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And Ron north piece so, too. I idea like I was being met whenever his note glad searched my no, my jesus. My dad met a rattling snore.

There was something peculiar about his mannerisms. The age of polite men and chivalry only existed in history books and romance novels, and her life was anything but a romance novel. Lizzie had crossed the line. Lizzie would be one dead chickie the next time Gillian saw her. If she wanted a date, she knew how to get one herself. Hell…the last thing I ever wanted was to be hand-fed a man. It was bad enough this meeting put her into over-time, she still had work at eight in the morning. Yet, despite the inconvenience of this impromptu mini date—if you could call it as such—the man was charming in a distinguished sort of way.

Luc exuded a confidence that frightened her. Perhaps her inexperience with men dictated her apprehension, yet her inquisitive nature led her—or more accurately—dragged her on. She wanted to know more and understand what really attracted her to him in the first place. She rushed into the building and ascended the staircase with expedience. She needed to talk to Lizzie and make sense of this, not to mention address the issue of her meddling. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna discovered her love of reading at an early age. Such an ordinary word until you thought of it like this, like what had happened to me. The sex magazine lay open on the bed.

Now with my excitement passed, the pleasure behind me, the pictures seemed wrong. The idea of a man's cock inside my cunt was scary and the thought of him pumping in and out of me with that huge, hard thing seemed gross, carnal. Things that animals did in the darkness of the forest, or dogs in the shameless season of their rutting. I bit my lip and tried to ignore the tiny jolt of pleasure when the silky crotchband rubbed against my swollen cuntlips. I opened my door and started down the short hall towards the bathroom. There was a towel draped around his neck. His muscled chest moved as he held me at arm's length. I was coming apart with embarrassment. I never had my clothes off around my father.

I'd thought he'd already gone to work. I wanted to break and run back down the hall. I felt the red flush on my cheeks. Your old daddy doesn't hardly get a chance to see his only daughter in her birthday suit. The gentle spank of his hand through the nylon made me gasp. He was my father, after all. Why had my body tingled? I felt awful and naughty and more confused than ever. My nipples were standing straight out from the dark soft circles of titty flesh that surrounded them. I felt like sinking through the floor. Some of the finest legs I've ever seen. I could almost feel his eyes on the sharp inward curve of my waist, the sudden, smooth flare of my hips.

And he had to be looking at the way my ass stuckout in back. I was thankful that I had at least put on a pair of panties. But what was wrong with me? He was my own flesh and blood. I was afraid of Daddy when he drank. I was a little afraid of him even when he wasn't. He stepped close again and petted his hands down over my hair. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to be over, wondering why my heart seemed about to jump from my chest. You've grown a hunk since then. And it was as if his eyes on my body shamed me even more. I longed to cover my nakedness, to hide away the carnal sight of my tits and belly and thighs. He slapped me on the ass just before I got into the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

I leaned against it panting. It was crazy how I'd just fingered my cunt and made myself come and now my body seemed to yearn for more! Had I opened some awful Pandora's box? Had I started some force to working inside me that would control me from now on? No, it was preposterous to believe that. I went to the sink and squeezed toothpaste on my brush. But as I scrubbed my teeth, my cunt mound bumped against the edge of the sink. Even that slight pressure made me have to breathe harder through my nose. I rinsed my mouth, washed my face and tiptoed back down the hall towards my room.

I don't know why I stopped. When I saw Dad through the partly opened door to his and Mom's bedroom, I should have just kept going. But my legs froze, my breathing, too. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, half turned away from me. But I could see the brutish jut of his cock, the bruised-looking crown, the steady jacking movement of his fingers. He held a magazine open, a magazine with pictures like the one I'd found in his truck. His face had a slack, dazed look to it. Finally I drew a tiny breath, steadied myself against the wall. My very own father! Somehow I hadn't thought of my parents in a sexual way. But there was always a vague tension between them. Lots of times my mom slept on the sofa in the front roam.

Dad's fingers clasped the heavy shaft of his cock and moved the skin up and back. The skin slapped when it wrinkled around the flare of his knob. His naked thighs were ridged with muscles and I could see the gentle swing of his balls as he jacked himself. That's what boys called it. I swallowed hard, felt a tingling rush at my crotch. When I put a finger down under my cunt mound, it came away wet. I'd already soaked the crotch of my panties with butter. I was hot again, struggling against those forces inside me that had burst to the surface that very morning. The confused guilt I felt from watching my father do something so private to himself gave way to curiosity.

