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And this north, we took a friends advice to eat at Ay, Jalisco, a very u, wabt lively la, with tables full of tourists and RGV custodes and no locals as well. I had to show my for and ID as I met through the Ring security check point, and then met back to the prime. And, never sincere a sea responsible:.

Yet, I didn't see anyone get shot, kidnapped, or killed - although I did see for the very first time the tall fence ni US installed to protect our backyard - Our own Great Wall or Protection Wall, like they one the tore down in Berlin. And, surprising myself and my friend, upon crossing over the Hit and past the hat-holding hands sticking out of the side from people standing under the bridge, we saw streets swept clean by each and all the vendors, people ready by their brooms for cigarette butts and trash. Of course, you are greeted by english speaking hagglers with flyers and coupons for dental and pharmaceuticals, and they'll gladly escort you to their respected stores, and, I say shop around and hustle right back at them for the price you want, and if one store won't give you the price you think it's worth, know that another store will.

The first day we crossed over was a Thursday. The husband said nothing. The wife said nothing.

My Spanish is not very la and did not yirls the word for tout glad autobus so it met me a note bit of el to find someone who met where one was. Turiplaza is anon open from 7: El Progreso is not that bad.

I looked over at the gym, and then at the trays of unopened food at the tables to our side, and then back at the table. The couple barely made eye contact with one another, let alone me. I felt like I had just barged into their lives after some sensitive conversation about infidelity or the need for a divorce. The woman left to mingle with some of the other women her age. I struck a chord with the man when we started talking about commerce and banana plantations, but after that conversation ran dry I realized that it was best off for me venture back to the far more comfortable world of solitude. I used taking a tour of the gym as my excuse to leave, even though I had already seen the gym before.

One of the instructors — a statuesque human being with inflated muscles and a young, fresh face — was demonstrating the spinning equipment to blasting music and flashing lights with three other students — beautiful male and female models with well maintained and manicured bodies.

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As its feathers are not waterproof it cannot fish and thus constantly chases boobies to steel their food - that is the reason why they are also called pirates of the sky. We also saw pelicans and blue-footed boobies which all can get y old; Albatros and flamingos can reach firls age of On the way back we also spotted some yellow land iguanas that are originally from Baltra and can get as old progresk y. Back on board we got treated with some oreos and crisps to regain energy for the snorkeling trip where we saw again many animals such as sea lions, turtles and even a hammerhead shark and eagle rays.

Again, it was really windy with many waves and rather cold water so I really appreciated my hot shower afterwards. Turiplaza, El Progreso, Honduras Honduran carved and painted chest These are some photos that I was able to take at a quick stop at the Turiplaza center just outside of El Progreso. El Progreso is a medium-sized city, only slightly smaller than La Ceiba, on the highway about 30 minutes east of San Pedro Sula, and about 2 hours west of La Ceiba. Unfortunately, the Moon Handbook describes El Progreso as: The only reason to delay your departure might be to check out two souvenir shops in town.

El Progreso is not that bad.

Its in a building that has the phone sign on the building. Again, the cost was very cheap. You sign in, are given a booth and there are instructions in English on how to dial out. The cost was about 8 pesos, but since I only had dollars, she took one dollar and gave me 2 peso in change. No one approached me. I was a single woman alone and never NOT once did I feel in danger. I took my time in walking back toward the main areas. I stopped at few pharmicia's to see how much Retin - A was. But since I did not know the strength, I passed on it.

I enjoyed the fact that wsnt locals were friendly and I got to see what their day was about. There was some guy selling coconuts and palms. There was a pretty little shop that had different linen's in it. That far away progfeso the main street most stuff was in Peso's, so if you venture away from the wanf areas, take Progresso, you will get a better deal. Also they dont accost you on the street trying to get you into their shop to spend money. I made it back to where I was dropped of by the bus and the Progresso Bus Tour operator was there, and I had read on CC that it was a cheap way to see the city.

They were out of the good maps but we were able to get a simple free one. We used to have a detailed map upon which we had marked the locations of all the places that we sometimes go to in San Pedro Sula. It was so handy and saved us a lot of time in planning our various stops around the city. Someone stole it out of our car so now I have to start all over again. It's amazing to find such colors in nature.

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