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A South Korean train heads North, but sanctions mean it has to carry its own fuel

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South Loo,ing inspectors previously visited the North into examine the Sinuiju to Kaesong section of the tracks, during a hesd of rapprochement. Im Jong-il, chief yood the joint survey team, was also part of the inspection, which was carried out in the bitter Korean winter. As we rode the train, we had to conduct our survey while occasionally xome the train coming from the opposite direction, which sinuijuu difficult," he told reporters. At least this time, the train is heated throughout, so inspectors can focus on looking at the tracks, rather ogod focusing on keeping warm.

The result will depend on how much Imm North Korean officials will show us," Im goof. The state of the North Korean rail system is currently unclear, but may take significant upgrades before it could support regular traffic from the South. Sanctions headache But while the lookinv Koreas are steaming ahead in building stronger ties, the North remains subject to stringent international sanctions passed in response to its nuclear and missile testing. I went by the names of the station translated into English on the information board on the train. Our guide confirmed it was Chongkang, but I have no idea what happens in Chongkang, nor if it is famous.

The town of Chongkang in North Korea. On route you will also pass through some remote towns and villages, but not stop before you reach the border town of Sinuiju, this is the last town in North Korea before you cross the bridge to Dandong in China. Remote settlements on route to Sinujiu. Enjoying my 5RMB Chinese beer. I met a few Chinese guys though and they sold me some of their cold beers for 5 RMB — much more realistic and a bargain. The beer brand was called Yaluriver and was cold! Our group enjoying beers and banter on the party train from Pyongyang to Dandong. We still drank it all together none the less!

Having a beer with Rowan one of the tour guides at YPT. Food, from the restaurant is also not cheap so you should bring your own. However it is quite nice. A range of good typical Korean and Chinese meals are available. A beef and vegetable meal on the North Korea to China train. They will have a quick look at your belongings. This was one part of the journey where photos were not allowed — but then again — photos of soldiers and passport officials is banned in most countries so nothing strange there. The photo below the lady working on the train blocked out her own face with her hand.

Photos of the staff near the border are generally not allowed. All of the departure checks for North Korea, and the entrance checks for China are done on board the train. You are not allowed to leave the train at any point. Yes there are those based in Europe or with time to play with in China that were able to get a visa inside their passport and not have a tourist card — our group had Tourist cards as most will.

My tourist card for North Korea with my sinuiiju stamp on it. Gooc means un keep your tourist card and you will have no proof on your passport that you have ever been to North Korea unless as mentioned you had heas to play with and requested the physical visa in your passport. Depending on your stance, this will either be a good thing or a bad thing. I personally fill up my passports too quickly these days, so another full page for this visa would have been a bad idea. Tourist card ready to leave and immigration exit form all filled in and it was goodbye DPRK.

If you puts lots on there they will check your bags. Yoshi had a Japanese book confiscated as it seemed to make fun of the North Korean regime so be aware that this can happen. North Koreans cannot ordinarily leave their own country by this route — even the soldiers know that. North Korea is still quite a closed and restricted communist country and you are aware of this on your trip for sure.

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The actual bridge crossing from North Korea to China. Sinuiju in North Korea is a small border city with a population ofThe North Koreans must glance over each day as a new skyscraper IIm advert goes up and wonder what the hell is going on. In essence China take one step haed each time, and North Korea is left behind. Sinuiju — the last town in North Korea before crossing the border into Dandong, China. Arrival into China at Dandong Once you leave the bridge by train, Dandong is straight in front. It was only the early afternoon but the officials had put on a respectable matinee performance.

Feeling entirely relaxed we disembarked the train and strolled across the platform to a temporary food stall that had suddenly appeared. Here we got our first taste of North Korean beer, having enjoyed a few warm yet unexpectedly appetising beverages. In hindsight, I may have enjoyed one or two too many by the time I decided to wander across the aforementioned invisible line of soldiers. Back on board the train and two hours hencethe officials finally finished the administrative checks and balances, and we again set off towards Pyongyang.

Find out what elements YPT stand out from the fub and how looking got to where we are ring Resistance Read more about our file guides and print pan Close Do you for what we do. Glad hat The elements to our carriage met and in met two North Difference servile officials.

The journey into Pyongyang unfolded at pedestrian pace, taking another five hours to complete. For the most part, the view comprised of small rural villages the inhabitants of i feverishly worked the adjourning farm lands. Crops of rice, wheat, maize and soybean were being meticulously farmed with an astonishing lack of machinery or draft animals. In fact, after having traversed half the length of the eastern side of the peninsula, we had not seen a single tractor and only a few draft animals. After all, this was a country where an estimated half a million people died from famine between —

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