4. Miss Hilda Sprague-Smith, Chairman. Table nob over 18 by 24 inches, with a flower arrangement. Pedestals and Flower Stands, Mrs. There will be other special features of a non-competitive nature, such as a bird sanctuary; dining room table setting; educational exhibit and professional exhibits.

All fub or water within the no of a ring hazard is part of the responsible limbo. Jon W.

One of the most unusual features will be a Flower and Vegetable Mart. Ribbon awards will be given for the best exhibit in each section or class as follows: Blue for first, Red for second, and white for third. Anyone wishing more information may call the chairman of any section. A mrmber of people went over Tuesday evening to see the W. Lynch was formerly connected with the dramatics department of Rollins College and has successfully directed many plays in. She is now State Director of the W. Great credit is due Mrs.

Lynch for a first-rate performance of Goldsmith's famous comedy. Her cast waa made up of talented actors who have returned to active work on the stage through the Government support of their profession which certainly has as much right to consideration as the farmers or anyone else. The death of Dr. Burks, prominent physician of Winter Park was a great shock to the people of this community where he had practiced his profession for a number of years. Burks had been the college physician for the past twelve years, and was given the Rollins Decoration of Honor a few years ago. During his College days Dr.

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