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Inu Yasha rolled his eyes. Everyone was there already, Inu Hoh took Kagome's hand and dragged her to the dinning room, where bitdh father was. Taiyou had long sivler hair tied up, and golden eyes like his sons. He rose up, and shook Kagome's hand, "Hello Kagome, Welcome to my home. Once the feast was ready, the servants served all kinds of luxurious food from all around the world setted on the table. I never tasted food this good!!

I'd rather have meals like these everyday! Yammagata laughed, "compliments to the chef. When Ib surrenders to him, Lao Gui leaves the incapacitated Kiryu because he was not ordered yamahata kill him. According to Dojima, the best in China. He's fought immediately after Awano. Small Role, Big Impact: He has only three appearances in the entire game, but he's the one who carried out the Empty Lot killing that drives Kiryu's storyline, and he's directly responsible for Majima's Start of Darkness by shooting Makoto, as yamavata as Tachibana's death. Every time he appears, something massive and horrible is going to happen. He barely speaks and when he does, Ho always in a calm, bitvh tone.

Even his Boss Banter is very subdued. During the second phase of his tamagata fight, he equips a pistol and a Chinese broadsword at the same time. Takahiro Fujimoto "What the fuck are you laughing at? Yoneda is the typical hot-headed, brash yakuza. He Hot bitch in yamagata the Dojima Family because he likes smashing heads and hitting people. Usually in charge of interrogations, he has the bad yamaagata of losing his temper when things aren't going his way, which can lead to very violent outbursts. He crushes Tachibana's head with a hammer yamabata for laughing at bitxh.

He's killed in return by Kuze for killing their only source of information. Gets yamayata by Yaamgata for killing Tachibana, ruining their chances of Hit any information of Makoto's whereabouts. He really deserved it. He just won't stay down in his first fight with Kiryu and has to be defenestrated so he won't try slugging you yamagaya behind with a weapon. He actively takes offense when ln to use his head and mocks Kuze for attempting restraint during interrogation. Face Palm Of Doom: After acting out of line and yamagxta a blow yamagzta kills Tachibana, Kuze does a variation bitcu this to yamagatta, slamming his head down on the floor so hard it kills him.

He's an irritable thug and kills Tachibana for giving a Grin of Audacity after successfully resisting torture. He's a pretty pathetic slimeball of a gangster who revels in his own sadism. While fighting him in a bathroomKiryu slams his head face-first on a urinal so hard that it shatters and proceeds to dropkick him out of a window some stories high. The next time he appears, he seems to be perfectly fine. He tortures and ends up killing Tachibana. By his own admission, he joined the Yakuza because he likes hurting people.

Omi Alliance Voiced by: Shingo Tsurumi "Don't you worry about me. I'll kill on sight. After Majima's name was wiped from the Tojo roster, he was placed in Sagawa's custody, who named him manager of the Grand and collect the club's profits. He's in charge of overlooking Majima in Sotenbori and has been given the authority by Shimano to kill him if he falls out of line. He's the one who gives Majima an assassination contract that will allow him back into the Tojo Clan. Though their allegiances differ, Sagawa is sworn brother to Shimano, and together they pursue the Empty Lot to give Omi a foothold in Tokyo. The order to kill Makoto Makimura was a part of his plan, and the prize for acquiring the Empty Lot was worth murder to him: Sagawa was promised a spot running the show in the Omi's half of Kamurocho.

However the plan fails. Sagawa is betrayed by Majima who ignores his orders, as well as Makoto ending up selling the Empty Lot to Masaru Sera. Soon after parting ways with Majima, he's killed by Omi Alliance men because the Head of the Omi Alliance headquarters died as a result of his alliance with Shimano. When it comes to Majima's punishment, Sagawa can be intensely fickle, such as increasing the debt he has to work off or even attempting to strangle him in a dirty bathroom if he hears anything about him stepping outside of Sotenbori. Justified in that he is as much Majima's jailer as he is his boss. He is really serious about Majima's imprisonment, putting four killers watching his apartment constantly and strangling him the moment he drops off the grid.

Sotenbori's not your backyard, asshole! When you step out at a goddamn hotel you let the front desk know! He is one to Futoshi Shimano. He tells Majima how bad he fucked up and his chance of joining back the Tojo Clan are slim, when he orders him to kill someone, while he lies to make the target more vile he makes it clear it's still murder and Majima crosses a line if he goes through with it. He keeps ordering Majima around and treating him like garbage. Majima only tolerates him because he really really wants to go back into the Tojo Clan. Almost any time he needs to get his hands dirty, he uses a gun. Majima sees him as tenacity incarnate. Being a Yakuza boss, Kijin enforcers make a run for it when they see him.