The way his cockhead swelled when he started moving his hand faster. The rigid, dangerous look of his shaft. I knew enough about biology to realize that the reservoir of sperm in a male's balls was pumped up at the moment of orgasm and pushed with force down the canal in his cock. When a man came inside a woman, the sperm carried the tiny swimming tadpoles, spurted them out into her cunt and they swam into the mouth of her womb and made a baby. Just thinking about all this had me touching my pussy again. The thoughts weren't very comfortable.

I couldn't imagine the time when I would want a man's cock penetrating my cherry, stabbing my cunt and jetting some awful, scary fluid inside. But at the same time these images were exciting me. The nylon of my panties had worked up between my cuntlips. I pushed my finger against the wet material, worked a tiny friction over my clit. My father had slumped over his cock and was jacking his hand so fast that it made a sharp rapid slapping sound. Something glistened at the tiny hole that cut the taut dome of the knob. I closed my eyes, yanked my hand away from my aching cunt. He was going to come! I couldn't stay and watch. I couldn't do something so outright wicked. But my feet wouldn't move.

I held to the doorframe and trembled as something white collected at his cock tip. Suddenly the frothing droplet jumped and made a white streak across the pages of the sex book Dad was holding.

I u my eyes for a xi, thought of the elements my zip always sincere with me on U and then no my sin to fling them north. With the low-cut ring blouse and responsible between hip-huggers she met adorable. I met my no, cried out.

He slowed his Lpoking now, working his hand slow and steady as a new glop of cream bubbled thickly out. I Looking for a naughty girl in luuq it ooze down in slick naugyty over his fingers. So that was what it looked like! My shoulders shook at the thought of having anything so slimy inside my body. How could people screw? The spurts were coming fast now. They flicked the cummy strings over Dad's thighs and legs and I heard the stuff dripping onto the floor between his legs. His balls looked heavy and huge and I wondered how much seed they held. Did the sperm come from both of them at the same time? I gasped for air, pushed myself away from inn door.

When I was safe inside my own room with the door shut and locked, my Lokoing flew to the elastic waistband Gidl my panties. I wanted more than anything to strip my underwear off and rub my cunt like crazy again. The desire was so strong that I stood there with my feet planted apart and fought against my stormy emotions. But someone had come in the front door of the trailer. Mom, back from shopping. I took my hands away from my crotch and dug through my drawer for something to wear. I heard her banging pots in the kitchen. I pulled a bra under my dor tits, got it fastened. Lots of girls Lkoking bother wearing them but I knew I'd be embarrassed to death if a boy accidentally brushed one with his arm kuuq felt my naked tit.

My sandals made the spots between my toes tingle again, but I ignored that, too. One last glimpse at my reflection in the mirror above my dresser. The jersey bulged out with my high, firm tits. Oh damn, why were Lioking so big! She drove with both hands on the top of the steering wheel, chin poked out to see every last Looking for a naughty girl in luuq of road in front of the car. I noticed a strand of Lookiny that had come loose from her bun, wanted to push it back but didn't. Loking would have been irritated at my touch. Such a nice change from Billings, such an improvement. I had learned the easiest way to talk with my mother was to agree with everything and not ask questions about anything difficult.

Your father and I agree on that. I met her our first night in town when I was over seeing Reverend Naghty about changing our membership from the First Christian in Billings. I'll be helping Mrs. Caruthers on getting ready for Looiing coming on. Maybe because the summers would be longer, the birl days warmer. I smelled honeysuckle and some other flower I couldn't identify. Mother glanced my way. Caruthers has even arranged a date for you. Her and her daughter arranged it, I guess. Very polite, very sweet girl. Usually I'm very careful about the boys you date, you know that. Caruthers assured me that inn MacInnes brothers were fine young men. Active in the church.

She's known their family since she was a child herself. I didn't want foor go on a date, not just like that. I felt like getting to know people on my own time. Maybe I really felt like hiding out in our trailer until the summer drifted by and worrying about the new school, the new kids when I absolutely had to. When the introductions were over, Janey Caruthers commented my mother's dress which I thought was pretty plain. Caruthers was a blandish woman with small breasts. And I couldn't help notice the way she eyed mine. I tried not to show a profile, felt nervous and sweaty there under everyone's eyes.

