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I could help you with cleaning, take your dog for a walk, try to keep your plants alive, play with yourhelping you out with the little things in your business life: I used to work as a Personal AssistantPersonal careFront desk My job included personal assistance, general house keeping cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Im studying history at Cal Poly go Mustangs!!

Im real an looking for local female. I'm looking for new guy friends to be my texting: I am not datinv for sex of any kind as of right now so please don't me looking for it. I like the fact that we find the same things funny. You can't hide that because just comes out, and has its own intensity. I like the fact that you find a way to tell me what your schedule looks like when I am around.

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I pondered on that, just so you know. What does that mean? I datibg my own suspicians but I wasn't sure datinng that was wishful thinking. Another thing I like is your counter-questions. They utwh so fast. I can barely get out a question, get an answer, but don't get to enjoy the pleasure of getting to know you deeper because you immediately ask me the same question. I love how fast your brain works. I just wanted to get to know you better. Time is so short the way it is now. So it's like I said in person: I want your time, and I would trade many things for it. Time spent the way we both imagine. The fact that I think you are really cute makes friendship that much more easy on the eyes.

I can look at the menu rating eating the desert, even if I can already taste wattis. Let's talk about what friends can do and they can't. Friends can care about eachother. Do you have any friends that do not care about you? Friends can hug eachother and be comfortable with that, and sitting close together, especially if watching a movie. We already know we find eachother attractive, so there's no point in pretending that isn't the case, and friends can give each othercan't they? Friends can go do things with each other. Friends can't have sex. Friends can't get jealous.

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