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Notkin's mxil that aunts keep up with the very latest in children's toys, clothing, and entertainment corresponds with a larger trend in consumer culture. According to Juliet Schor Young people are repositories of consumer knowledge and awareness. They arc the first adopters and avid users of many of the new 12 S. They arc the household members with the most passionate consumer desires, and are most closely tethered to products, brands, and qithout latest trends. Children's social worlds wihhout increasingly constructed around consuming, as brands and products have come to determine who is "in" or "out," who is hot or not.

II Children's heightened consumer sensibilities. Schor argues, arc the result of sophisticated marketing practices aimed directly at children. In the past, adverti- sers aimed their pitches at mothers in an effort to convince them to purchase pro- ducts for their children. The new norm is that kids and marketers join forces to convince adults to spend money" p. Schor maintains that one of the key ways marketers attempt to make products desir- able to children is by selling them as "cool. First, a product must be "socially exclusive, that is, expensive" p. Because they do not have chil- dren, Notkin maintains, aunts have more discretionary income, and they often choose to spend that income on extravagant gifts for their nieces and nephews Notkin.

Thus the link to the gift section of the Web site is labeled "spoil them. The second marker of cool. Schor writes, is "being older than one's age" p. Again, this element is consistent with several of Notkin's gift suggestions. Although aunts are able to search for children's gifts on the basis of the child's age.

Hays argues that it "holds a responsible but none- theless between cultural position as the last solo defense against what many print see as the file of responsible tics, u obligations, and unrcmuncr- ated caballeros" p. Xi to meet new caballeros on topface. Arc you a Zip Aunt?.

Notkin intimates that it is not uncommon for aunts to purchase gifts that push age-appropriate boundaries, l or example, she claims that it is often aunts who take their nieces for their first "big-girl manicure" Belkin. Get your niece their [sic] first fancy pair of underwear! Why Savvy Auntie Loves It. Schor writes that cool is anti-adult: The lesson to kids is that it's the pro- duct, not your parent, who's really on your side" Schor. The framing of cool as anti-adult, and especially anti-parent, goes hand-in-hand with the trend toward direct marketing to kids whereby marketers link themselves to children in opposition to parents.

As adults, one would assume that Savvy Aunties would fall into the same drab category as do parents and teachers, but to the contrary, consist- ent with her positioning women as "aunties" rather than "aunts.

And s promises that when you purchase the gifts she suggests, "It'll make your niece and nephew say Wow, you're witj coolest uncle in the world" "Arc You a Great Gay Aunt or Uncle? The Savvy Aunties who purchase expensive, sophisticated gifts pave the way for witout nieces and nephews to be w well-liked vireo, enabling them to appear cool to other children. At the same time, according to Notkin. Consistent with this pairing. Notkin suggests that aunts and parents vodeo have divergent ideas about appropriate gifts. For example, she asks her readers. Perhaps you've indulged your little niece in a little princess fairy dust e.

Withouh, she undermines the legitimacy of a parent who might oppose princess fantasy play in her postscript: Indeed, it is in the giving of gifts that a distinction emerges between the new momism and SavvyAuntie. As noted, like savvy aunties, new moms arc embroiled in consumer culture. However, mom's embroilment is wrought with ten- sions. As Douglas and Michaels argue. In other words, although moms want to purchase goods and services that make their children happy, that inclination is offset by the desire to not promote excessive materialism. Again according to Douglas and Michaels"If we get them too little they are deprived, and if we get them too much they are spoiled" p.

To the contrary, the general ethos of the Web site is that the more gifts an aunt gives, and the more expensive those gifts are, the better the aunt-child relationship will be. Moreover, implicit in Notkin's gift suggestions arc the means for aunts to push back against parental authority. For example, the Web site for Francic Pants, the fancy under- wear Notkin urges aunts to purchase for their nieces, asks: Remember that first pair of big girl underpants? Maybe a Grandma or a special Auntie bought them for you. Pink, ruffled, princess- approved What little girl wouldn't want to show them off 14 S.

