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Introduction Internet and gizpi telephone use in Turkey has grown significantly in recent years, though access remains a challenge in some parts of the country, particularly in the southeast. Untilthe government pursued a hands-off approach to gizi regulation but has fizli taken considerable legal steps to limit access to certain Lissli, including some political content. In Februarythe Information and Communications Technologies Authority BTK announced plans to establish a countrywide mandatory filtering system with the aim of protecting citizens Lisli so-called "harmful content," which included but was not limited to sexually-explicit content and terrorist propaganda.

According to Engelliweb, there were over 29, blocked websites as of Aprilalmost 10, more compared Liesli February In Decemberruling zex the case of Ahmet Yildirim v. In its Progress Report for Liseil Accession to the European Union EU Liseli gizli sex, the European Commission stated that "frequent website bans are a cause for serious concern and there is a need to revise the law on the internet. In the most widely-covered case, the giali and composer Fazil Say was given a gizpi sentence of 10 months imprisonment sez insulting religious values in a series of tweets he had posted to Twitter.

A linguist and former columnist was handed 13 months for a similar offense related to a blog entry he had written on the offensive "Innocence of Muslims" video. Finally, a user was sentenced to nine years and seven months imprisonment for allegedly disseminating terrorist propaganda over Facebook. Many others received suspended sentences and fines. Obstacles to Access Despite an increasing penetration rate in the last few years, obstacles to internet access in Turkey remain. According to the International Telecommunication Union ITUinternet penetration stood at 45 percent inup from 29 percent in Poor infrastructure and a lack of electricity in certain areas, especially in the eastern and southeastern regions, have had a detrimental effect on citizens' ability to connect to the internet, particularly from home.

While prices have decreased, they do remain high. Bandwidth capping has become standard practice and a part of the broadband services offered by major providers since A lack of technical literacy, particularly among older Turks, also inhibits wider internet use. There are around internet service providers ISPs in Turkey, though the majority act as resellers for the dominant, partly state-owned Turk Telekom, which provides more than 81 percent of broadband access in the country through its subsidiary TTNET. ISPs are required by law to submit an application for an "activity certificate" from the Telecommunications Communication Presidency TIBa regulatory body, before they can offer services.

Internet cafes are also subject to regulation. Furthermore, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority BTK oversees and establishes the domain name operation policy and its bylaws. Unlike in many other countries, individuals in Turkey are not permitted to register and own ". A new set of rules on domain names registration was published in the Official Gazette on November 7, Nonetheless, there have been no reported instances of certificates or licenses being denied. The TIB also oversees the application of the country's website blocking law and is often criticized by pressure groups for a lack of transparency.

Limits on Content Government censorship of the internet is relatively common and has increased steadily over recent years. Blocking orders related to intellectual property infringement continued in and in earlyparticularly for file-sharing and streaming websites.

In vizli, another several thousand websites were blocked over the past 12 months alone, including many sites that were blocked for political or social reasons. The prosecution of users for online posts has had a chilling effect on self-censorship, which remains extensive in online media as in traditional media. Finally, it is zex increasingly difficult to find alternative sources of information, particularly related to LGBT and minority issues. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and international blog-hosting services are freely available, although the government has routinely blocked access to these and other social media sites in the past.

Currently, access to the following services is blocked: Access to the popular digital documents sharing website Scribd was also blocked in March by an Istanbul Court. YouTube, for example, was intermittently blocked multiple times in recent years to prevent users from accessing videos critical of Turkey's founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, although it has remained accessible since October Since OctoberYouTube operates in the country under a local "com. Also targeted for blocking are websites deemed to insult Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founding father of modern Turkey.

Domestically hosted websites with proscribed content can be taken down, while websites based abroad can be blocked and filtered through ISPs. In Aprilthe TIB sent a letter to hosting companies based in Turkey with a list of potentially provocative words that may not be used in domain names and websites.

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In some instances, the courts have also made politically motivated judgments to block iLseli using other laws. Ses to the website of Richard Dawkins, a British etiologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science writer, was blocked in September after a pro-creationist Islamist claimed that the website contents had insulted him, his work, and Lideli religion. An Istanbul Court later lifted the blocking order and rejected the defamation claims in July As of Januarythe case is on appeal at the Court of Appeal, but the website is currently accessible from Turkey.

In Julythere were also calls by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to block access to the cloud-storage service Dropbox, which Redhack had used for disclosing the identities of hundreds of Turkish bureaucrats and diplomats working outside Turkey. The injunction to block access to the website was requested by Mr. The user-based appeal was lodged by two university professors. The Turkish government has come under criticism from a number of European bodies for its blocking practices.

Yildirim was the owner of a separate website hosted by Google Sites sdx, after the entire hosting platform swx blocked, complained access had been restricted to Liseli gizli sex own site as an unwanted consequence. The European Court of Human Rights, finding a violation of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, held that a restriction on access to a source of information is only compatible with the Convention if a strict legal framework is in place regulating the scope of a ban and affording the guarantee of judicial review to prevent possible abuses. Furthermore, Llseli ECHR stated that local courts should have had regard for the fact that such a broad blocking measure would render large amounts of information inaccessible, thus directly affecting Lisseli rights of other internet users.

After the government did not appeal, the verdict became Lisfli in March Despite this, Google Sites remains blocked xex Turkey. A decision by the European Court on the Turkish government's blocking of Last. In an attempt to further increase control over the internet in Turkey, the BTK announced in February a decision to implement a mandatory countrywide filtering system with the sfx of protecting families from harmful content online, such as pornography. Under the sec rules, ISPs are compelled to offer two filtering profiles to subscribers, the "child" and "family" options. However, the filtering criteria have been criticized as arbitrary and discriminatory. The Association further argued that the BTK system discourages diversity by imposing a single type of family and moral values.

The case continued at the Council of State level during and a decision is expected during Duringin response to a number of parliamentary written questions, the Ministry of Education acknowledged that it uses the Fortiguard web filtering software at primary education institutions. The Ministry also received public criticism for blocking access to a number of minority news websites in January In an earlier written response dated February 27, to MP Ibrahim Binici, officials from the parliament admitted that internet access from the parliament was filtered and that access to gambling, pornographic, gaming, and terrorist websites is blocked.

Google's Transparency Report revealed that the number of content removal requests the company received from Turkey between January and June increased by 1, percent compared to the previous six-month reporting period. Google took down 63 percent of those videos. Turkish authorities had requested to remove 17 YouTube videos and 22 Blogger posts. Google cooperated in 52 percent of cases related to YouTube, but did not remove any content on its Blogger service. In addition, the company removed 6, out of 8, search results based on an order from a Turkish court to remove copyright infringing material.

Judges can issue blocking orders during preliminary investigations as well as during trials. The reasoning behind court decisions is not provided in blocking notices and the relevant rulings are not easily accessible. As a result, it is often difficult for site owners to determine why their site has been blocked and which court has issued the order. The TIB's mandate includes executing judicial blocking orders, but it can also issue administrative orders under its own authority for certain content. Moreover, in some cases it has successfully asked content and hosting providers to remove offending items from their servers, allowing it to avoid issuing a blocking order that would affect an entire website.

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