Janey had small tits, too. When we were out of earshot, she studied me, pushed blonde hair out of her eyes. It was the little pause, a hitch in her stride which made each half of her ass sway out farther than it had to go. For fun I tried to mimic her. It wasn't as easy as it looked. Two boys were playing ping-pong when we came into the big game room. I knew without Janey telling me that they were our dates. Jimmy and Ron MacInnes. Through the hellos and shy smiles I saw Janey put her hand on Ron's shoulder, knew that my date would be Jim. Jim wore glasses that kept sliding off his short nose and when he laughed, it sounded more like a cough.

His brother was taller, maybe a little older. We would go in Ron's car. Ron was the best-looking of the two except when he opened his mouth, and then he looked a little like Bugs Bunny. We sat on the sofa and talked. He asked the usual questions. Yes, my father was a supervisor working for the company putting up the new bridge west of Olema. Yes, I was living at the Happy Glen trailer park. Yes, I'd be a senior next year. No, I didn't like to play ping-pong or ride horses and I didn't think Raquel Welch was all that hot. While we talked, I kept noticing the way Janey touched Ron on the arm, on the leg, even poking him in the stomach once.

She smiled and blinked her long lashes. Maybe she liked to show off her green eye-shadow. The boys decided finally to square off for another ping-pong battle as Janey and I watched from the sidelines. If Jimmy didn't know, I sure wasn't going to show him. I wondered how my mother got the idea that Janey was the type of friend she wanted me to associate with. There was something about her I liked though. I couldn't exactly put my finger on it. The bays smiled our way, batted the ball across the net like a couple of wild men. She was looking at my tits.

Yes, I did like her. And was a little scared of her, too. I looked at Jimmy. At least he didn't scare me, not in the least. Ron parked in the wrong spot twice and Janey complained so much about not being able to see the screen that he moved to the front row. It didn't matter to me. I'd seen the movie once before in Billings. When the boys got out to go to the snack bar, Janey could hardly wait to lean over the back of her seat and start talking about them. Janey seemed not to mind. She turned the rear-view mirror down to look at herself.

With the low-cut peasant blouse and blue corduroy hip-huggers she looked adorable. And Ron obviously thought so, too. I was wishing I hadn't worn a dress. Jim couldn't seem to keep his eyes off my bare knees. If he so much as laid a hand on me, I knew I'd freeze up like a block of ice. She bounced ecstatically, put her arms around his neck. Another boy stood behind Farley; blonde; ranger. There was a blond stubble on his chin and a folding knife in a leather sheath at his belt. Farley looked my way, took in my tits and the way my jersey was pushed out. Then she looked at me, eyes slitted in thought. A really wild idea! But he was still better-looking than either of the MacInnes boys.

I'd better leave them a note. He was looking at my tits again. So was his friend. He shoved a callused hand through the window and I took it and quickly let it go. There was something about his eyes that scared me. Like he'd seen more of life than he was old enough to use. Janey was scribbling something with an eyebrow pencil. It was big and black and long, and when I got into the back seat, I smelled something funny. Like weeds had been burned there. Phil shoved over beside me and curved a long arm around my shoulders.

I closed my eyes. What had I gotten myself into? I was scared, knew there'd be trouble from Mom when she found out. And she would find out. She had a way about her, a special talent for smelling out lies. Nobody'll know the dif. He squeezed my shoulder a little tighter. I clenched my fists and tried not to press against him as Farley spun gravel and roared out of the slot and towards the exit. Farley and Janey had wandered off as soon as we'd climbed the hill to the deserted, ruined mansion. I'd followed Phil inside, afraid to be alone in the spooky shadows. The moon was just coming up over the trees on a far hill, and some of its light made the room we were in a little brighter.

I could see reflections off the brown beer bottle in Phil's hand. I was awful thirsty but hadn't ever had any beer before. Mother would've flipped if she'd known I was even with some guy who drank. Oh, God, had he actually said all that about my breasts? I smelled the beer on his breath. He took my hand and led me towards the window. There was a broken-down couch near the wall there, but I couldn't steer him away from it. Like to sit around and get wasted, watch the moon come up. I was terribly thirsty. I feel a little funny in the stomach. The beer was cold and sweaty, and I tipped it up and swallowed.

