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We are open to having a party in any location where it is legal to have a CumUnion Party. Contact your local play space and ask them to contact us. Venues are much more likely to host a CumUnion party if their customers ask them to. I saw this ad for CumUnion parties where they want money up front, or to join some site to be a on a list. Is this really you? We would never ask for payment from you up front for a party. You pay your entry fee to the venue at the venue on the night of the event, not to us. Do not attend them.

Do not give them your money. Do not respond i them. As with all play, there are risks involved. If you are uncomfortable with taking such a risk, CumUnion may not be for you. All members accept personal responsibility for their own health. They make educated choices based jn how much risk they wish to take. We strongly encourage CumUnion Members to have a rigorous testing schedule for a variety of health issues. For most things every 90 days is recommended. You will never be judged at CumUnion. No one will judge you. Do I have to have sex at CumUnion? Everything you do at CumUnion is by your consent. Play parties have a particular accepted view of consent.

You should expect that people may touch you. As most places discourage verbal communication, you can signal to an interested person that you want to play through touch or a nod, or smiling.

Or that you are not interested in continuing, with them, by using a variety of signals. Do not take offense by being declined. After all, you want to be able to do the same. This is a friendly environment.

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We suggest unon friendly smile when you are turned down, and a yes nod to indicate you understand their wishes. Who knows, they may just need to go to the bathroom and might approach you later. All sex is consensual. You do not have to play with anyone that you do not want to. Or you can make yourself open to everyone.

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There are so many events that everyone will find one for himself. Meet and greets, onsite parties, interracial clubs, alcohol bars and hotels oriented events. Overnight stays are possible. There are no charges involved. This is a couples only group therefore single Suitable for polyamourous individuals who want to interact and The events are accompanied with a live DJ. Snacks are also served. Only adults allowed to join and experience Suitable for people who want to interact and party with interracial men couples. Entrance is free for single ladies but they have to bring a This is where real people meet to have enjoy real parties and real fun. Snacks are also available.

A nightly fee is required. Events are accompanied with a live DJ. Come and meet new friends with Suitable for couples and singles who are interested in the swinging lifestyle. This is an adult only group and proof of identification will be required to Only members allowed as guests are fully screened and voice verified. The parties are accompanied with a live DJ. This swing lifestyle group hosts BYOB parties for its members. A membership fee is required to join.

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