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How Sex-Crazed are You? (only for men)

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I feel no pressure from others, including from my partner. I feel some pressure from others, including but not limited to my partner or my friends. Is your decision to have sex based on the right reasons? I want to have sex because I feel emotionally and physically ready, and my partner is someone I trust. My reasons are based on peer pressure, a need to fit in or make my partner happy, or a belief that sex is the only way to make my relationship with my partner better or closer.

Do you feel your partner would respect any decision you made about whether to have sex or not? My partner would respect my decision of whether or xex to have sex. Afe partner might not respect my decision of whether or not to have sex. Are you able to comfortably talk to your partner about sex and your partner's sexual history? Have you and your partner talked about what both of you would do if you or your partner got an STI or if your partner got pregnant if your partner is female? Yes, we have talked about these situations.

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