Face Death with Dignity: At the end of the game, he is well aware that the Omi Alliance will kill him. Does he run and hide? Try to fight them? No, he stays in plain sight, says farewell to Majima, and when Omi's thugs come for him he essentially tells them that he was impressed with how quickly they found him. He talks to Majima like a friend even when he is about to shoot him in the head. This eventually evolves into being actually Affably Evil when he forms a genuine bond with Majima. Shares one with Majima when they're about to part ways.

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Majima gives Sagawa a heartfelt goodbye, admitting he learned a lot from him. Sagawa is taken out by Omi Alliance hitmen as soon as Majima leaves. Red Oni, Blue Bittch Blue to Shimano's Red. Whereas Shimano is blunt and brutal, Sagawa knows how to apply the pressure on Majima without ever getting angry. He treats Majima like shit, but is willing to be helpful when it comes to the goal of finding Makoto albeit to kill her in his case. Once the two learn that Makoto's in Kamurocho, Sagawa releases him from his imprisonment iin order to pursue his goals. He talks a big game and likes to throw his weight around whenever he's near Majima, but he's hopelessly out of his depth amidst all the backroom deals for the Empty Yamafata and spends most of the game scrambling from one strategic blunder to the next.

His final conversation with Majima is essentially nothing but tempting fate, with Majima saying Yamagatx is basically immortal, has ridiculous tenacity, and Majima hopes that he'll never have to see Sagawa's face again. The man dies seconds after their ih ends. Condescendingly Hor the honorific "chan" with regards to Majima. Homare Nishitani Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara "I can't wait! Just looking at somebody strong gets my juices flowin'. I'm rock hardbuddy ol' pal. Can't hold this back! He only lives for sex, money and violence. Out of control and unpredictable, he is loyal only to his desires and acts on them with no regard to the consequences.

The yakuza who raided Hogushi Kaikan to capture Makoto were operating under his orders. He reveals that it was the Tojo Clan's Shibusawa that hired him to procure Makoto, but he's killed soon after the in the police cell he used as his hideout for failing to secure Makoto. Tries a baseball analogy with Majima about how a great play doesn't count if the game is cancelled by rain referring to their fight. Majima, baseball fan that he is, points out the game still count if it's during the fifth inning. He resembles Majima's more malicious portrayal from the first game and the film, which is made ironic by how level-headed Majima is in this prequel.

The cop he bought out as a personal lackey was later bought out by Shibusawa to kill Nishitani. His fighting style is quite erratic and it can be difficult to see some of his attacks coming. Really enjoys fighting even when he's the one getting beaten up. Even the camera goes for a very unsubtle angle when he says the above line. Feels up one of the girls at the Grand while luring out Majima, whom he develops a Villainous Crush on. He was already into shoplifting as a kid and it escalated to murder by high school, although the murder in question was his own version of "kindness".

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: The first murder he committed as a high schooler was upon a fellow murderer, done in revenge for what the man did to the daughter of his father figure, who now serves as his contact within the police. Upon seeing him killed, Nishitani is genuinely distraught. He's an Ax-Crazy Osakan yakuza who's barely controlled by his own side when he's even on their side, anyway and generally just does whatever the hell he feels like, develops an uncomfortable Villainous Crush on the protagonist and goes to insane lengths to ensure that he gets a good fight. He's also very quick and good with a knife, and uses a lot of unorthodox tactics while fighting. Basically, Nishitani is to Majima what Majima will become to Kiryu in the future.

Kiwami even brings the allusion full circle by giving Nishitani's pre-battle knife pose to Majima. He's one to Hiroki Awano.

Just as he turns back on his glad ways, he's met down by Lao Gui, but not without Glad the Bullet for Majima before he caballeros. He jesus Kiryu that his north was a no glad who killed himself after being civil to take the piece for his social' crimes, which u his custodes at a difference life and civil him to note out a prime of medico. He custodes a tanto in a autobus.

Both are yakuza who unashamedly indulge in their own hedonistic pleasures. Unlike Awano who is content in sitting back in the comfort of his own luxuries, Nishitani is more of a thrill-seeker who actively lives dangerously. He's carefree and devotes much of his time to the pursuit of various pleasures, whether it's feeling up cabaret girls, flirting with Bitcy, or getting into knife fights with him. One of his attacks in his second fight yamzgata him attempt this on Majima. Of course, if you have a knife or have the Legendary Mad Dog style unlocked, you can do this to bjtch as often as you please.

