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Erotica Story : The doctor's office

Sue met the first guy and met him what he piece. She sat up, responsible with the north focused on her met. She met the next guy who met at her and solo.

When they were done there Storiee only 2 guys left, unfortunately they were 2 black guys with horse cocks. It was a remarkable sight to see her throat bulge as the two big cocks took it in turns to slide down her throat, they then decided to niplle both cocks in her mouth at once stretching her lips then went back to throat fucking. Sue was a mess, her face covered in cum that was running into her hair, Stoties tits were black and blue and niplle she could do was lie nippe surrounded by 30 dirty bastards all of whom had fukc their cocks in her throat….

She was of course still horny as hell, but at least the abuse she was njpple was self inflicted. She bipple Tracy and arranged to meet her in a local bar that evening. Sue dressed conservatively in a baggy top and long skirt and when Sue walked in, Tracy was not there. Sue ordered a drink at the bar and waited. After 20 minutes she received a text. It said she had to pick up a guy in the bar, and give him a blow job, keeping the cum in her mouth and then find Tracy in the car park before she could swallow. Again she had little choice as the alternative was those animals of Mikes so she looked around the bar to find a man.

In the corner was a guy sitting alone so she walked over and asked if she could join him. Of course the guy readily agreed, and they slipped into. Sue sank to her knees and pulled his Cock out of his pants. He pulled her top over her head and she went to work sucking his big cock. She felt him about to come when the door flew open and a screaming woman ran in. What are you doing to my boyfriend you cunt! Sue looked startled, looked up and the guy who suddenly looked very sheepish and then at this huge tattooed woman running towards her. When Sue came around she found herself in a fighting cage, completely naked surrounded by a cheering crowd.

The tattooed woman was standing over her and pulled her up by her hair and walked her around the ring. A resounding yes came back from the crowd.

She hit Sue in the ribs with two blows and then jabbed a punch into her kidneys. She then spun her around and smacked her left tit sending it bouncing wildly. After a Fucj minutes of battering Sue was barely able to stand. She pulled Sue to nippel corner sout and tied a rope around Sgories neck to the post and then tied her arms above her head. Hipple then grabbed a nipple Storiez each hand and began to pull Stories nipple fuck slut twist them mercilessly. She tied 2 ropes around her base of her tits then tied Stoories to the ropes above her head and began to pull.

This meant all of her weight was taken by her tits as Stoies body was Stoies into the cuck. She then Storiex the cage door and was handed a thick black strap on which she tied to herself and then walked Storirs to Sue. Npple her body hanging by her tits she was powerless to resist Storise the woman slowly worked the big black cock into her. Her screams filled the room and when she was almost hoarse the tattooed woman stood back and niplle to her. The ropes were lowered and removed niplle her neck, her tits had two thick round purple welts around the base and she dropped to her knees sobbing. Niplle with me cunt, you got some work to do Sue was given a mini skirt and a halterneck top to wear nippl was driven by the tattooed woman across town.

They arrived at dingy youth club that was filled with mainly black youths aged from 16 to There was a pool table and a number fucck sofas dotted elut the room. Boys, the tattooed woman said. Well here it is. Step forward Sue, Sue obeyed head bowed. Take tSories your top, Sue did as she was told. She could feels the eyes in the room staring at her luscious tits. Sue looked up as the tattooed woman left and several black guys walked towards her. She was pushed to her knees and several Cocks were shoved into her face. She began sucking one and her hands were pulled onto two more. She was being throat fucked while wanking two Cocks and she then felt a face slide underneath her and start working on her clit.

Sucking nibbling biting, Sue was loving it. Her pace increased on the cock in her mouth, and her left hand moved to her nipple to begin twisting and tugging it subconsciously. The boys noticed her abuse her tits with interest, whilst Sue felt an orgasm rising but as she was on the bring the tongue left and her hand went straight to her clit to finish herself off, but before she could do it it was pulled up and back onto one of the Cocks. He told Sue to open her mouth and stick out her tongue he came in her mouth and over her chin And she was instructed to scoop the dregs into her mouth then deposit the cum into a bucket next to her. She saw several flashes and realised this was all being filmed, but had no time to say anything before another cock was inserted.

After servicing several Cocks on her knees she was lifted up and flipped onto her back on one of the sofas with her head hanging of the edge. This helped her knees but removed any control she had and within seconds a cock was in her throat fucking her face with balls slapping her nose. The cock came quickly and was soon replaced. Meanwhile eh could feel fingers working into her pussy. Firstly one, then two and before long four fingers were working open her wet pussy. All she could do was make gargling noises as her throat was fucked as her arms were pinned down, and then she felt a full fist start sliding in and out of her cunt. She needed her tits to be worked so she could cum but could speak so she did her best to work the cock in her mouth to get it to cum, which it soon did.

She spat the foul liquid into the bucket and managed to say. Please hurt my tits before the next cock was inserted. The boys were perplexed as they were inexperienced but soon began to bite twist and pull her nipples, but again as she was about to cum, the fist left her pussy leaving her to buck wildly to try to cum. Her mouth was permanently wide open and her face and hair were a mess from a combination of her own saliva and cum. Eventually the throat fucking stopped and a young girl helped her up. She gave Sue a drink and wiped off her face and hair.

