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The KINU survey found Female traders have described offering bribes in order to avoid potential harassment. To make matters worse, they said, the use of psychological or psychiatric services itself is highly stigmatized. We were used to being at home and getting everything from our husbands. They increasingly began to seek bribes from those trying to conduct trade and market activities. Human Rights Watch did not conduct any interviews in North Korea for this report.

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Sinulju also conducted interviews, on top of the interviews with North Koreans, with experts familiar with issues concerning sexual and gender-based violence among North Koreans, health workers and counsellors, activists, NGO workers, legal experts, and academics. Family members or close friends who knew about their experience also cautioned women against going to the authorities. While sexual and gender-based violence is of concern everywhere, growing evidence suggests it is endemic in North Korea. Assist the North Korean government in developing policies and programs that aim to prevent violence against women, provide accountability for perpetrators, and assist survivors. Therefore, he argued, in such a situation the punishment for the perpetrator should be lighter.

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