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Clown Slut

By the end she realises that she will continue to dance as is her feminist right and settles to a life that may sound ridiculous but is actually serene. On clwn of that Clkwn is an exceptional raconteur. Edinburgh Fringe Low Down Joanna Griffin gives a superior lesson in how to tell a simple story with many facets. What is most impressive about the writing is that it is geared towards an audience. She plays a gauche protagonist, desperate to dance and debate, whose idea of 'a sausage-eating contest' is different from the one she eventually faces. There may be winces at the recognition of ill-advised student shenanigans, but through her excellent mimicry and perfectly-rendered Beyonce routine, a story about affirmation emerges.

I have no idea what that made me but being one of the gang was enough for a day before I could get home to get the stereo on, turn it up to 11 and await the neighbours complaining. Review Joanna Griffin wants to dance. She has taken the performance art of stand up and put it through a character to give us a performance rather than a comedian at a mic telling the stories. She had a Free Fringe audience gripped with her as she bashed and thrashed her way through each episode.

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She is as hilarious as she is poignant. The writing here is crisp and even. Share via email Feminism Slug through clowning, dancing and kebabs at Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe Joanna Griffin 's semi-autobiographical one woman show Clown Slut initially seems like a jolly romp through the indignities of university life, but slowly reveals itself as something much sharper. The pornification of culture, which values the aesthetic over the intelligent, and attractiveness over achievement, is scrutinised at breakneck speed, with a sweetness that belies a ferocious need for true empowerment and, above all, self-respect. This is a solo performance that makes you guffaw, have sympathy for a beanie boy you never met and head home for your leg warmers.

She takes us through the familiar as well as the unfamiliar with equal success.

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