How to hook up rca surround sound to element tv

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Rca receiver to 55" element tv sound

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It looks at the left and right channel for material that is exactly the same in both channels. There are no digital input connections on this receiver so far as I can tell, so it's doubtful this receiver is even capable of decoding 5. There is no HDMI input nor output for that matter.

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Hopefully that's what you need to know. You'll probably get what you're used to, sojnd if you enjoy surround sohnd it is virtually certain that you would enjoy it a baskrillion times more with a modern receiver; basically anything that has several hdmi's in and one or two out will do ya. I appreciate all the help and will go over this tonight when I get home. Manufacturer and model number please! Give me spicy hot deliciousness! Okay, we have the following items hooked up to an RCA switch, then just switch to the one we wish. I am a visual learner and so this is the present diagram on how we hook things up.

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I don't see a coax connection. That's my old fashioned obsolete one, unfortunately. That way, all you have to do is connect a single HDMI wire from each of your sources to the receiver, one from the receiver to the HDTV, and hook up your speakers. RCA connections are only ever going to give you Stereo sound, you will never get true 5. The RCA you have to run from the TV to the surround sound does not carry all of the digital channels, though, so your receiver will have to fake the surround sound portion - it'll sample out the lower frequencies and play them from the back speakers, and the even lower ones from the sub.

You have to talk to me like I'm a two-year-old because I've no idea about any of this stuff. Also, most surround setups automatically switch inputs and outputs, making an RCA switch unnecessary. So all of this is to ask, how can I make the sound work with this TV?

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