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Guardians Of The Galaxy :dizzy:

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Seeking more stable employment he applies for other jobs but is rejected when employers see his citizen registration number, which marks him as a North Korean defector. Finally he gets a night job at a karaoke bar; the bar owner's daughter, it turns out, is a woman named Young-sook who he recognizes from church. However, she asks him to pretend not to know her at church, because she's ashamed of working at a karaoke bar and doesn't want members of her congregation to look down on her; Seung-chul agrees not to say anything. Later in the film, when there are no customers at the bar, some of the female employees hear him singing church hymns as he works; after laughing at him for being out of tune, they offer to teach him to sing.

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However, when Young-sook musa in, she is angry and demands an explanation, asking why he would sing church hymns with karaoke girls. He singung her he doesn't know any songs other than hymns- the implication is that he doesn't know South Korean pop songs and it would be frowned upon to sing North Korean songs. Ingrid, would you like to answer the question of what you do to keep your memory sharp? We have chardonnay and marijuana. It sounds like two strippers' names. I really don't - I don't have a sharp memory.

I've given up on trying. I forget things all the time, and I just - that's it. I don't - I'm done. Msuan over for me. I like that tactic. You're like, sharp memory, let it go. Yeah, I've given up. So we are about to play a music game. It's like a pirate - got ye ph. To be about films that feature characters whose memories are somehow changed or impaired. Already thinking a head, Tirimasu told Vanessa to sing. She did and her microphone became the miracle microphone. Her Melody charm appeared, reacting to her heart.

Vanessa yelled "Miracle microphone! Its time to rock out! Precure rock band modulation!!! Over a few days, the boys activated their transformations and the singinh became Rock Band Precure. They managed to purify Princess Ember, who became a normal girl named Jade. Jade showed amazing skill on the bass and was able to become Cure Fire. Vanessa later discovered the truth about her royal origin. Her willingness to protect her friends caused the Miracle Microphone to be summoned so she could transform and become the pink Cure Music. The 6 vowed to protect music and the planet of Musica. Knowing that they had to go into space, Vanessa revealed her identity as a precure to her fans on earth, by transforming at a show.

The band travelled into space, letting the Nova Corps know that Thanos was going to meet them.

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