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Maybe it's so that you can share that with people, McCauley told the mondzy. MOH would decide when it was safe to travel to the airport, he said. MOH provides housing and transportation for volunteers who work on education projects, job fairs, and training for various trades in the country. MOH said on Facebook that the teams on its Haiti campus "have plenty of food, water, and security, as we continue to monitor the situation carefully.

Please join our entire MOH family, both North American and Haitian, as we pray for a quick conclusion to these demonstrations. After the Prime Minister announced a temporary stop to the price increases the situation calmed down, she said. US officials told tourists and missionaries to shelter in place. Avoid protests and any large gathering of people. Do not attempt to drive through roadblocks," a State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs official said.

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There are no reports of US citizens in Mondaay being injured, the embassy said. American spokesman Curtis Blessing said the airline canceled seven flights and will re-evaluate the situation Sunday. Spirit said it will resume service as soon as possible. Make sure your health insurance plan provides coverage overseas.

Daate Most care providers overseas only accept cash payments. For additional information, see www. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For further health haaiti, visit http: Travel and Transportation Road Conditions and Safety: Traffic is extremely chaotic throughout the country and is frequently congested in urban areas. Lanes are not marked, and signs indicating the flow of traffic seldom exist. Roads are generally unmarked, and detailed, accurate maps are not widely available. GPS-based systems do usually work accurately, but the lack of road signage makes it hard to determine the indicated route.

There are only a handful of stoplights in the country.

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Pedestrians regularly walk on the side of the road, monady animals often dart into traffic. Even though driving is on the right side of the road, huge potholes may cause drivers to swerve unpredictably and dangerously into the opposite lane of traffic. Speeding, aggressive driving, lack of traffic lights and signs, lack of right of way, unlit vehicles, and poor Daet are the cause of many fatal traffic accidents in Haiti, as are overloaded vehicles on winding, mountainous and degraded roads. Motorcycles weave through traffic at high speeds. Driving under the influence is common at night. Traffic accidents are a major cause of death and injury, and extreme caution should be exercised.

Those lacking knowledge of Haitian roads and traffic customs should hire a driver through a tour company or hotel. Heavy rains can cause mudslides and flooding that can quickly make conditions perilous. The Haitian government lacks adequate resources to assist drivers in distress or to clear the road of accidents or broken-down vehicles. If you are involved in an accident, do not expect medical or law enforcement assistance. Embassy personnel are prohibited from using any public transportation, and U. There is a significant risk of ejection in any accident, or even rough driving, due to lack of seat belts. Please visit the FAA safety assessment page.

Mariners planning travel to Haiti should check for U.

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