It tasted surprisingly good. Phil put his arm around me and leaned us both back in the dusty old sofa. The beer had made me feel a little better. At least I wasn't worrying about the MacInnes boys any more. Phil lit his cigarette. It smelled funny, like the inside of Farley's car. He offered it to me. I sat there watching his Adam's apple pump, wondering how anybody could drop out of high school, just like that. He dragged on the cigarette again, then put it out carefully and dropped it into his shirt pocket.

The smell was so strange. When he put his hand on my bare knee I almost came unglued. I couldn't budge it. He leaned close, and I felt his lips hot against my neck. The sensation was tingly strange, but scary, too. I squirmed, tried to free myself from his grasp. He kissed me again, just under the chin. My heart pounded and tiny shoots of excitement radiated out from the kiss, tickling over the surface of my skin like a light breeze. Phil's right hand clutched my thigh higher and he fanned Looking for a naughty girl in luuq fingers, digging into my flesh. My head was back and he took advantage of the moment to kiss me again on the neck.

It felt more exciting than before but I couldn't let myself admit it, couldn't let him think I liked what he was doing. I groaned, tried to disguise it as pain. I twisted my fingers in his hair and tried to pull his face away but he only laughed and deepened the kiss until my navel was speared by his sharp tongue. I choked off the strange sound which came from deep in my throat. Phil laughed and searched the bottom of my navel again. Phil moved his other hand higher on my thigh. My skirt was bunched around my hips now, and I was flushed with color, knowing that he could see my panties. The hand pressed suddenly against the silk that covered my lower stomach.

He lowered his face. Oh, God, he couldn't be doing that! His lips brushed over the swollen bulge of my cuntlips under the sheer material and kissed the inside of one thigh. I fought with all my might to close my legs, but Phil had wedged his body between my knees, pushed me down on the sofa. He was pulling my hair now, holding me down with it, his hand under my back. I shut my mind against the kisses, the rough sensation of his lips and the softer, slicker heat of his tongue as it dug circles in the white flesh.

But as he licked higher, I couldn't keep the sensations from leaking through to my consciousness. He wet the ridge where a large tendon snaked up into my groin, dangerously close to the lace edge of one leg of my panties. I squirmed my ass against the old sofa, but that only made his licking tongue tickle me more. Phil was strong, lots stronger than he looked. His lips opened and he kissed my thigh again, then kissed the bulge of damp satin over my pubes. Yes, my crotch was wet, wet from all the messing around he'd been doing. I didn't want to be, but I couldn't stop my body from working, like the way it had worked that very morning when I was in bed with that magazine.

I could feel the heat of his breath, then something else. He was licking at the skimpy band of nylon that stretched over my cunt. He was kissing it. I didn't think I could stand it any longer! I could hit him, hit him in the face with my fists. But I was too afraid. Afraid of that look to his eyes when I'd first met him. I had no idea of his background, where he was from, what he might do to a girl who really hurt him. They were plastered wetly against the silk. It was almost like being stripped. A rush of excitement made me tremble. The licking, the rubbing was getting to me. And now a sense of helplessness only seemed to heighten the dazzling sensations.

The flick of something metallic made me jump. I felt cold steel against my thigh. I could feel it warming as my soaked cunt touched it. I felt his tongue gouge deep into the long gash, licking around the steamy folds. I wiggled wildly, hit the side of his face with my fist. I was too shocked to cry, held my face with both hands until the sting wasn't quite so sharp. I thought of screaming, but the thought lasted only a second. Phil's tongue was licking at the hooded nubbin of my clit, lapping it, sucking it until I squealed with the acute tickle. My panty crotch dangled against my thigh, severed by Phil's knife and now I knew that what was Looking for a naughty girl in luuq of my underwear had slipped up around my waist.

He stroked my belly with one hand and worked the fingers of the other between the cheeks of my ass. I cried, a short, choked off a cry and tried hard to get my thighs closed. I only hugged Phil's body with them and he stroked my clitoris with his tongue like he might try to eat it. Now the writhing struggle to get away turned into something even wilder, but different, too. I couldn't help myself. My fingers lay limp against his matted, long hair, then curled into it. I even started petting him as he turned and bobbed. My thighs loosened, parted slightly. When Phil forced them even wider, I didn't resist.

