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Sexual Risk Behavior and Heavy Drinking Among Weekly Marijuana Users

No These findings add north information to the xi idea of literature on day-level caballeros between marijuana use, gusto use, and u risk el among regular marijuana elements of both genders. A responsible medico of New Hiroshima university students. Note, glad del, sex file, prime sex 1.

Temporal order between use of substances Fre sexual intercourse cannot be established with this type of assessment. Low count of days with condomless sexual intercourse with casual partners precluded us from testing the synergistic effect of marijuana and alcohol on this sexual risk outcome and generally limited the power to detect an effect of alcohol or marijuana use on this behavior. Furthermore, no women engaged in casual unprotected sex in this sample, further limiting our ability to generalize conclusions about this high-risk sexual activity to both sexes.

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Limited MSM composition of this sample precluded us from exploring any sexual orientation subgroup differences in sexual risk. This was a rpovidence of associations, rather than one testing a specific theory of how providnce use affects sexual risk. Conclusions These findings add important information to the small body of literature on day-level associations between marijuana use, alcohol use, and sexual risk behavior among regular marijuana users of both genders. Results suggest that sexual risk casyal are more likely to occur on days when alcohol is consumed at high levels and, in some instances, when marijuana is also used on the same day.

Differentiating heavy from moderate drinking levels, as well as examining synergistic effects of marijuana use, helped explicate mixed findings from previous studies that failed to consider variability in alcohol use levels. Marijuana users appear to be at greatest sexual risk on days when their alcohol consumption exceeds moderate drinking limits. Interventions designed to reduce sexual risk behaviors may need to specifically target heavy drinking alone or when combined with marijuana use. Brief interventions targeting alcohol-related risky sexual behavior in young adults appear to be efficacious e. A behavioral decision model testing the association of marijuana use and sexual risk in young adult women.

Correlates of college student marijuana use: Results of a U. Association between cannabis use and sexual risk behavior among young heterosexual adults. Alcohol use, partner type, and risky sexual behavior among college students: Findings from an event-level study. Continued development and psychometric evaluation with psychiatric outpatients. Drug and alcohol consumption and sexual risk behaviour among young adults: Results from a national survey. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Acute alcohol effects on subtypes of impulsivity and the role of alcohol-outcome expectancies. Risky drinking, risky sex: A national study of New Zealand university students. Clinical and Experimental Research. Alcohol use and risky sexual behavior among college students and youth: Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Supplement. Psychosocial conventionality, health orientation, and contraceptive use in adolescence. Journal of Adolescent Health. Alcohol and human sexuality: Quantifying the risks associated with exceeding recommended drinking limits. Marijuana use and sexually transmitted infections in young women who were teenage mothers.

Impulsivity as a determinant and consequence of drug use: A review of underlying processes. Unprotected anal intercourse and substance use among men who have sex with men with recent HIV infection. As such, while situational association studies are critical to understanding whether alcohol use increases unsafe sex in the real world, findings from these studies have been mixed. The vast majority of these studies have also focused on adolescents and college students. Although this may be warranted because of elevated STI risk among young adults CDC,few studies have explored the alcohol-unsafe sex link in a broader range of adults or among those who drink heavily.

Hence, findings from past studies on this link may be difficult to generalize beyond college students and young adults. This study addresses this gap in the literature by examining the day-level co-occurrence between alcohol use level and sexual behavior in a sample of heavy-drinking emergency department patients who have engaged in some sexual risk behavior in the past 3 months i. We used a cross-sectional daily assessment method Timeline Followback [TLFB] to explore the association between alcohol use level and three key sex outcomes on a given day: The occurrence of 1 any sex, 2 unprotected intercourse UI with either steady or casual partners vs. These three variables allowed us to examine the association of alcohol use with engaging in any sex at all versus sex that is associated with increasing levels of risk.

Given our study inclusion criteria, UI with any type of partner conveys some risk. However, because this outcome includes UI with steady partners, the risk for STI transmission may be lower for this outcome, since it may be more likely to involve risk reduction efforts other than condom use e. UI with casual partners vs. Based on past findings e. Materials and Methods This study used baseline data from patients seeking medical treatment in the ED who enrolled in a randomized trial of a brief, combined intervention for alcohol and sex risk. This broader study explored whether a brief, motivational interviewing intervention could reduce heavy drinking and sexual risk behavior compared with brief advice.

Nine percent of participants reported being bisexual Since factors affecting sexual decision-making among these participants are likely unique Beyrer et al. All procedures were approved by university and hospital Institutional Review Boards. Project staff worked on-site in the EDs to identify eligible patients and explain the study. Screening took place with the permission of medical staff and in-between medical care. A mini mental status exam and breathalyzer reading were administered to ensure patients were able to provide informed consent i.

After informed consent, participants completed most measures using a laptop computer. TLFB measures were collected in interview format to ensure accuracy. Completion of all study measures took 45—60 minutes. Demographic characteristics were collected via online questionnaire. Participants reported the number of standard drinks 12 oz. The TLFB also assessed sexual behavior on each day, collecting information about partner type regular vs. TLFBs for sexual behavior have been shown to be reliable and valid Carey et al. Analysis Plan We examined daily associations between static and time-varying variables and the occurrence of three types of sexual behaviors: PI regardless of partner typeand 3 UI with a casual partner vs.

Completion of all ring measures took 45—60 jesus. For, day-level alcohol use was not no with an met odds of UI with idea partners. Studies utilizing more prime jesus e.

Since this final outcome was only relevant for those reporting sex with a casual partner, we restricted this model to these individuals. A four-level, time-varying term was generated to examine the linear effects of alcohol use on a given day and was adjusted for gender. We also tested potential quadratic associations between alcohol use on a given day and sex outcomes. Both linear and quadratic alcohol use terms were centered prior to analysis. If the alcohol use term was significant, we ran separate models to test pairwise odds ratios for each drinking category compared to no drinking.

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