Pros of dating a tomboy

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11 Reasons Why Dating A Tomboy Is The Best Commitment

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Your boys love us! Because we get along with your male crew. We own that stuff!

A little secret though, yes, we do let you win sometimes. We Pgos never freak out if you want to go ahead and hang out with your friends. We understand that we both have our own thing going. This conversation never takes place. The scenario above when dating a tomboy. By the way, your ex girlfriend called and left a message for you.

Dating tomboy of Pros a

Some of tombooy are really good with tools. Door knob broken while you are away? We will fix it in the blink of an eye. Babe, hand me the jack and the spare tire. Let me fix this while you call ahead and explain why we are running late for dinner.

tombyo We know and love our cars…Ahhh. Top Gear over that Kardashians show any day. Has Less Drama You do not have to bother about remembering little things about your anniversary dates or important occasions, as she would never crib about it. Perfect Dates Your dates would be mostly spending time together with them playing games or going out on adventure trips or just sharing a drink at your favourite pub.

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Having them as your partner is one of the best decision that you are never going regret! No Mind Games Tension The best thing about a tomboy is that they are outspoken and honest about everything. You do not have to come up with stories or ideas to impress them. But when you have a tomboy girlfriend, you can hang around with your friends just like anytime, and she would be the newest member of the group. No Waste Of Time A typical girlfriend would take hours to prepare to go out. A tomboy would take less than a minute to get prepared as no makeup, no fancy dresses, and combing hair over and over again would take place. Denim and a Tee would be enough. Heart To Heart You can afford to speak your heart out if you do not like something about her.

She would not judge you and would not mind if you are not perfect. All she needs are a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and she's good to go. She Is Not The Shopping Type Your tomboy girlfriend will not take hours at a shopping mall trying to figure out which dress looks better on her. She will not try on a million dresses and then say, "Oh, these dresses are so tacky". Your girl is one-of-a-kind; she knows what she wants to buy. If she likes something she sees, she will immediately pick it up. Her shopping list is done within 5 minutes.

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