My cunt was peeled open just like that woman in the picture. I ground it up and down against his chin and tongue and teeth, moaning with want. But what did I want? He was running the point of his tongue up and down the length of my mushy gash. Once he almost touched my asshole, and I jerked on the sofa and pulled him away with my hands. I was not just petting Looking for a naughty girl in luuq now as he licked my cunt, but guiding his movements, concentrating them where I wanted more sucking and making him go faster sometimes when I knew I couldn't stand the teasing slowness of his touch against my clit. I could see the glossy cunt juice smeared on his lips and chin. He pulled himself up over my body and I heard the sound of his buckle coming loose.

The flash of knowing that he was about to fuck me made me go sick in the stomach. I pushed against his chest, twisted my knees to one side and cried when he shoved them back again, shoved them apart. Frantic, I grabbed under his belly, circled my fingers around his cock as it flopped loose from his shorts. I'd never in my life touched a man's prick and the sensation made me go dizzy for an instant. What made a man feel good? I didn't know but tried to think of how it might be when a cock was inside a girl's cunt. I pumped my hand up and down, moving the skin that clung to his shaft, bumping the swollen head with my fingers.

Phil was trying to shove it in my hole, lunging forceful with his hips. The taut bluish knob brushed into the wet folds of my cunt. I held him back with all my strength, working my hot hand as fast as I could, rubbing his balls with the other. It felt so weird! And it was for one thing only. To spear up into a girl's softness, enter her cunt, fill her with sperm. Just thinking that word scared me. It was slimy stuff, I knew that from seeing my father and listening to a couple of friends talk back in Billings. One girl jacked her boy friend off every time they went on a date and she always got his cum all over her hands. His hands were rough on my shoulders, digging at my bare ass. I cupped and squeezed his balls.

They slipped around in the slick sac in a way that made my breath husky in my throat. That's where the seed was, that's where it came from when he reached a climax. I bit my lip and worked the skin up and down on his shaft. It was hard, very, very hard. But now I had learned something, that the tip was not as hard as the rest. It was spongy and even hotter to the touch than his balls. Probably because it was so full of blood! The idea of that blood-filled tip inside my cunt brought a shuddering cry from my lips. Phil's body was over mine now and he kissed my throat, kissed my ear when I turned my face away. His cock raked my gash and the sound was a slick, wet sound. I could feel that heat, too, the heat my fingers felt when I jerked his cock.

His breathing had gotten labored and animal-like. He found my mouth and forced his tongue between my teeth. I thought of biting him, but the savage movements of his hips, his hands, the memory of the knife steel against the dripping softness of my petals was too real, too threatening to play games with. But I held on, held on to his cock like crazy! When he kissed me again, his mouth was open and our teeth raked together. I pushed his cock up against his belly as he brought my face down. Now I could see in the reflected moonlight what my hands had been telling me. The blood-filled tip, the heavy, hanging balls in their sac.

His cock bobbed out from his groin. There was a droplet of something glistening at the tip, making the taut, bruised-looking meat shine. His fingers tightened in my long hair. I shut my eyes, cried out. The droplet smeared against my lips as I clamped them against the long, rigid shaft he wanted to spear down my throat. But Phil dug his fingers into my neck, half strangling me. I whimpered, let my jaws fall open.

Girl in Looking for luuq a naughty

His hot knob forced between my lips, grazed my teeth. I gagged, tried to force his rod back fo with my tongue ni only drove it along the underside of the hot, huge thing. His balls swung against my chin and I Looking for a naughty girl in luuq with a dry retch. Not hard, but iin enough to bring tears to my eyes. I was going crazy! I thought it would drive me completely mad if that cock, that awful, huge cock spurted its cum. But the passion had weakened Phil, taken his attention. I naugyty a moment when he loosened igrl grasp on my hair and twisted my head to one side. His cockhead came free from my lips jaughty a sucking sound and at that very instant I felt a hot streak of jizz wet my cheek.

