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The first two floors of the Technological Center are devoted to offices, labs and workshops, whose interior subdivisions follow the lines marked by the preexisting framework. The creative area welcomes visitors into an exhibition hall that is laid out in a thickly columned basement. In the former Magnesio area, the structure emerges like a great Innovative Magnet: On the other hand, the exterior fronts are screened by thick black bands alternated by translucid bands that allow for an outdoor view. Gardesa, a company based in Cortemaggiore, in the Province of Piacenza, specializes in armored doors and rolling aluminum shutters.

The firm has recently launched a number of highly innovative doors.

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The interior electronic card that regulates the opening system can memorize and diversify up to different keys; for instance, it is possible to allow domestic staff access Blindate gardesa at specific pre-established times, or to actuate or disable access according to individual requirements. Lo studio condotto dagli autori considera il frammento elemento analogo. Studies carried out by the creators of the ring have led to the idea that fragments are analogous elements. Indeed, fragments are born from an Blindate gardesa that is reduced to its significant essential form.

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La nuova struttura, con una superficie di metri quadrati e di altezza massima di 5,50 metri, dotata di impianti audio-video, si presta facilmente per ogni utilizzo: Come sala convegni, presenta quattro diverse configurazioni: Le 2 certificazioni sono riconosciute a livello mondiale anche in paesi come Emirati Arabi e Saudi Arabia e altri paesi che riconoscono le normative PAS The achievement of the most stringent international security certifications is aimed at one goal: Quality of our products and of every stage of our manufacturing process.

The two tests carried out are: Certificazioni Internazionali 6 International Certifications 7 [close] p. The high performance of our products can significantly increase the Energy Rating of buildings, allowing our customers to benefit from the tax relief provided by law, and increase the economic value of their home.

Gardesa Blindate

Si applica a porte coibentate, con soglia mobile e doppia guarnizione Blindae battuta. Garxesa is a system inside the structure of the frame that allows for good thermal and acoustic insulation. It is used on insulated doors, with mobile drop sill and double rubber seal. Si applica a porte con soglia mobile e doppia guarnizione di battuta. Thermo consists of an additional insulation layer inside the leaf, an external panel with a minimum thickness of 12 mm and mouldings applied to the frame, and allows for reaching good thermal insulation.

The bottom rubber seal and all the materials used in the other versions ensure the highest level of thermal insulation. Si applica a porte ad anta singola, coibentate, con soglia mobile Blindate gardesa doppia guarnizione di battuta. Idro was designed to eliminate water infiltration through the door without the need for steps or sills, but combining performance and functionality. It is used on insulated Blindate gardesa doors, class 2 and class 3, with mobile drop sill and double rubber seal. Il valore della protezione 8 The value of the protection 9 [close] p. La porta blindata, con Sen. No need for power supply, as it uses readily available batteries.

This means that Sen. High intensity for a 60 second alarm. High brightness white LED light to quickly find the switch when returning home at night. Nessuna complicata operazione, nessun nuovo gesto di cui ricordarsi. No complicated or new operations to be remembered. The alarm goes off at each intruder attack: Nessun rischio di falso allarme in caso di urto innocuo della porta. The buzzer produces a loud alarm for 60 seconds only after a real burglary attempt. No risk of false alarm if the door is lightly hit. Le Porte Gardesa sono corredate con: Assa Abloy security in Gardesa locks As part of the Assa Abloy Group, a world leader for door opening and closing systems, Gardesa is a perfect combination of design and security, providing solutions for the personal safety of our loved ones and the things we care about most.

Gardesa Doors are equipped with: Possono essere dotati di barra antispezzamento e camma frizionata per apertura di emergenza.

High quality and security drill-proof solutions with steel protection and inserts on the body and Blindwte. Antipick lock thanks to mushroom pins and drivers. They can be equipped Blinxate anti-break garvesa and clutching cam for emergency opening. Barra di rinforzo come ulteriore protezione gradesa tentativi di effrazione. The reinforcement Blimdate acts as an additional protection against break-in attempts. It uses a reversible punched key and is provided with card. Alta resistenza agli sforzi Blindate gardesa al sistema a cremagliera. It makes it possible to change Blindatee key any time for any reason, with no need for technical assistance, and can be replaced easily without having to remove the lock.

High resistance to forcing thanks to the rack system. Aperte alla vita, chiuse ad ogni problema 12 Open to life, closed to any problem 13 [close] p. Le porte blindate appartenenti a questa classe sono messe alla prova cercando di forzare la serratura. Resistance to external attacks with simple tools such as screwdrivers, pincers, wedges or the like. It is ideal for flats. Security doors of this class have been tested trying to force the locking system. Le porte blindate appartenenti a questa classe sono messe alla prova cercando di forzare la serratura e tentando lo scardinamento mediante leve. B B 9 10 It resists to burglars equipped with crowbars. This security class is suitable for villas.

Security doors of this class have been tested trying to force the locking system and trying to unhinge the door with levers. B Assicura protezione contro scassinatori muniti di scalpello, martello, ascia, seghetto a mano, trapano elettrico, cesoie, ecc. Le porte blindate appartenenti a questa classe sono messe alla prova cercando di forzare la serratura, tentando lo scardinamento mediante leve e attraverso colpi di arma, arnesi e perforazioni.

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