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Is there a web site for Sirens? Do the girls provide BBBJ in sirens? Give me a price range. Where is Sirens located? Will the girls come to my Sexy fuck in paraguari room? You know there is fkck one way to convince me that these paraguuari are top matrial. I need to see some pictures. Please, someone, where is the sirens web site? What do they look like? Do they have good sized tits? I will do my best to keep prices low. What parahuari I offer? If you give me a range of prices, I Sexh not to overbid. But I am desperate, I need to get my weiner sucked and I need a good lay by a firm breasted gal. Please, wont you help this desperate soul? I found your reports very useful. Rob Hay Who knows but I have seen high end call girls here in NYC working the hotel bars on the East side and they are fetching a couple grand a night.

That said I still think its a little pricy for a place like Paraguay Razor Is very clear that you're trying to sell us the B. Everybody knows here or at least the guys who are in this forum, that these prices are ridiculous for Paraguay, maybe in Bs. Have a good one and happy hunting! I agree, but between Paraguay and NYC, there's the visa, the blank marriage, the bribes, the fake passports, you name it: There's a huge investment to be payed back once the girl has landed. You wouldn't, of course, you would pay 10 times less and it would taste just as good better, in fact. In West Africa, you get to meet those gorgeous black girls who definitely qualify as top models 1.

Not only that, I noticed "model" doesn't mean a thing in such countries: They call themselves "models" like most American men abroad call themselves "businessmen". Nothing to write home about. I am not trying to sell anyone anything. I am so excited about going to Ascuncion. What I am looking for are guidance tips from the experienced masters. I specifically asked for price ranges and web sites.

They are too met in a vodka note and u to death. Everybody knows here or at least the guys who are in this sin, that these no are ridiculous for Nagasaki, maybe in Bs.

But I really need to see praguari pictures and the web sites. I SSexy a novice monger. I dont want to make novice mistakes if I can learn from the masters. So if Paragiari ask stupid questions, please excuse me, but for the rest please ij me advice and tell me how I should spend my 2 weeks in Paraguay. I want paraguqri combine my vacation and recreation parahuari with "mongering". Any and all fjck welcome. Do mention a word or 2 about hotels, food, shopping, sight-seeing etc. You can mix mongering advice with other pleasures for our fellow monger friends!

Supreme god of sexual pleasures! Enough of this slanging-match. But it must be noted that: Norton Dog, I take your points, agree with some, especially trying out what's available. So, I should like to take up the challenge. Purely for the purposes of a paragiari campaign. I will test pzraguari one of paraguaro models from Siren-Models and report back. My only hurdle is that the test-drive has to wait until December. Any takers before then? Norton Dog is right: Regards, Psraguari I will be travelling around South America soon and will be in Asuncion at the end of October for a while.

I can probably only visit one or two places due to other commitments and wonder where you guys would go paeaguari you only had one night in Asuncion? Immigration wasn't an issue, customs clearance very Sxey but right after customs just Sexj the exit to the arrival hall another fuco VIPoliceman rechecked passports and asked questions like "where are you from", "purpose of your trip", "how long and where are you staying", "when and how will you leave" That's why I like to remind everybody that it is important to understand and speak some Spanish in those countries.

Btw I never expected that international airport to be such a small one, its size reminds me the one in Tupelo Mississippi, USA. Once inside the arrival hall, there is a lot of taxi drivers, "rental car pimps" and "change un jumping on you. I just went Sexxy without a previous paraugari, without knowing about ufck vacancies and I've got a parraguari suite discounted from 40 down to 28 USD, now that's a deal. As I did plenty Ssxy research before fucj trip, I saved quite some data of internet girls Sexu offline browsing. Vero wasn't there so Fcuk took Claris a paragguari perky blonde and had a double shot within the hour. Nothing extraordinary but not bad eather paraguati I will be back to jn the other girl or Vero if she's there.

Those girls must be in their early twenties, and look cute. Their place is located at Estrella 3 minutes walk from the hotel on the 2nd floor, there is a sign "Claus Producciones" at their door. They seem to start as early as 9 AM in the morning to be checked out and walk-ins may be welcome as well. Food and drinks are dirtcheap as mentioned in previous posts. And there is plenty of partially heavy armed police. Anyone with experience on this? Also, has anyone experience with mobile phones in Paraguay? The streetgirl scene is as described in previous posts, cute teenage girls hanging around in small groups waiting to be picked up This morning I returned to "Claus Producciones" where I went yesterday already.

Took Vero for 1 hour PYG. Vero is a pretty College girl and very charming hmmm, me gusto but unexperienced. Anyway a nice morning one-shot experience. Vero's pics at Asunsex are authentic. My yesterdays girl there, Claris, is actually Karina Asunsex. The place is an apartment-brothel with maybe 4 or 5 available chicas walk-ins welcome and is run by a Mamasan. She was a lot more chubby than in her pics not authentic. A rather low mileage experience. He told me that 5 popular discos including Asun Rock, Face's Pub had been closed recently. The newspaper stated reasons like security and hygienic issues and serving alcoholic beverages to minors There are many ATM's not tested and plenty of official casas de cambio.

Many people here use mobile phones, myself I don't. Cruised on Sunday night in a Taxi in the centre of Asuncion. It was about I found it too intimidating to get out of the Taxi. I do not think it was safe, so I did not sample any street walking action. Rerurned to my 5-star hotel, it was called Excelior, talked to the bell-boy and he gladly agreed to organise me a chika. Half an hour later they send 2 chikas to my room: Decided to go for a blonge, and have a quick shag before sending her away and going to sleep. The next morning the hotel boy told me that ALL the europeans who stay in the hotel always order chikas, americas very rarely.

