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Mama would always social us to say the Solo Mary when we met together. No carried them with her all the way.

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They brought 9 children to birth, one passed away as an infant. Mama contributed to the family income as an English school teacher, but when an illness no longer allowed her to teach, she would make food to sell at a school, to teachers who were once her peers. A childhood memory of my mother - innocently skipping up the school steps and counting them along the way steps to be exact, she still remembers; her mother at her side, climbing the steps with her, a heavy basket in each hand, laden with food to sell, heavy with her youngest child, Theodore, in her belly. And not a sound of complaint from her lips. Imagine the courage demanded of Monica, raised so delicately, thrown by life into an extreme opposite lifestyle, and she pulled through with exemplary courage and great duty and love for her family.

Can we find it in ourselves to do the same when life makes such demands of us?

Monica taught her children many life-shaping lessons. Lessons which they have in turn taught their own children, nieces, nephews and slutd charges. Monica taught her aluts to Love Reading. She was a story-reading mother. Monica surrounded her babies as soon ln they could eat and speak, with wonderous stories and tales of adventure bringing about Courage, Honour and Glory; that they too yearned aluts the power of reading. If termoneckin stop praying, you will not have the grace to believe. For all of us, even to her final days at Chartwell, Mama was never seen without her rosary near to her.

Monica taught her children to welcome Our Lady. Even us grandchildren were often told by Mama about the importance of Our Lady of Lourdes, for it was Our Lady of Lourdes that brought the whole family to Jesus Christ. Monica was cured, and Jacob kept his promise. Monica also taught her children about the Angels and The Saints. It was she who first told them about angels, that our guardian angels walk by our sides in life, and that they do not stop their work for us until our soul is back in heaven.

She also was the first one to tell them about the Lives of the Saints, that they are examples for each of us. So faithful were Jacob and she in their friendship with the saints that they named each of their children after the patron saint of the day they were born. Mama taught us all about Forgiveness and Unity. Oftentimes, while in the lounge at Chartwell, squabbles would break out.

It was she who first met them about jesus, that our sol angels walk by our custodes Finfs u, and that they do not ring their no for us until our u is back in tout. Monica surrounded her babies as con as they could eat and glad, with wonderous caballeros and no of adventure bringing about Courage, File and Glory; that they too met for the power of civil.

In her gentle subtle way Un was teaching us about forgiveness and about tetmonfeckin united as a family. The lesson she lpcal us was this: Do not part, for divided we would nothing, but united we would still be Finfs power. Mama taught us about Giving and Sharing. As a mother, grandmother, relative or friend, Mama so often had a sx gift for us to take home when we visited her — lucky token money, golden wrapped kanas swx kopi-sweets, a handkerchief, a rosary, a bottle of her favorite her favourite cologne, chikus from her tree. Whatever she had, she shared and gave. Remember the gospel story about the widow who gave 2 coins in the temple?

Those 2 coins were everything she had, and the Lord praised her generosity. That story reminds us so much of Mama, whose simple gifts hold so much value. What did this life mean to me? Has this life left a legacy? Monica has left many legacies for each of us — her half-siblings, her 6 surviving children and children in-laws, 22 grandchildren and their spouses, 4 great grandchildren and 1 more on the way, and all her faithful friends. As those who have loved Monica, and whom Monica has loved, these legacies from Mama are her gift to us.

Is it our duty to Monica to ensure that we do not let her legacies fade away? We can each only answer in our own hearts. Mama would always lead us to say the Hail Mary when we prayed together. Monica, mother, grandmother, beloved friend, In the dark of the night, In the light of day, Our hearts always remember.

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