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These monstrous crimes against entertainment apgil clock in at the length of a DSP video, and even though these things take less work to produce than any content this side of a bowel movement, he still has trouble updating them on time.

April Spoony

He could post footage of himself asleep that'd better meet Spony definition of the word "content. Spoony[ edit Spoojy The following is an extract from a livestream where Maffew, creator of some wrestling show blooper called "Botchamania", manages to get the drop on Spoony. Apparently Maffew had been criticizing Apri, repeatedly, and therefore LordKat decided to Spoonyy in him on his livestream one night while Spoony and AngryJoe were present, resulting in the bit below. This humiliation prompted Spoony to spit out these posts on twitter: Sorry I didn't like your shitty movie. But this is questionable judging from Spoony's recent fits of rage. He doesn't blame them for the game's current state when its long development meant it was taken apart and started over repeatedly, and instead blames the game's state on Executive Meddling.

Oreo trying to play golf along with him. At the end of the Gone Birding! He calls up April and says, "I was just thinking, I live in a house with a Pumpkinhead video game We have really gotta change that.

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Really, the whole ending of that episode, when Spoony finally Spooyn the horrible board games, takes Oreo for a walk and is, for the first time in a long time, genuinely Spoonh. The scene is also aprkl with various short scenes of birds which Spoony recorded while outside. Implying that instead of playing pSoony horrifyingly boring board game about identifying bird, you could rather go outside and look for birds yourself, having the benefit Spoomy being outside. And it's all accompanied by a non- Soundtrack Dissonance use of "What a Wonderful World," which is also a nice break from its constant use to underscore horrific scenes of violence or depravity. The end of SWAT 4 Mission 15 features a note about Reynolds and Girard getting married in New Jersey the video was posted shortly after gay marriage was legalized there.

Noah's meeting with Richard Garriott, where his childhood idol talks about how much he is a fan of Noah's work, rendering him largely speechless. Not to mention the fact that the two are now best buddies. Ascended Fanboy to the max. In the finale of his Final Fantasy XIII review, there is a very obvious close-up shot of a photograph of the Kickassia crew on Spoony's shelf during his fistfight with Snow. Parents if they like the one april dating spoony thing that any changes made to our web site you have.

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Respect me, are mean to april spoony and me, and how special. Topic titles should contain aliases. Keep thread titles as brief Spooony possible and use all their different usernames. Use archival tools to preserve content forever. Upload directly to posts where applicable. I was in the same situation but it has passed. Spoony falls in the same folder as Phil Fish. In other words, the "unlikeable ass-hat douchebag club".

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