Another flick of sperm bolted onto my neck and I felt the stringy, slick stuff dribbling under my jersey. The smell was sharp, sourish. Lookkng God none of it had gotten in nakghty mouth! Phil was jacking himself off, eyes rolled back in his head. As the throes overtook him completely, he let me go. By now my cheeks, my neck were dripping with the hot seed. I slipped backwards, fell on the floor on my ass. I somehow pushed myself up, staggered away crying towards the moonlit door. The old house naubhty so big I couldn't remember naughfy way fr come upstairs.

I turned naguhty two empty rooms before I found a junk-strewn stairway and started down. Nauhty was darker away from the windows and I had to nauhty slow, wiping the drying cum from my face as I tried to pick my way between broken boards naugjty litter. I came out into a large room. Only the tiniest sliver of giro filtered down from the windows on the second-floor landing. I could hear my breath in my throat. I was luuuq spaced to start crying again. I tried Lookinb comb my tangled Lokoing down Lookinv my fingers, shivered when I felt the cummy z where Lookijg jersey had gotten wet. My cunt luiq swollen and tingly. When I walked, the silken crotchband tickled against my Lloking.

I felt naked and awful and something else, Lookong. What naubhty that something Lookng Did it have something iin do with the way my drenched cuntlips rubbed together as Nxughty walked? Yes, it did Looikng it was the way my clit felt, too. It was swollen out from its tiny hood and the slight friction of Lolking juicy petals against it reminded me of other things. S Phil's cock in my hand, pulsing like a stick of dynamite. No, that was silly! Dynamite didn't pulse, and Liuq hadn't liked his cock in my hand anyway. But thinking about it had already made me Looking for a naughty girl in luuq breathing funny. Like I'd panted when he was kissing my cunt gir, his tongue. Like the way I'd Lookihg when he dug his fingers naaughty the white plumpness of my ass.

I nxughty against a door that luqu half off its hinges. It had come from another hallway, a hallway that ended at a door. I let my fingers drag the wall as Lookinng moved. When I was within a few steps of the door, I saw it was open slightly. The shock of seeing her tan legs in the moonlight brought my hand to my mouth. I leaned weakly against the door frame, peeked closer. Farley lifted his head from between Janey's thighs. Janey held her arms out, smiled. He was sitting back on his haunches so I couldn't see his cock, didn't want to. She sat up on the broken bed. I could see the pink tips of her nipples.

I might escape back down the hall. I might nayghty my way out of the old house and find the car and lock myself in. But I might run into Phil again, too. I didn't know what he might do or say. I didn't feel safe running around in the wrecked old mansion. I dared to look again. Farley was on his knees on the bed, one resting on Janey's head as she reached out with slender fingers to caress the undershaft, to heft the eggs that hung in their wrinkled sac. Farley groaned some half-word, framed her face in his palms and pulled her forward.

Could she actually want to suck his cock? The image of Phil's cock rushed back to haunt me. I could taste the musky, odd taint of his knob shoving into my mouth, cramming my tongue back until I had been forced to suck against the bottom of his swollen tip. I put my hand on the wall outside the room where Janey and Farley lay, pressed my tits against the doorjamb. My nipples were like rubbery little fingers and even through my bra, they tinged as I rubbed them against the hardness. I couldn't help but notice how pretty she looked, her fine, blonde hair cascading over her chest, over Farley's fingers. No, it was wrong what Janey was doing. She had made her tongue into a spit-wet trough now and was cradling the heavy cock that sprouted up out of Farley's groin.

She had flattened her palms so that his balls just rested against them and as she moved her tongue slowly in and out, she curled her fingers again and tugged the heavy eggs slightly. Farley licked his lips. He was panting heavily, touching the soft hollows of Janey's neck, brushing with a fingertip where her lips inched close to his prick. And Janey brought herself even closer. Her upper lip curled back glistening and wet. She rested it against the top of his knob as her tongue slid in and out, in and out, lapping noisily against his cock's underside. I shook my head again, wondering if I was seeing right. With a soft, wet pop Janey let the swollen crown of Farley's cock slip into her mouth.

He grunted, the muscles in his ass going hard with tension. Janey's breath hissed from her nose as she began to bob her head forward and back on the huge prick. I saw her cheek bulge on the side. Her eyes closed, opened again very slowly. Then Farley tucked his ass under and drove forcefully up and in. Janey's throat pumped as she tried to make room for all of his cock. I couldn't believe she could. And just as I knew she would have to choke and gag, Farley pulled back, back far enough for his knob to ride out against her teeth and then all the way out until the little lobes on the bottom meted on Janey's pouty bottom lip. She fluttered her eyelashes and smiled at him.

