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Змінення контактної інформації домену

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Changing these details will also cause a day transfer lock to be applied to the domain, unless you specifically opt out during the process.

Save the scanned documents in a common format, such as a. If you receive an authorization email at the new email address, your TLD requires us to get authorization from both email addresses. Important You must sign in UUpdating using the root account that the domain is currently registered to. Updating the Email Address for a Domain When You Can't Access Email at the Old Address When you change the email address for the registrant contact for a domain, the registries for some TLDs require us to get authorization from the registrant contact at the old email address and at the new email address. Depending on when you registered your domain, and the type of domain you registered, this process will happen in one of two ways: A customer support engineer reviews the information that you provided and updates the settings.

Information Updating contact

For more information, see Updating Contact Information for a Domain. Updting that the organization that the domain is registered to exists. Here you will see a summary of your domain details with options below: We are able to do the verification on your behalf. When your ownership has been verified, an AWS customer support engineer will change contact information for you.

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Upadting Specify Change the email address for a domain Description Domain that you want to change the email address for digit account ID of the AWS account that the domain is registered to Add attachment Upload the documents that you scanned in step 5. Download the Change of Registrant Email Form. Category Accept the default value of Domain name registration issue.

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