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American Indian adolescent girls: vulnerability to sex trafficking, intervention strategies.

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Women would often abstain from sex for the entire time that they were breastfeeding a baby. Motherhood was seen as a sacred duty of women, similar to the sacred duty of men to be soldiers in defense of the community. Abstaining would allow women to channel the power of their sexual energy into raising strong and healthy babies. For the Huron people, abstinence was usually believed to bring dreams, which were essential to all sacred rituals.

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Prior to a ball game, the players from each village fasted, abstained from sexual intercourse, and sought dreams that would bring them victory. Huron shamans also observed periods of sexual abstinence. Like other shamans around the world, these were men AND women who had control over the forces of nature. They obtained their special potency American indians sex visions or dreams in which a powerful spirit had revealed itself to them. Such visions required prolonged fasting and the avoidance of sexual intercourse — similar to the period before the ball game. However, these periods of abstinence only lasted for some days or weeks. There was no concept among them of abstaining from sex for life like monks or priests in Western traditions.

Sex played a central role in many healing rituals. In one particular ritual, andacwander, any ill person could call for a number of young people to come and have sexual relations in his or her cabin. Andacwander was described in great detail by Gabriel Sagard, a Recollect French missionary who lived among the Huron between and When the girls are assembled they are all asked, one after another, which of the young men of the town they would like to sleep with them the next night. Each names one, and these are immediately notified by the masters of the ceremony. All come in the evening to sleep with those who have chosen them, in the presence of the sick woman, from one end of the lodge to the other, and they pass the whole night thus, while the two chiefs at the two ends of the house sing and rattle their tortoise shells from evening till the following morning when the ceremony is concluded.

Notice that it was the young women who did the choosing, not the young men. The first one to do so in writing was Jesuit Father Jerome Lalemant, writing in He wrote of an old man, Taorhenche, who was dying.

He wished through riddles that people had to guess for a White Dog Ceremony, sufficient cornmeal to feed the people involved in the festivities, other unnamed ceremonies. At the end there was to be: He specified that there should be 12 girls, and a thirteenth for himself. Afterward, the Captains went through the streets and public places, and through the cabins, announcing in a loud voice the desires of the sick man, and exhorting people to satisfy them promptly. Meanwhile, they take care to note the names of the girls and men who present themselves to carry out the principal desire of the sick man; and in the assembly of the feast these are named aloud, after which follow the congratulations of all those present, and the best pieces … then ensue the thanks of the sick man for the health that has been restored to him, professing himself entirely cured by this remedy.

William Clark wrote of a ceremony called the Buffalo Dance that he witnessed in the winter of among the Mandan people of North Dakota: The old men arrange themselves in a circle and after smoke a pipe, which handed them by a young man, dress up for the purpose.

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The young men who have their wives back of the circle go to one of the old men with a whining tone and request the old man to take his wife, who presents naked except a robe. The girl then takes the old man, and leads him to a convenient place for the Business. We sent a man to this medicine dance last night, they gave him four girls. This gets to the reason why York was so popular with the Native ladies…. Elders are, of course, associated with wisdom.

The same kind of stories are told about Estevanico. Estevanico was a young Black man from Morocco who was held as a slave by one of a group of Spaniards who went to explore and crash landed in Florida in American indians sex separated from their support vessels, the group marched up the inner Florida coast and by late summer arrived near the mouth of the Wakulla River in the Florida panhandle. At that time, the surviving Spaniards and at least one African numbered just less than men, the others having died from hurricanes, accidents, or been killed by Natives. They chose to slaughter their horses, build five makeshift barges, and attempt to sail along the Gulf Coast toward Mexico.

The five rafts left Florida on September After a month at sea, the raft that Estevanico was in landed on Galveston Island in Texas. By springEstevanico and American indians sex other men —the only survivors from their craft— had traveled on foot down the Texas coast to the area of Matagorda Bay. Throughout their travels in both Texas and Mexico, the three Spaniards and Estevanico gained fame and material support as healers. We can see how that worked. These foreign men obviously had many qualities which were different from what the Natives had and therefore they were welcomed to share their medicine by having sex with the women.

The Black man was especially well received in that way. However, Estevanico misunderstood this custom. He began to think of himself as a God among the Natives who was welcome to anything that he wanted at any time. Native women are murdered at more than ten times the national average. Given the above statistical data and the historical roots of violence against Native women, the level of human trafficking given the sparse data collected can only equate to the current epidemic levels we face within our tribal communities and Nations. Government, it is believed that labor trafficking and exploitation occurs as well, with the victims primarily men. Additionally, there have been a number of allegations of trafficking Native babies for adoptionmost notably a Supreme Court case Adoptive Couple vs.

Why is human trafficking more prevalent among Native populations? Native Americans are considered a vulnerable population. Statistics from the U. While there was widespread media coverage of the rise of sex trafficking in the Bakken, discussion of its impact on Native girls and women was limited. Native women have been fetishized, bought, sold, and traded since initial European colonization of the American continent. The trauma experienced by Tribal Nations at the hands of the U. There are a number of challenges to addressing human trafficking in tribal communities that are unique to the Native American experience.

As with all human trafficking, the covert nature of the crime makes statistics difficult to ascertain. For instance, non-Native Americans cannot be arrested or prosecuted by tribes — instead they fall under federal jurisdiction — allowing non-Native traffickers to operate with little risk.

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