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Handpiece Maintenance

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Dental handpieces are the backbone of any dental practice and quite a large investment, so keeping them properly maintained is critical for having a pleasant and efficient dental office. Serviccing, insufficient maintenance is a leading servvicing of premature failure to dental handpieces. Do use warm tap water to scrub the exterior of the handpiece. Using harsh chemicals may cause a chemical reaction to the exterior of the handpiece. Do expel excess lubricant from the handpiece by running it for 5 seconds after cleaning and lubricating inn to do this may cause excess build up within the handpiece and compromise the turbine integrity.

Do use lubricant before and after sterilliazation to prevent contamination. Do clean both ends of the fiberoptics bundle with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Do use proper autoclave bags especially designed for autoclaving. This will compromise the integrity of the turbine assembly. Leaving the bur in place during sterilization will affect the autochuck assembly by causing slipping burs. Exceeding degrees in the autoclave process will put excess pressure on the turbine assembly. Never run the handpiece without the bur, this will affect the concentricity of the turbine.

We hope that this helped you understand more about dental handpiece maintenance! Each practitioner has his or her own preference when it comes to dental handpiece brand, size, speed, and overall feel. Having a reputable dental handpiece repair specialist on speed dial will help ease the stress in your dental practice. There are many opinions on what kind of handpiece to initially purchase and how many each practice should have.

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Selecting Jist qualified dental handpiece repair specialist is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. The dental handpiece repair specialist will be responsible for the overall maintenance and repairs of all of your handpieces. Handpiece repair can be costly, and there is an economical point of no return on certain handpiece repairs. A quality dental handpiece repair specialist should be providing estimates and recommendations on the economical feasibility of the repair. If the repair is more costly serivcing a new replacement, the dental repair specialist should be offering that option.

Dental handpiece warranties vary by repair specialist. Additionally, you should know what the warranty covers and does not cover. If the warranty is too good to be true, then there must be a catch. Customer service is very important when selecting a dental handpiece repair specialist. Every customer should feel like they are the biggest account, so if you are not getting a good feeling about who you are dealing with, it is best to consider another repair specialist. Does the dental handpiece repair specialist use high-quality parts? Dental handpiece parts are expensive, so if the repair costs are too good to be true, then sub-par parts are probably being used.

Additionally, asking how long the dental repair shop has been in business will be a good indicator of what kind of repair shop they are. Look for a dental repair company who has been in business for a while.

Modern day handpieces are a sophisticated combination of precision parts moving in perfect harmony at high speeds. This perfect harmony delivers a smooth and powerful cut that allows the clinician to perform the dental procedure accurately with little discomfort to the patient. Knowing when you should maintain your handpieces versus when you should get your handpieces repaired will ensure less stress on both the clinician and patient. But what is the difference between dental handpiece maintenance and repair? Understanding the handpiece components and learning how to maintain them properly can help your practice reduce expensive repair costs. The air-driven high speed handpiece has two main components: Finally, you should sterilize your handpiece by following the manufacturer guidelines and allow the handpiece to completely cool off after sterilization.

Dental handpiece repair is necessary when your handpiece is not running at optimal speeds during procedures. Repairing the turbine is one of the most common repairs that clinicians will encounter. A turbine is the only moving part of the dental handpiece and can operate at speeds beyondrpm. He says friends and colleagues told him he was nuts when he decided to start his own business but he had a feeling that the time was right. We talk about stuff today that we hope is the future of this industry 10 years from now, and we have stay current on all of it or we start to fall behind. One of his highest priorities is providing service that flows across a dozen brand names.

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He does not publicly favor one heating and cooling brand over another and accepts no favors to advertise them on trucks, his website or promotional literature. All these different brands—and there are plenty of them—are just like tennis shoes. It still goes back to service. Human interaction starts as soon as someone answers your phone call. Carefully choosing your handpiece repair company is very important when looking at the overall ROI on your handpieces. Cutting costs is always top of mind for business owners, but handpieces repair cost is not the place to shop on price alone.

Choosing a reputable handpiece repair company who understands what it takes to get your handpiece repaired in a timely fashion will result in a better ROI for your practice. Four Advantages to Repairing Your Dental Handpieces Dental handpieces have come a long way since the start of dentistry in bc, and they continue play a vital role in any dental practice today. Care and regular maintenance of these instruments is essential to preserving their lifespan and proper function. Whether your dental practice uses air driven handpieces, electric handpieces, or both, these little instruments are the workhorse of your practice and a large investment.

So it only makes good business sense to have them regularly checked and maintained. Here are four advantages to repairing your dental handpieces: Before sterilization was required by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention CDC inturbines lasted for years and very little maintenance was required to keep handpieces running at optimum performance. But today, daily sterilization takes a toll on the overall performance of handpieces, especially the turbines. In air driven handpieces, the turbine is the only moving part and, when in proper working order, can exceedrpms.

Effective and Efficient Patient Treatment: If the turbine is the brains of the handpiece, then the tiny little bearings are the heart. When the bearings start to wear down, the turbine no longer rotates at optimal performance, causing it to fail and eventually stop holding the bur in place during a procedure. When the bearings start to fail, the handpiece makes a loud high pitch sound or vibration. Avoiding the warning signs of an inferior performing handpiece has a number of pitfalls, including loss of patient treatment.

Dental handpieces are the number one tool in any successful dental practice, allowing for a high degree of productivity that patients appreciate today. The history of dental handpieces have drastically evolved over the last years. Today, handpieces run at a much higher speed and with more efficiency. Patients today have much busier lives and expect dental procedures to be shorter and less painful. Regular maintaince on your handpieces will result in optimal handpiece performance, allowing the patient a more pleasurable experience with more frequent visits. Protecting your investment and ensuring your dental handpieces are working to the best of their abilities is essential to running a profitable dental practice.

If your dental handpiece is not properly maintained on a daily and weekly basis as recommend by the manufacture, then it will definitely show. A poorly maintained dental handpiece can result in stress on the operator, loss in productivity for the dental practice and a less than favorable experience for the patient. Based on my experience, most dental handpiece repairs could have been prevented through proper maintenance. Dental handpieces are an expensive investment, but spending a few minutes a day on proper maintenance and a dedication to the task will have favorable results.

Here are four simple ways to properly maintain and increase the lifespan of your dental handpieces: Correct cleaner or lubricant: Never clean your handpieces with chemical disinfectant: When heated, the chemicals could have a reaction to the shell of the handpiece causing buildup and corrosion, which will shorten the lifespan of the handpiece. Let your handpiece cool off after the autoclave process: Never run handpiece under cool water to cool them off quickly. This action will damage the turbines.

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