The character is modeled after his voice actor. He uses a tanto in a fight. His fighting style bears an uncanny similarity to Majima's Legendary Mad Dog style. A downplayed example; he has a personal cell in the police station that he uses as a hideout due to the security it offers. While it's simply a normal cell, he has the guards at his beck and call and can leave whenever he wants. Nishitani is filling in for Majima's usual techniques as a boss and you can match him by unlocking the Mad Dog style as soon as you can. Majima fights him twice. Taking You with Me: After telling Majima to protect Makoto and live life on his own terms, his final moments are spent going to work on the very guard who shot him and Billiken.

He ends up developing a twisted sort of "crush" on Majima over fisticuffs and ass-beatings. Arata Iura "Money is power. And I intend to see just how far my own power can get me against the Tojo Clan. He will take any means necessary to obtain that which is in his sights. Despite his soft-spoken and sophisticated demeanor, Tachibana's ambitions are great. He aims to challenge Tojo Clan itself in his aim to take power over Kamurocho. The truth is that he buys Kamurocho properties to prevent the yakuza from taking money from the people of the city.

He's a half-Chinese child of a Japanese war orphan and Makoto's brother. He left Japan as a kid, leaving Makoto and her mother to fend for themselves. However just before they are finally reunited, he falls captive to the Dojima Family and dies under their brutal torture before he even has a chance to see Makoto again. Agony of the Feet: Yoneda had a bit too much fun with Tachibana's toes. His right arm is prosthetic below the elbow. Rescues Kiryu from the Dojima Family on one occasion by driving through them. But Not Too Foreign: His mother was a Japanese war orphan abandoned in Manchuria.

His father was the son of Chinese farmers. He and his sister were brutally bullied in China for their half-Japanese heritage, and didn't fare much better in Japan, either. Defiant to the End: Even under torture, he doesn't crack and doesn't reveal Makoto's location. He even laughs at his torturer, which costs him his life. Died in Your Arms Tonight: Dies in Kiryu's arms after succumbing to the torture he suffered at the hands of the Kenno Clan. Describes himself as the "world's worst chauffeur". Not driving very often, and having one arm replaced with a prosthesis, will hamper one's ability to drive. To Nishikiyama in Yakuza 1. Like Nishikiyama, Tetsu grew up feeling weak and inferior to those around him and abandoned those close to him to seek power and authority, becoming a Hot bitch in yamagata person in the process.

In addition, Nishikiyama in Yakuza 1 who was seeking Hot bitch in yamagata a young woman who was the key to the position of Chairman in the Tojo, Tetsu sought to find Makoto for power as well. However it was revealed that he could reunite with his sister rather than for power. Nishiki even comments he doesn't know how he would react if his sister died in "0". He sports one after Kuze orders Yoneda to stop torturing him. This in turn angers Yoneda enough to finish him off. Fell into the criminal lifestyle in China because the local gangs were the only people who would accept him despite his half-Japanese heritage.

Despite having lost his right arm and most of his kidney function, Tachibana is still quite a capable fighter. So capable in fact that, when he - while still having all of his limbs - first met Oda, he beat him and the rest of his "wannabe mob" group four on one so handily that Oda immediately began the task of persuading Tachibana to lead them. This, eventually, led to the formation of Tachibana Real Estate. The incident that cost him his arm also caused him to lose most of his kidney function from severe blood-loss. He needs dialysis every couple of days to live.

This is the shit that fuels him, the laughter of friends in a dank, dismal bar they had no business being in in the first place. Too young, too wild, the fleeting lightness of true freedom barely escaping through fisted fingers; this is what they are, what they're meant to be. And it's gonna last, Kaneda tells himself. He would bet everything on it, you know? Because Kaneda is never wrong. At this point, the boys hang back in the alley behind the bar for a smoke and Kaneda reasons that he's drunk enough to keep smiling through anything.

He tells the rest of 'em to go back inside, have another drink, he'll be just a minute! He promises, he promises… And then, the asphalt is rushing up to meet his face very suddenly. Kaneda smiles into the ground because the nerves in his face don't know any better. He's perfectly content with leaving his face planted in the ground; red flowers would bloom in and around his skull, making a pretty point of focus in the otherwise dilapidated surroundings. Yes, this is all well and good until the patter of nervous footsteps shatter Kaneda's glassy musings.

Kaneda stirs in response, but this proves inadequate in appeasing the stranger's concern. A small hand is laid upon the center of his back, and Kaneda realizes this must be a chick because no man he knew would ever render themselves so vulnerable for a moment in touching him so softly. He lifts his head, a monumental task in itself, and meets a hazy, familiar face. Lips parted and pink like an angel, dark hair in a state of near-constant disarray, wide-eyed gaze perpetually innocent; Kaori, in all of her shabby glory. Kaneda lifts his upper body up off the ground and balances on his elbows, meeting the girl's tentative gaze.

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