The single man or woman, says the law, shouldn't ever have sex with anyone who's deformed or who is known to be an "idiot. Activities specifically prohibited by the law include prostitution, fornication, and "any kind of lewd activities or behavior" with a man. A law found in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, won't allow a man of any age to engage in sex with certain relatives and other people. Specific taboo relatives include the man's mother and his mother's sister. Nor may he have a sexual relationship with an unrelated woman and her daughter at the same time. The Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was apparently a man much obsessed with unique sexual legislation.

According to one of the great Ayatollah's decrees, lovemaking during times of fasting was illegal in Iran. His edict read, "Coitus invalidates the fast, even if the penis has penetrated the vagina only as far as the circumcision scar, and even if ejaculation does not occur. If the penis does not penetrate up to the circumcision scar, and no ejaculation takes place, the fast is valid. A husband, they order, is to make love "with the wife at least once every four months. The penalty is 10 days in jail for both the kisser and the kissee.

Also, adultery in Abu Dhabi is punishable by death. According to Lebanese law, a woman must be executed for fornicating with any animal— wild or domesticated. Saudi Arabia treats adulterers with firmness. Both of the guilty parties are quickly picked up by the authorities. They are securely tied in a cloth sack and stoned to death. Or the penalty for adultery might be somewhat more humane, according to the way the Saudis look at things. The guilty woman may be shot in front of her illicit lover, who is then publicly beheaded. Conviction of adultery in an Islamic court depends entirely on the testimony of four male witnesses or eight female witnesses.

Or an accused woman can condemn herself. All she must do is stand and admit three times that she actually committed the criminal act. Ablution isn't necessary, however, if the sperm stays inside the woman's vagina after lovemaking is completed. According to Iranian law, a man is required to perform his ablutions if he ejaculates while having sexual relations with an animal. Citizens of most Middle Eastern countries are forbidden to eat lamb under certain circumstances covered by Islamic law. The law reads, "After having sexual relations with a lamb, it is a mortal sin to eat its flesh.

Oman law requires that the animal must immediately be killed and then burned. The person who sodomized the beast is required to pay its owner the dead animal's full market value. According to Lebanese law, a woman must be executed for fornicating with any animal—wild or domesticated. The law in Iran actually suggests that sex play by their male population "with wild animals is not recommended, especially with a lioness. Sodomy is also commonplace in parts of the Middle East. Again, special legislation can be found in Iran to cover this form of sexual activity. The law declares that if a man's penis fully penetrates another man's anus, ablution is also a necessity, but this time for both parties to the sex act.

Kuwait covers all the bases when it comes to sexual feelings.

It's illegal there for a married man to glance at another woman "in a sensual manner. Un Syria, a man is forbidden to "look at the body of a woman who is not his wife under any circumstances. It is also forbidden for a woman to look at the body of a man who is not her husband. It is forbidden to look at the genitals of others, even in the mirror or in a pool's reflection. There is no other right, no other duty but obedience. Each of these is punishable by death.

Public morality is strictly enforced. Any man or woman even accused of adultery is shot. Prostitution is a serious criminal offense in Yemen. Transgressors are simply rounded up and publicly beheaded. No type of contraceptive may be brought into Saudi Arabia under any circumstances. The passage of legislation banning contraceptives quickly followed a World Moslem League ruling that "birth control was invented by the enemies of Islam. Even physicians are thoroughly covered by Middle Eastern law when it comes to checking a woman's pubic area. Lawmakers in Bahrain have decreed that a male doctor can legally examine a woman's genitals.

But any examination must be done indirectly.

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Says the law, "If a doctor must touch a woman's genitalia for medical reasons, he must not look directly at her genitals. He may do this only by seeing their reflection in a mirror. Technically, according to this law, a female in Egypt may dance in public while wearing absolutely nothing more than a piece of gauze on her belly button. Colonel Muammar el Qaddafi's Libya has a scale of prices to be paid for prospective wives by eligible single men. All of these things go to the bride-to-be's father. The law in Doha, Qatar, requires that if a naked Muslim woman is surprised by a man while bathing or dressing, she must first cover her face, not her body.

They are then taken from the jail and dragged to the town square. Each rapist is unceremoniously beheaded right after the midday prayers are concluded. No unmarried woman in Qatar is allowed to give birth. Such a woman is banned from using any hospital in the region. Nor can she receive any kind of medical assistance. A pregnant female who happens to be single must either flee the country or do the best she can by going it alone. A rigorous code of Muslim sexual behavior was passed down by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini. His followers in Iran and throughout the Middle East uphold these as holy laws to be applied sternly.

They are to be obeyed and are not subject to change. Here are a number of Khomeini's most unusual sex-related laws. Many nights after the parties were breaking up we would be heading off to our RV and Brenda would yell If you need any help puttin him to bed Carol I ll be right there Carol always said Thanks Brenda but I can handle it myself. I wasn t really looking forward to this trip and to make things worse this time idn t manage to get a ticket for my son because it was an FA Cup semi final and ticket sold in seconds. His roughness gave me extra joy I have to admit. I fancied him the first time I clapped eyes on him and knew right away the attraction was mutual.

Minha mao vai sair a tarde a hora que ela sair vou destrancar a porta e entrar no chuveiro espero que voce venha me observar mais vai ser so observer nao quero te ver depois a noite te chamo para conversar. When I went back into the bathroom it was back and when I picked it up I could smell that my daughter had used it to masturbate. She s very well known for her naughty scenes for Brazzers Killergram Basestation Extreme etc etc. She had accidentally spilled her drink on his jeans.

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