A boy from Utah was diagnosed with leukemia when he was only 3 years old. Doctors gave him only a few days to live, but the boy managed to beat the disease and is alive and well today.dete

The only recommendation from the doctors was chemotherapy, which made little Landon Riddle to vomit few times a day, refusing to eat. After 2 months, the parents were fed up and decided to take things into their own hands. They looked into treatment with cannabis oil, researched the details and went to Colorado in order help their little boy, because the cannabis oil treatment is legal in this state.

Sierra, the mother, says that the boy`s chest was full of tumors, so he could not breathe: “The chemotherapy and the piles of drugs did not help him at all, so we discussed the issue with a medical team from Utah. Instead of giving up and watching our little boy suffer and die, we decided to start with the cannabis oil treatment. This saved his life.”

After only a few days of taking the oil, Landon showed improvement. He vomited less, started eating and breathing normally. A few months later, he was cancer-free.

Threats to take the child away from the parents

Shortly after the first symptoms of improvement, another misfortune struck the family. They were given an ultimatum: if they refuse chemo and steroid treatments, the state would take the boy from their care. A lawyer stepped in and helped the family, stating that the family`s intentions were not detrimental, they were doing everything to save the child. So they continued with the chemotherapy (now reduced to once a month), combined with the cannabis oil treatment.

Sierra is now trying to find an oncologist who will prescribe and allow treatment with cannabis oil, which seems like mission impossible, and we all know the reason why. If any alternative, natural method is allowed as legal way of medical treatment, this will mean less money for the big pharmaceutical industry. It will shake up the Big Pharma, dollars will go to drain, credentials will be questioned and jobs will be lost. Most medical experts are mentioning this alternative treatment as complementary to the traditional ones, like chemotherapy and radiation.

Growing evidence of the positive effects from cannabis treatment

The American Cancer Society has stated for the CNN, regarding the story of Landon Riddle, that there is no scientific proof from human studies that cannabinoids can treat or cure cancer. But despite this, there are many findings showing that compounds from cannabis can kill cancer cells in mice as well as in humans. Dr. Julie Holland, editor of “The Pot Book” says “As it turns out, cannabis can actually fight the cancer itself.”

The success story of the 3-year-old Landon is not the first one. There are many people claiming that cannabis oil helped them treat and cure many serious health problems. Like the story of the 33-year-old David Hibbitt from UK: as reported by Natural News, he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and given only 18 months to like. But David turned to an alternative healing approach- for 75 dollars a month, he eliminated the cancer with cannabis oil. This means that the approach is not successful, but it`s also affordable for everyone, unlike the expensive medical treatments and pharmaceutical drugs.

Now it`s up to the mainstream medical world to fight and oppose the Big Pharma and their greed, in order to save human lives and health.

Source: Naturalnews, Countercurrentnews