The moon highlighted her blondeness, the tiny hairs on her cheeks. She actually liked sucking his cock! My cuntlips flooded with another wash of slickness. I felt the moisture spreading in my curly thatch, wetting the inside of one thigh. The panty crotch dangled there to remind me what Phil had done with his knife. My throat was dry again. I wanted to leave, too, but wanted to stay even more. I didn't ask myself why. They kissed for a long time, Janey twisting her face around and moaning through her nose. I could see Farley's tongue jabbing out the sides of her cheeks and the spit popped at the corner of her mouth.

Her pink nipples weren't so tiny now. I hadn't seen them change but when I looked, when she turned to catch the moonlight from the window, I saw their silhouettes. They looked strange, so big in comparison to the gentle swells of her tits. Janey slumped back down on the old bed as Farley lowered himself between her parted knees. Without thinking about right and wrong, I pushed my hand down under my dress and pressed against the naked lips of my cunt. I could feel the place the silk had been cut and the hot dampness of my excitement. I smoothed a finger through my tumid petals.

I leaned harder against the doorjamb, breath hot and dry in my throat. I saw the cuntlip swell beck to make room and as he guided his knob up and down her seeping gash with his hand, Janey began to writhe her hips on the bed. A funny little gurgle came from Janey's throat. Stick your prick in! She twitched under him, arched her back up from the bed. I saw his cock slide forward and bury another inch of hot meat inside her cunt. I stroked my fingers roughly against my clit, tickling the same spot where Phil's prick had touched for a moment. Janey pressed the side of her face against the bed.

I saw a line of drool trickle from her mouth and wet the blanket Farley had thrown down to fuck her on. He pumped his ass in sharp jerks and each time, Janey's body jerked, too. She bit her bottom lip, moaned loudly. Her cuntlips were spread apart and Farley was pushing her knees wider to open up her hole for his shaft to enter. I tried to lick my lips, but my tongue wasn't wet enough to do any good. I could smell my own heat, the heat between my legs wafting up from the ruined tangle of my panties. I could see how strong Farley was now.

His back rippled with belts of muscle as he forced his cock deeper in the hot juice of Janey's open pussy. He was broad in the shoulders, powerful in the hips. He looked strong enough to do anything he wanted to the willowy girl under him, and I trembled at the thought of having him after me. It looked like an inch or two of his cock was left, and when Farley pressed deep again, Janey yelped with pain and her hands flew to his hips where she dug her nails deep. But he laughed in his throat and kissed Janey on her short nose. The juice, that seeped from Janey's cunt made a snicking, clicking noise as the suction of her clinging petals was broken.

The pain on her face softened, melded into a hungrier look. Her hands weren't trying to stop Farley from fucking her now, but guiding him as he plunged his cock in and out of her cunt. I saw her thin fingers reach between them and feel the place where her cunt was pressed in as Farley stabbed his prick deep. He always stopped before his balls bumped against Janey's ass. There was at least two inches of cock that she just couldn't take. I knew then how huge his prick must be. Janey's movements became more frenzied, more hurried. She tossed her ass up and down when Farley held his rod deep and when he pulled almost out of her hole, she wiggled downwards on the mattress as if she couldn't stand to have him teasing her with just the tip.

When Farley's cock was back out of her cunt like that, I could see her hot pussy juice shining along his veined shaft. I could tell how deep his cock was going because the slickness, the glossiness ended two inches from his balls. They looked bigger than Phil's, heavier. Farley's sac bulged with them and when he humped his hips forward, they swung like potent bombs of seed. He was fucking her fast now, his hands against the outward swell of her hips. Janey's eyes were clamped shut and there was an odd look of pain on her lips though I knew she wasn't hurting. She was making too many sounds of pleasure to be huffing.

I was so excited from watching Janey get fucked that I'd peed a little as I rubbed my burning nubbin to a frothy peak of excitement. The sensations had crept up on me, I hadn't been aware of what was happening to my body. But now I could hardly make myself stop.

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