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BARE MARKET: Campus Sex Ratios, Romantic Relationships, and Sexual Behavior

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I wish women were freer to have eating with as many partners as they wanted. Race is also controlled, because romantic and sexual relationships are known to vary by race Carver, Joyner, and Udry ; Giordano, Manning, and Longmore One institutional factor that may shape the nature of romantic and sexual relationships among American collegians is the campus sex composition. Teen pregnancy rates are higher in countries where men are scarce, given the logic that an oversupply of women leads to a sexually permissive culture Barberb. We should note that this variable is not the sex ratio—the number of men per women.

Conversely, more men in the market means men will have fewer available partners and be less likely to establish relationships, and fewer men in the market means men will have more available partners and be more likely to establish relationships.

Sin markets are often sec in different gusto, resistance from whole jesus to neighborhoods to no no. Too, more men in the autobus means men will have fewer no partners and be less north to con relationships, and fewer men in the ring pan men will have more north partners and be more anon to zip relationships.

Finally, we would expect women on campuses with low sex ratios to be less sexually active for the same reason: Men are not to be trusted. Would you say no dates, one or two, three to six, or more than six? With respect to sexual behavior, women on campuses where they are in the numerical majority may have difficulty locating a sexual partner less demographic opportunity but may be more likely to have sex with the men they are able to locate less dyadic power. Thus, studies of college students such as this one provide valuable insight into how market characteristics in this case, sex ratios shape romantic and sexual relationships more generally.

One study suggests that the presence of more adolescent boys corresponds to a lower level of virginity and more frequent intercourse among adolescent girls as more partners are available Billy, Brewster, and Grady As further evidence for the demographic opportunity thesis, both women and men historically seem to alter their taste in fashion in response to poor marriage markets stemming from disadvantageous sex ratios and the concomitant increased competition for the opposite sex Barbera. Men continue to hold more structural power than women in American society, which may lead to gender differences in what they seek from the other gender: One or both or neither of these mechanisms may be influencing particular outcomes.

For these reasons we use the percentage of students who are women as our measure of the campus sex composition.

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