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Hylton Castle Pacific Publishing Story Teller of the Year Winner: Most Inspirational to Youth Winner: A Journey of Hope: The Food is a Lie: Most Progressive Health Book Winner: Death by Modern Medicine, by Dr. The Healing Powers of 8 Sugars, by Dr. Business Breakthrough of the Year Winner: Fox Eagle Cross Publishing. Books were judged alongside books from their region only, based on their quality and regional significance. North-East - Best Regional Fiction: Snow Rockland Historical Society.

Mid-Atlantic โ€” Best Regional Fiction: Houghton Cyber Haus ; Dying to Change: South-East โ€” Best Regional Fiction: South โ€” Best Regional Fiction: Solving the Mysteries of the H. Past and Present Darby Creek ; Transformed: Surviving in a Changing World, by Zoltan S. Wallace Spinner Publications Coffee Table Books Sahyadris: Current Events Waging Nonviolent Struggle:

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