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I had to break off all relations with my friend. We passed each other by on the street, because we did not want to put ourselves in danger. We lived like datinf in a wild game park, always sensing the hunters. He obeyed the directive to protect his family from gag retaliation. Upon arriving at the police station he notes that he and other gay men were beaten. Some gay men Germxn resisted the SS had their fingernails pulled out. Others had their bowels punctured, causing them dsting bleed profusely. After his arrest he was German aryan gay men dating to the concentration camp at Schirmeck.

There, Seel stated that during a morning roll-call, the Nazi commander announced a public execution. A man was brought out, and Seel recognized his face. Afyan was the face of his eighteen-year-old lover from Mulhouse. Seel states that the SS guards then stripped the clothes off his lover, placed a metal bucket over his head, and released trained German Shepherd dogs on him, which mauled him to death. Brazda was sent to Buchenwald in August and held there until its liberation by U. Brazda, who settled in France after the war, was later awarded the Legion of Honour. However, extensive research on the topic was impeded by a continuation of Nazi policies on homosexuals in post-war East and West Germany and continued western notions of homophobia.

The debate on the Gay Holocaust is therefore a highly loaded debate which would result in an international acknowledgement of state sponsored homophobia as a precursor to genocide should the proponents of the Gay Holocaust succeed. However the United Nations definition does not include sexual orientation or even social and political groups within its qualifications for the crime. Genocide by the U. However, Heinz Heger suggests in his book The Men with the Pink Triangle that they were subjected to harsher labor than smaller targeted groups, such as the political prisoners, and furthermore suffered a much higher mortality rate. The notion of exclusivity however is challenged by the existence of similar forces working against different social and ethnic groups such as homosexuals and the Roma, which resulted in the victimization and systematic destruction of homosexual lives and lifestyles, as well as those of the Roma.

An inclusion of social groups in a definition of genocide would further challenge the notion of the Jewish genocide as unique within the context of the Holocaust. Other scholars such as William J. Spurlin have suggested that such positions foster a misrepresentation of history and devalue the suffering of other victims of Nazi atrocities. The Austrian Jewish Shoah survivor Simon Wiesenthal argued, for example, that "the Holocaust transcended the confines of Jewish community and that there were other victims.

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The shift from the traditionally conservative notion of history as the story of power and those who held it, daating historians emerged with narratives of those who suffered and resisted these powers. African Xryan created their own narrative, as firmly based on evidence as the discourses already in existence, as part of a social movement towards civil rights based on a history of victimization and racism. Along similar lines, the gay and lesbian movement in the United States also utilized revisionism to write the narrative that had only just garnered an audience willing to validate it.

The revisionist project was taken on in a variety of mediums, historical literature being only one of many. The play Bent and a limited number of memoirs which recall The Diary of Anne Frank coincided with the appropriation of the pink triangle as a symbol of the new movement and a reminder to "never forget".

Historical works would turn focus on the nature and intent of Nazi policy. Datjng HegerGunter Grau and Richard Plant all contributed greatly to the early Holocaust discourse which emerged throughout the s and early s. Gy Holocaust frame was used again in the early s, this time in relation to right-wing homophobic campaigns throughout the United States. The conservative response yielded a new discourse working against the Gay Holocaust academia, which emphasized the gay and lesbian revisionism as a victimist discourse which sought sympathy and recognition as a pragmatic means of garnering special status and civil rights outside those of the moral majority.

The victimist argument raises a central tenet as to the reasons for which the discourse of a Gay Holocaust has experienced so much resistance politically and popularly in the conscious of the public. Cole addresses the anti-victim discourse that has emerged in western politics since the end of the s.

She asserts "anti-victimists transformed discussions of social obligation, compensations and remedial or restorative procedures into criticisms of the alleged propensity of self-anointed victims to engage in objectionable conduct. Nevertheless, aran was mainly carried out under the Law Against Habitual Criminals and Sex Offenders Giles, 46 wryan, further reinforcing the characterisation of homosexuality as a physiological condition. In addition to punishment by castration, homosexuals were imprisoned in concentration camps xryan which context homosexuality was widely considered a contagious sickness.

In order to identify the different Geeman of prisoners, their outfits had different coloured triangles sewn onto sryan such as aryam colour pink to represent homosexuality. However, the markings were not only for the Nazis to recognise them but also Geramn the other prisoners. However, as asocials, they aryam still under threat of being persecuted and sent to concentration camps. He would implant synthetic hormones into the right lower abdomen of his victims, in an attempt to reverse their sex drive but all 15 of his test subjects died from the experiment Haeberle, It was not until that the legislation for Paragraph was finally repealed, followed by the annulment of any convictions of homosexual men under Nazi rule in A step towards achieving this will be made in Germany through the official pardon of 50, men, convicted under the law and by arranging compensation for the survivors.

Conclusion Overall, German society has historically contributed a great deal to LGBT rights through the research conducted by Hirschfeld on homosexuality, as well as creating the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. Germany was also ahead of its time in the sense of having a thriving gay culture in the s, particularly in Berlin, where despite state repression homosexual men were able to create a social scene in nightclubs and bars, whilst some also succeeding in exhibiting expressive artistic or other creative works exploring the theme of homosexuality. However, Hitler and the Nazis aggressively overturned this social and cultural trend.

Partly because it was illegal to be a homosexual male in Nazi Germany, gay men tended to receive much harsher treatment than lesbian women. While males could either be castrated or left in concentration camps where they were heavily persecuted and often eventually murdered, women could avoid hardships to a large extent by being discreet and conforming to the Nazi norms.

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