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Critics referred to his singing as "mumbling". This garnered a lot of attention spreeads reporters often quiz Chou on his singing style. Chou defended this as his signature style to infuse the vocals with the music and "make it blend" well together. Chou also stated that he wants the listeners to look at the lyrics stating the lyrics written by Vincent Fang are very deep.

Chou's third album, The Eight Dimensions, became another commercial success and is similar in style to his second. Spresds singer has sold overcopies of Fantasy as ofthroughout the region. In the same year, Chou held his debut concert tour The One. There was spreadz more crossover activity between Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as steadily increasing activity by Japanese acts in the region. After the spreasd of this album, he attended the Golden Melody Awards for his previous album's nomination. The album The Eight Dimensions was nominated for 5 categories but won none. Ironically, apreads then-current album Yeh Hui-mei would go on to win a Golden Melody "Best Album of the year" award in Yeh Hui-mei was spreadd a commercial and musical success.

This album can be seen as Jay's second milestone because it gained extremely positive reaction from both critics and supporters of his music. This song gained widespread popularity and high school students started learning guitar to play the drift of the song's intro. In Hong Kong, his album surpassed local albums with sales of 50, units. In China the official figure reached 2. List of songs recorded by Jay Chou Chou's compositions are loosely categorized as pop music. Taipei Times once described the meaning of "Chou Style": Chou's albums have been noted for the lack of change compared to his earlier works, yet he firmly stated that he will not alter his style: Several "regulars" write the lyrics for most of his music, [25] but the content and style is unified with his own personality and image, covering a diverse range of topics and ideas.

Vincent Fang accounts for more than half of the lyrics in his albums, helping to establish an important element in Chou's music: Domestic violence discussed in "Dad, I am back" Chinese: According to Jay's accounts of his childhood in interviews, his father had subjected his mother to daily verbal and physical abuse, often witnessed by traumatized young Jay. Once grown and starting to realize fame among southeast Asian singers, his difficult childhood experiences influenced the young artist's penning of songs like "In the Name of Father" detailing the cruelty and brutality of the domestic violence he'd witnessed at his father's hand. China Wind music Chou leads a new trend of music which combines western musical elements and Chinese literature terms.

Because of this unique combination, he makes distinction between himself and other musicians by leading a " China Wind " [28] in Asian music history. The success of his Western-Chinese musical combination is built on his marketing strategies and the musical elements involved in his works. In early 21st century, the People's Republic of China was in an economic transition model. The new generation was looking for a consumption pop culture which would reflect individual uniqueness in the social circumstance. The blowing "China Wind" in his music leads a new trend of Chinese pop music which involves a vast amount of traditional Chinese components, rather than simply following Western music format.

Chou's China Wind is highlighted in his lyrics and Junioor use of traditional musical instruments in his music. Lyricist Vincent Fang undist worked with Jay Chou since Fang's work is featured by addressing Chinese traditional elements, such as poetry and Confucianism. His representative work "Chrysanthemum Terrace" Chinese: In this work, Fang puts images which indicate certain traditional ideas to build an ancient monarchy setting. He uses chrysanthemum as a metaphor of love.

Nudist spreads Junior

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Yahoo News Staff George H. Breaking a pledge, doing the right thing on taxes This spreadz one in a series of 13 Yahoo News interviews with historians about defining moments in presidential leadership. The series was published in September. Why I was wrong. In Octoberwhen George H.

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