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Harden to the world? And what Mommy wouldn't shudder at the thought of her daughter Hashing her skivvies? Again nodding to mothers' concerns, the site promises that Francie Pants are both "sassy and modest" "Francie Pants," n. Nonetheless, these underwear are designed specifically to be shown off. Indeed, what is perhaps most striking about this Web site is that while it is clearly designed to help aunts connect to their nieces and nephews, it offers very little to help aunts forge positive relationships with the children's parents. To the contrary, parents most often are positioned as obstacles to aunts' and children's interactions, so much so that Notkin identifies this as one of the benefits of the Sav vy Auntie Web site: Prev iously I noted that one of the reasons intensive mothering remains a potent cultural force is its positioning as a repository for unselfish, loving relationships in a society where market relations, self-interested behaviors, and consumption predomi- nate.

Moreover, through that consumption aunts add to the wedge marketers create between parents and children while creating or perhaps reinforcing a similar wedge between aunts and children's parents. Thus rather than enhancing familial and community tics, SavvyAuntie. Psychologically healthy children will be made worse off if they become more enmeshed in the culture of getting and spending. Children with emotional problems will be helped if they disengage from the worlds that corporations arc constructing for them. The effects oper- ate in both directions and are symmetric. Relating poorly to parents leads to more depression, anxiety.

Given that marketers seek to align themselves with children in opposition to parents, it is not surprising that there is a negative correlation between children's consumption levels and the quality of their relationships to their parents Schor. By positioning aunts as "cool" and as part of the child marketer team. Finally, it is worth noting that enacting the subject position constituted by SavvyAuntie. I have discussed the ways the Web site ech- oes some of the more oppressive elements of intensive mothering, including its promotion of selflessness and its suggestion that aunts prioritize their relationships with the children in their lives over all others.

In addition to these negative impli- cations. I maintain that the Web site posits an impoverished and callous sense of citizenship. One of the complaints expressed by childless women is that they feel invisible Hayden, Notkin acknowledges this complaint, arguing that child- less women's sense of invisibility is particularly significant in the political sphere. In a post that asks "Will Obama be the Aunt's President? Yet childless women must be acknowledged. Notkin maintains, not because they are citizens, but because they arc consumers. There aren't very many "Stay at Home Aunties. Just like moms, we're buying cars, homes, and electronics.

And we're also investing in our nieces' and nephews' college funds, and yes, buying them gifts— PANKs con- tribute a lot to the US economy. And we arc often the unsung heroes of the American Family as we lend a hand with our time and discretionary income—and love.

We have a viedo. And I hope President-Elect Obama can hear us. Notkin, a Feminists from the first wave put in an enormous amount of passion and energy into mall fight for women's rights. They if that women had the right to participate in the public sphere, and the participation they sought was multifaceted. Second-wave feminists built on these efforts, seeking, among other things, that women be treated equally under the law, in educational institutions, and in the workplace Rosen. As framed by Notkin. That Notkin posits a shallow and impoverished vision of women as public actors antties particularly apparent in posts in which she celebrates being recognized by large corporations.

For example, Notkin informs her readers that Ford Motors invited her to test drive their newest models, writing: My invitation to Ford Headquarters in Dearborn. Witth Aunties—we have a real opportunit y to let our voices and our perspectives f heard by marketers. Harden She wtih a similar letter about her attendanee at a press naties sponsored by Fisher Price, writing: As I stood there smiling. I felt an mall sense of pride, like it was our own eoming-out event. Aunts arc finally being recognized and communi- cated to by the leading toy and baby gear brands in America. We've made it Aunties! Notkin participates if the larger cultural trend toward turn- ing the citizen into the citizen-consumer, a person who substitutes consumption qithout civic engagement Lcvine, Moreover, the consumption Notkin both posits and celebrates is child focused.

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