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Windows Camera Windows 10 has its softwarw camera app, and we simply have to mention it. So, you can either take a picture, or record a video. This ssoftware the best software to connect all surveillance cameras in your home, and track them all at controk. IP Camera Viewer supports the huge variety of webcams, so it can represent an affordable solution for putting your living or working space under the sight of cameras. Speaking of multiple cameras, IP Camera Viewer supports over four cams at the same time, so you can basically cover your whole house. If you want to download IP Camera Viewer, you can do so for free from this link.

The main purpose of this software is screen capturing and recording, but it also has a lot of options for customizing the video output form your webcam, even better than some apps which purpose is solely that.

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Because Wbe that, we decided to put this program on our list of the best webcam programs for Windows. This tool is so versatile, that it even allows you to capture videos from external sources, like IP webcams, for example. In addition to this, Debut Video Capture offers siftware more handful features, like mouse highlighting. It basically allows you to do the whole job in a single program, by by both screen-capturing, and recording from your webcam. If you want to download Debut Video Capture Software, you can do so for free from this link. Webcam Toy Webcam Toy is not an actual webcam software, but a web-based tool for recording video and capturing images. To use Webcam Toy, you just need to access the website, permit the access to your webcam, and start recording.

No registration is needed. If you want to try out this too, visit its official website. We offered you various options, so you can pick one that suits you the best.

Let us know what you think about our choices, or if you have some tool to add to the list, in the comments below. ZoneMinder - Best Linux video camera security and surveillance solution. Provide a complete surveillance solution allowing capture, analysis, recording and monitoring of any CCTV or security cameras attached to a Linux based machine. Publish a webcam with streaming video, view and record video from network cameras and video servers, create timelapse movies, or use it as part of your home security system with its configurable motion sensors Worth looking into Webcam Zone Trigger - Supports wide range of Webcams, IP Cameras, TV-Tuners and video capture devices.

Can perform many different actions when motion is detected. Motion detection can be configured to use "hot spots". Dorgem - Open Source Webcam capture application. It is free and I found nice tutorial tutorial on how to set it up. Unfortunately, it is discontinued. Crime Catcher - Low-cost and simple to use home monitoring solution. Playback functionality is very nice but limited to the desktop where frames were recorded. FTP server required for remote monitoring. There were no updates since CamUniversal - Top of the line product by CrazyPixels. Multilanguage support, nice image viewer, motion detection tuner.

Digi-Watcher - Intelligent webcam software. Monitors your home or office 24 hours a day, captures motion event using webcam, saves into compressed video clips with audio and triggers various alerts including ftp upload, email or phone. HomeCamera - Web-based home monitoring. Simple to use, email notifications, FTP upload. You can remotely autofocus or manually adjust the focus. Even zoom in and out so that you can confirm the focus is sharp. For better framing an overlay can be applied to the live image.

You can also shoot a series of focus stacked images to connect into one ultimate DOF picture. Multiple camera support You can control multiple connected cameras at the same time, triggering photo capture in parallel, or one by one.

Software control Web camera

Contro, improve sync capture also external capture devices are supported like arduino based triggers or USB relays. For better camera management, settings can be synchronized between connected cameras. High interoperability The application can be controlled in multiple ways from an external application, using a simple remote application which can be executed with a simple command line argument. The web server function allows for remote control of application to preview captured photos via a web browser on a smartphone or tablet. Astronomy module A simple module to help long exposure photography with scripting support to automatize repeating tasks.

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