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Horn is then seen escorting the woman out of her spot in line and outside. Minutes later, Kipling steps outside, carrying a pack of beer. He is looking the other esckrt when the woman winds up and strikes him in the head with an extreme force. He is knocked escorr his back and his head hits the pavement. As a group of people help him up, the woman goes behind him and yanks him back down onto the pavement again. He hits his head a second time. As I was walking outside I could actually hear as his head hit the ground," said Horn. In the video footage, Kipling is seen swaying back and forth and rubbing his head.

He struggles to stay standing. Time passes while Kipling and his two friends wait for a cab further down the sidewalk. Horn said every time they tried to get in a cab, someone would jump in ahead of them.

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He hits his head a third time, but this time does not get up. The man grabs his case of beer and runs off. Late Saturday evening, police told Horn that Kipling died in hospital of a brain bleed, after an unsuccessful surgery. You get involved with them and you become their friends and you become their lifestyles and become involved with what they do. Us kids had bad lives, and so did they, and we really connected with them and they gave us our basic needs which was smokes, alcohol and drugs. Faith, who asked that her real name not be used, said the drug situation was pretty bad.

Many of those who started smoking weed moved on to meth and crack. She said the younger kids would learn from the older kids. Because the older kids were doing it. Not many kids sobered up. Some kids got worse. I was lucky I had family to stay with. Some kids went straight to the homeless shelters.

Three guys are standing in front of Chicken Delight across the street. But as they walk away a different man walks up. He turns down Home Street and waves to her. They walk behind an apartment building, down an alley between houses to a latched gate. Her name is Kelly, 27, and she entered CFS at the age of Within a year she was addicted to crack cocaine. The First Nations woman said she began selling herself to men who wanted to sleep with a child. When she turned 18, CFS kicked her out. I had to find everything on my own.

Cinddy It was really hard on the streets. I was eating day-by-day. Some are seen stumbling, intoxicated from whatever drug or drink they were able to find. Many like to go hang out behind the Portage Place mall in downtown. APTN found two year-old girls heading there June 16 at around 9 p.

Mar 02, For the older kids were note it. She was solo no to escape to a met station and get no.

But they wanted to tell their story. Jennifer, 16, her younger brother and sister were removed from their mom when she was nine far from Winnipeg. She said CFS brought all three to the city and put them in hotel with connecting rooms at the Best Western downtown. On the floor were two boxes of food, mostly junk food. Twice a day, case workers assigned to watch them would change shifts. And they were too young to wander outside the building.

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