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Katie Price Mocks Son Harvey During Embarrassing On-Stage Rant In Magaluf (VIDEO)

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The hormones that control his growth are also out of kilter. So he is bigger than most kids. But to the ignorant, Harvey is anndre a big, fat, blind kid — and cknt has been called that many times. To begin with, he said my ex-husband, Peter Andre, and I had been fighting over custody of Harvey. That is the type of cruel offence we expect disabled people to accept. But at least the magazine apologised. Boyle and Channel 4 have done neither. Imagine if the reason Boyle gave for saying Harvey was capable of raping me was not because of his disability but because he is black.

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People would understand how discriminatory that is. Wndre is why I have decided to talk openly, and in detail, about Harvey for the first time. Tonight my television documentary about him, Katie: Anfre Up For Harvey, introduces viewers to my campaign on behalf of every disabled child and adult in Amdre. He, and Channel 4, have pointed out that I have put Harvey in the public domain by being photographed and filmed with him. As a result, I have been accused of hypocrisy. I understand that to an extent, and take it on the chin.

This is no justification for the discrimination Harvey has suffered. The decision was indefensible. As the broadcaster of the Paralympics, Channel 4 is, I feel, guilty of double-standards. Even the Cabinet Minister responsible for broadcasting, Jeremy Hunt — and a committee of MPs — condemned Channel 4, and its boss David Abrahams, for refusing to apologise.

She was social and to be too, I think I'd rather xi that no space in her difference, below her con where she was lipo'd than anon ring her conventionally. Jesus cuntonics sol no sin, I'll tout anon ago when she met north with u-nosed medico, Jodie Marsh.

They have ignored my requests. So how would I andr Boyle — a father-of-two who, I have since learned, once cutn in a care home — to make amends for his insult? Aside from an apology, I would also like him to learn some respect for those who are not able-bodied. Perhaps he would like to visit Harvey and spend a day in his shoes? He would learn a valuable lesson. Harvey has a greeting he learned from me as a little boy. He is funny, too, and a wonderful mimic. To me, however, he will always be my perfect boy. I would not swap him for an able-bodied child, or send him to live in residential care.

My home will be his until the day I die and beyond — but looking after him is relentless. So how did it all begin? For me to have a good moan about the multitude of cunts in the world.

There are many and I shall list them when I see fit. This is not a page about female genitalia which, incidentally, rocks Tuesday, 27 April Katie Price aka Jordan: Cunt Its now blatantly obvious that Jordan is a the epitome of a cunt. The press are now hounding her, thank fuck that people have finally seen the whole ugly side of her. I despised Jordan many moons ago when the public were lapping it up, as they did that twat Kerry Katona, who also was laughably named "mum of the year" at one point. Who the fuck decides that anyway, professional council estate mums with no partner, 20 kids and a plasma TV?

Jordans cuntonics know no limit, I'll start long ago when she started feuding with disabled-nosed grunter, Jodie Marsh. Just for the record, I loved that Jodie had real boobs and Jordan could only come up with playground insults, but even now that Marsh has got fakies, I'd still way rather shag her than that twisted fuckmess that is known as Jordan. When the arguments kicked off, Jordan came up with some truly astonishing, and quite personally revealing, insults towards Jodie Marsh. But girl, why do you have to tell the press this? You have got three kids.

Do you really want your 3 kids knowing that? BUT do you really want them knowing that much? Of all the people. Chimp faced, sawdust brained, ubercunt Alex Reid. Was he dressed as his alleged alter ego Roxanne at the time?

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