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Curry puff

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They are often eaten with sweet chili sauce. Malaysia[ edit ] In Malaysiathis snack can be found in many stores, especially at Indian and Malay food stalls.

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Other puff snacks modelled on the curry puff concept have also been introduced. There are also vegetarian curry puffs that are in fact not spicy and made from shredded radish, tofu, potatoes and grated carrots. For example, 1A Crispy Puff also sells puffs with yamduriancornred beannata de cocograss jellybird's nest and even custard fillings. Both variations are popular in Singapore, although some might argue that the former is typically more delicious. It is consumed as a snack and is commonly sold in Indonesian traditional markets. In Indian food stalls in Malaysia, it is quite common to find vegetarian curry puffs with potatoes, carrots and onions as fillings.

Mini Karipap

For example, Pie Connection sells these hand-made puffs. The curry puffs Karpap Indian bakeries differ from epok-epok in the use of 'layered' pastry that creates a flaky crust. Pastels are derived from the Portuguese influence in Indonesia. Besides the more "exotic" fillings mentioned, there are also more conventional flavours which are quite popular with the locals.

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