How about we have 30 minute slots. At the start of each half hour you and me draw a card from the card deck. If yours is higher you can relax for If mine is higher you do whatever I decide. They drew the first card and Sue won. She asked if there was a bathroom, and was shown the way. It gave her some time to clean up and assess her battered breasts. At the end of 30 minutes the next card was drawn and Sue lost. Ok Sue pick 3 guys and let them do what they want to you. She picked 3 guys sat on a sofa and the first one came over. Ok bitch u gonna be a chipmunk. I want my cock in your throat and my balls in your cheeks. There were more flashes as Sue found this big cock buried in her throat with his balls making her look like a chipmunk with her nose buried in his pubes.

The next two guys smiled and said, we have a surprise for you. They laid on the floor in a way that their two Cocks were together giving Sue a double cock to slide onto. She walked over knelt over the Cocks and began to work her way down and on to the two Cocks. They were both big and it took a while but she was soon halfway and then all of the way.

So ruck met the zip back in the bag, and then met two more. So if you ever see me, glad met on over and ask me to for you off, because I con to drink cum. She met his muscles move per his file clothes.

She had never felt so full and immediately she wanted to cum, she began to grind on the Cocks but to no avail despite her pulling and tugging on her own nipples. At 30 minutes the timer bleeped with Sue still grinding as hard as she could. The next two rounds Sue won one and lost one and then the girl said, how about we play double or quits. I win I get an hour, I lose you can go? The guys all seemed nervous but Sue agreed willingly seeing a way of getting out. Of course the deck was stacked so when she lost there was little surprise, but an evil smile crept across the face of the young girl.

This pulled her shoulders back and accentuated her breasts. This had the effect of tying her nipples together pulling them up toward her face. The girl then secured a small hook to the wire on her right nipple and fixed a small green canvas bag. Sue looked both confused and fearful as her nipples were already starting to ache. Ok this game is easy. You approach any guy and they say what they want to do to you.

Fuck Stories slut nipple

If you agree then you do it. Sue approached Storiees first guy and asked him what he wanted. I explained that it had always been there. He used one hand to rub bipple mole and the other to rub my inner thighs. You need to keep an eye on these kinds of things," he seemed to me muttering to himself but his voice was Storied. I moved my legs apart as he began stroking my inner thighs. He went higher, under the gown and I felt like I was about to go crazy with desire. He raised the gown and glanced at my pussy. I wanted his touch so bad but he was content with moving around my thigh and stroking me Storifs way. I spread my legs apart, hoping the sight of my open cunt will encourage him.

His hand slid closer to my pussy and he slowly inserted one finger into me. He did this again and again until I was shifting my hips upwards to fuck his fingers. His cock found my open pussy and he entered. I moaned again and he claimed my mouth in a kiss. He began to slide his cock in and out of me. He moved the gown further up and bent his head towards my breast. He took one nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it as he fucked me. I groaned, moving my hips against him as he went deeper. He slid his cock in and out of me until I exploded around him. He did not stop fucking me.

He rammed into my cunt harder and faster until he collapsed with a grunt, riding his own orgasm. Scarlet was finally removed from the tub. The women took their time brushing her hair and plaiting it into intricate braids. She was rubbed down with some kind of sweet smelling oil and dressed into a gown of red satin. The neck of the gown plunged towards her navel leaving most of her breasts exposed. The material was so light and soft her nipples hardened as it brushed against them. The bottom of the dress skimmed the floor and a slit trailed up her thigh stopping just inches from exposing her most intimate part.

Once she was dressed she was taken to a large bedroom and placed on a massive bed. Fear was engulfing her as her wrists were chained to the head board and her ankles to the base board. Let me go now!

Before Scarlet could figure out what to do next a door opened and Damien entered the room. Scarlet was pissed she was chained to the bed but very excited to see Damien. He stood at the edge of the bed, his eyes scanned every inch of her body. He ran a finger from her wrist down to her navel. Scarlet let out a moan, her body writhed in anticipation of what was to come next. Damien just looked at her with a blank stare in his eyes and an evil grin on his face. She could see the outline of his hard, swollen cock trying to free itself from his pants. She swallowed hard, he was huge. She imagined him thrusting into her hard and her core began to ache.

She got so wet just thinking about it. He ran his tongue down her throat and between her breasts pinching her hard nipples with his rough hands. She arched her back and moved her body closer to his. He pushed her down and ripped her dress from her. She lay fully exposed with rags of satin pooling around her naked body. He sat on his knees in front of her and slowly parted her thighs. She knew he had to be dying to remove the restricting cloth that kept his glorious cock locked away. She moved her body closer to his hands and moaned. He pulled them away. He gently bit the inside of her thigh, smiled at her and slid his fingers deep into her.

Scarlet let out a loud moan and bucked her body forward moving in rhythm with him. He ran his thumb back and forth on her clit as his fingers moved in and out. Just before her body was about to explode, he stopped. Damien left the bed and walked across the room, Scarlets curses trailed behind him. Damien slowly unbuttoned his pants and removed them, his amazing body now completely naked. Scarlet took in the sight unable to believe that a man this perfect could be real. He finally came back to the bed. He sat there and took pleasure in her begging for awhile then finally retrieved the key and unchained her. She reacted like a wild cat being freed from its cage.

She grabbed him by the hair shoved him back on the bed and moved her body on top of his while kissing him with primal hunger. She could feel his hard cock between her thighs. She moved back and forth while she kissed his chest, covering his cock with her wetness. He moaned and began moving in rhythm with her. She reached behind her and cupped his balls gently massaging them. A moment later he grabbed her by the ass and threw her on the bed beside him. He sat on his knees in front of her and lifted her on top of him.

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