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This is a simple error with a simple fix. Your chatting in any room is started by a chat session that is created and a session cookie is created for this chat session. However, some times when disconnected abruptly, or upon leaving and reentering too quickly before the chat session has a chance to endor just a chat session that gets hung up. The easiest fix for this is merely deleting your cookies. Deleting that chat session cookie will force the server to request the browser to create and store another cookie for that new session.

I get this at the Help Desk quite a bit and you all really do need to know what's up with that so you can quickly get back to chatting again.

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You can reserve up to 5 URLs at any one time. Why would I add this feature? Well we all know of impers that snag your favorite avatar URL and make them their own as they impersonate you. Well that comes to an end.

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