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10 Ways I Benefited from Doing the Landmark Forum

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I had warned a friend about attending a Landmark Education seminar and had sent him all sorts of materials that eductaion how Landmark operates. What actually caused him to leave on the Saturday of a weekend seminar? The expectation that he was going to be selling this thing to his friends and effectively recruiting for Landmark for free. If you are still able to be in contact with your friend, I would also recommend maximising the time she is away from Landmark activities.

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I am naturally a difficult person to love. I had been living within a cage of some debilitating limiting beliefs borne out of emotionally distressing situations — times where I felt weak, inadequate, worthless, stupid. That ingrained emotional coding still occasionally comes up. But that weekend swept a lot of it away. Who we really are is who we take ourselves to be in thought, in word and in action During the Landmark Forum, they have you do something pretty strange. They are the states that you aspire to personify in life. I used to think of myself in pretty concrete terms — my qualities within my relationships and work.

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And although some of these things are me, some of them were just habitual ways of being. Landmark Forum had me question what kind of person I wanted to be. With what types of traits? How did I want to feel? I feel like redefinition is always possible. A lot Dating landmark education sort of becomes the code word for the Landmark graduate. That and the related concept of authenticity. At its core, authenticity is about saying and doing what is true for us, and integrity is how we get there. Most of us were raised not to be truth tellers, but to people please.

Doing Landmark was the beginning of reversing that process for me. At Landmark, they focus on being meticulous with your word as the gateway to higher levels of integrity. This helps you to respect the language you use, and to become more vigilant about telling lies. Before I did Landmark Forum, my integrity was in need of some work. I broke work deadlines all over the place and I made commitments and backtracked. Integrity still gives me plenty of work.

Also, I consider before I rush to make an agreement, checking that it aligns with what I want and need esucation the time. I do this because I understand the consequences of living my life non authentically. It is difficult to see the specific ways that our pasts keep us stuck. Getting complete with people is powerful for letting go On the weekend, you asked to make some calls to people from your past that you feel have wronged you. I told my dad I was sorry for resenting him for making me feel like a disappointment.

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