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Live in Texas," which was shown in theaters last month Somehow, however, The Stones managed to hold onto their credibility. Like, among the best music ever. We aren't Puerto Rican, but we are Latino. The lyrics were another story.

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Click here to make your own 'Some Girls' portrait on Facebook The album's explicit lyrics didn't really register with me until I re-discovered it decades later. For me, it was all about the catchy chorus. There were the lyrics, of course, but the main thing is that it was considered their "disco album. Some recording studio embellishments, such as Richards' use of pedal effects, diluted their signature blues style a bit, but the songs remained dynamic and seductive. This is daring stuff, likely brimming with more drug and sex references than any other Stones work before or since.

If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. And despite my feminist leanings, I ended up loving the title track most. Dad always liked the part about Mick hanging out with "some Puerto Rican girls just dyyyyying to meet you," which, I assumed was because it's nice to hear your people referenced in a pop song. In fact, it's responsible for turning me into a life-long falsetto freak.

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