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Just so everyone knows, I edited this photo because this young woman went all natural and the whole world saw HER. Imagine the cameraman's surprise and there was no way to avoid it. It's somewhat surprising the school or team didn't even yank her down.

Instead of publishing and sharing the photograph in all it's exposure, they could have done what I did: If the photographer is 3 feet tall then they have an excuse, but otherwise: The biggest question is where is the security? Did the cameraman just scooch or crawl across the field, get right up there, look up, and snap away? And if they really just wanted a shot of the wonderful ladies of the University of California Los Angeles, then why not have them stand, shoulder to shoulder. Taking a knee or cropping it too would also free the photographer.

Photo editing is a snap, and it would be really easy to just crop the photo at the waist. This shot has nothing to do with "luck. I would think in Photography the teacher would help students learn about angles and situational camera work. When any human being is wearing a 3 inch skirt and splitting down the middle, there is no way to avoid capturing certain body parts.

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But heck, do we give the man or woman behind the lens a pass or are they creepy? Say the Milwaukee Bucks need some pictures to get the fans ready for the season. If they call the paper and need some shots, what is a photographer to do? Times can get hard in Milwaukee and the winters are no joke.

If a cameraman needs work, he or she needs work. But whots photographer focusing on the Patriots girls, well that's creepy. What about shooting the resurgent Celtics, the amazing Pats dynasty, the always fun Bruins, or the Red Sox? Real women taking their clothes and posing naked in miscellaneous public places! Free spycam voyeur porn. Start your battle for satisfaction against spy and hidden cams!

Voyeur shots Cheerleader

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